RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 1: Argus Limited

RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 1: Argus Limited

[wind howling] [train horn blares in the distance] [horn blares again] [gunfire] Ruby: HIYAH! Got him! Now who’s next? … woah! Weiss: Thank me later! Hiyah! Blake: Incoming! Yang: Yah! Good to see you’re not rusty! Ruby: Yah! Nora: Why is it always something?! Ruby: Just keep them towards the back! Nora: Ren! Ah! Oscar: TUNNEL! Ruby: GO! Weiss: Ah! Ruby: Thank me later! [woman]: I can’t believe he turned his back on us.
He just- [Door opens] [Adam]: Step away from my throne. We have work to do. [man]: We?! Everyone knows what you did. You abandoned your brothers at Haven! [Adam]: Step. Away. From my- [man]: We’re not taking orders from you anymore! We heard you folded the moment you got sass from the Belladonna girl. I guess she’s got more control over you than you- [sword being unsheathed] What? Woah. [yells of pain, sword slashing] [grunting and yelling] [thud] Adam: The Belladonna girl… Blake… [slash] [yells] Qrow: “It’s been two weeks since the attack on Haven.” “The official report states that the plot to destroy Mistral’s CCT tower” “Was thwarted by Ghira Belladonna, and the Faunus militia group from Menagerie.” “A Huntsman and some students coincidentally visiting the headmaster were also able to lend some assistance” “Unfortunately…” “Leonardo Lionheart lost his life,
while trying to defend his school” “And those responsible for organizing the attack” “managed to escape.” “As I’m sure you can guess, there’s a lot more to this report than I’m willing to say in this letter.” “But for now, what I’m trying to say is that we’re on our way to Atlas, James. There’s a good chance” “we’ll get there before this letter does
but in case we don’t…” “I need you to know that we’re bringing a lot more than bad news with us.” “See you soon. -Qrow” Qrow: Hey, what’s with the running? Ruby: What’s with the standing?! It’s almost time! [Bright music] -Huh?
-Huh? [giggling] Yang: And? Ruby: Aah! Weiss: What an absolute waste of ti- Yang: What did you get me?! ♪ You’ll have to wait and see. ♪ Yang: No fair. Nora: Oh! I can’t believe we’re taking the train to Argus! Beautiful northern coastline… You think it’s too early for beach season? [pop] Ren: Unfortunately, but we will be one step closer to Atlas. Weiss: Well, I’m glad you’re all excited, but I don’t think you appreciate the trouble I went through to leave Atlas. Ruby: I know you’re worried Weiss but trust us. Team RWBY won’t leave your side for a second.
I promise. [Huntsman]: No one’s got to be worried with us around. Nora: And… you are..? Huntsman: Why Dee and Dudley, of course? The Argus Limited’s very own Huntsman. We’ll be keeping everyone safe as we pass through Grimm territory. -But, for generous tip we can make sure your passenger car gets extra special attention should things get dangerous. [Qrow]: Hey, I got a tip for you. Huh? Buzz off. Looks like Mistral’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days. Hey, you’re talking to a- -A professional Huntsman, right. Well, it seems like one of you heroes left the staff entrance to the caboose wide open. Be a shame to lose your job before it even started. [stammering] I didn’t do it. [sigh] Come on, dummy. Well, I didn’t do it either. [Oz]: I do hope those weren’t Beacon graduates. Oscar: You know Sometimes the burden of saving the world feels overwhelming But then people like that come along and make me grateful that it’s our job and not theirs. [Ruby]: Uh-huh.
[Jaune]: Yeah. So you kids ready to go? Bike all loaded up? Yep. Just waiting on Blake, as usual. Ilia: I still don’t feel like I deserve the freedom you and your family granted me. Well, you’re going to have to get over it, Ilia. Saving Haven had a huge impact on how Faunus are seen in Mistral. Now it’s up to you all to take the progress and keep running with it. Right. The White Fang may have been a failure but with your father starting up a new movement. I’ve got more faith than ever before. Thank you Blake, for everything. I wish you didn’t have to go. -I know, but my team needs me. We’re going to track down the people responsible for the attack on Haven and the fall of Beacon. Always trying to save the world. -More than you realized. Hey, I know your parents already saw you off
but where’s- [Sun]: Sun? Oh, he’s right here. What? You didn’t think I was gonna miss
your big send off, did you? He definitely overslept
and absolutely almost missed this. Shhh! [Blake chuckles] Hey Blake, now would you hurry up? Need I remind you we have our own trip to plan. Oh? I didn’t know Ilia was gonna be here. I’ll uh, I’ll give you two a moment. Hey, I almost didn’t see you there,
cause you know the camouflage. Wrong tree. He’ll figure it out. So you’re really going to Vacuo? That’s right. Seeing you reunited with the rest of team RWBY really made me realize something I’m like the worst team leader ever. Me and the boys were cool with a little hiatus But we got to make up for lost time. Shade Academy’s not dealing with any problems like Haven right now Plus that means I can show the guys around my old stomping grounds. I have to admit I think I was kind of getting used to having you around. I go where I’m needed! And…you don’t need me anymore. Well when you say like that it sounds sad. Look, despite the drama and the fighting and the numerous attempts on my life. I had a lot of fun. But you’re with who you’re supposed to be now. Sun… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough. I’m still umm- You’re still working a lot of things out. I know. But you can do it with them. And in the future, who knows? I’ve got a feeling you haven’t seen the last of me. I certainly hope not. [sigh] Neptune: I don’t know man. It feels like you’re just letting her go. It was never about that, Brainiac. Besides Now that your leaders back and hardened from battle. I’ve got to focus all of my time into getting you boys ready for the wastelands. [exhausted sigh] [Ruby groans] [Weiss scoffs] [fight sounds on scroll] [Ruby]: All right girls, I think it’s time for an official team exercise, who wants to play video games?! [Yang]: I mean if you want me to kick your butt.
Yeah, sure. Let me grab my scroll. Here let me help you with that. Blake. You don’t have to do that. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m fine, we’re gonna be fine. Its just gonna be a bit before things are back to normal. But. I am glad we’re all back together. Yeah, okay. [Qrow]: How touching. [Ruby]: Oh, hey uncle Qrow. You want to play too? [chuckles] Kick your butts? Sure. [loud rumbling] [glass shatters] [Yang]: What was that? Exactly what it sounds like. Just my luck. It’s not yours. Grab your weapons. [cocks] [Grimm growling] [roars] [roars] Dee! Ahhh! [roaring] Blake: What’s the plan Ruby? Don’t let anyone else die. [gunshots] [Oz]: Shall I? Oscar: No, I’m keeping control. What’s going on? [people screaming] [panting] AHH! Come on, come on! [baby cries] [turrets firing] Ah, Yes. [screeches] [Screaming] [Qrow]: Hey, what are you doing? [Nora]: Why is it always something?! How can I help? You can get that idiot to shut off the turrets they’re just drawn the Grimm toward the passengers. Right. [panting] [Oscar]: Stop! You’ve gotta set the turrets off. Are you crazy? No way. Yes, another one down. Stop, you have to lure the Grimm to the back. What does it matter if they’re dead? Where are they going? TUNNEL! [Bone snap] [Dudley groans] [pained groaning] I said, turn those damn things off. [Dudley]: Those things are keeping us alive. [Qrow]: Oh, sure, but they’re putting the passengers in danger. [Dudley]: I’m the one they hired for this job, okay? I’m in charge here! [Qrow]: Forgive me if I’m not exactly reassured. [baby crying} [Qrow and Dudley arguing] [Dudley]: Get off me! [Qrow]: Look, if you bozos have been doing your job instead of shaking down passengers. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this- Please just shut off the turrets. Trust us. We know what we’re doing. Fine. Nora: Ren, could you lose your semblance to mask everyone on this train? With the guns off and emotions hidden They might lose track of us. Hmm. I’ve never attempted to affect this many people. Well you’ve never had Jaune’s help before, hmm? He could amplify your aura. Qrow: Yeah That’s an alright plan. [Oz]: May I? [Nora]: Don’t look so worried, Ren,
you can totally do this. [Ozpin]: I’m afraid there’s one complication… Grimm are also attracted to this. What’s that? None of your business. Oz, are you serious? Why wouldn’t you tell us that? I- Ruby: It doesn’t matter right now. Every second we’re on board this train, we’re putting everyone else in danger. Get the passengers to the front cars. You’ll still mask the emotions and kill the turrets. We just can’t come with you. If we cut the back cars with us and the relic on them, we can deal with the Grimm. You just make sure the rest of the train makes it safely to Argus. Only if you’ll promise you’ll meet us there. Promise. [Rock Music] [passagers shouting] [Music: Time and time again it seems] [we’ve reached the point where all our dreams] [are crumbling all around us… [every outcome unjust!] [Every step it seems has led] [us further from our goal instead.] [our triumphs haven’t mattered!] [We’re drifting ever backwards!] [And we’re running out of time…] Ruby: NOW! [Nowhere near the finish line…] [And it’s growing ever clear…] [That a reckoning is near…] [And we’ll have to make a choice…] [Is] [This] [Path] [Right?] [Or is it made of lies?] [We’re looking in ourselves…] [And trusting in the light!] [A miracle is all we need, but there isn’t one in sight…] [Music continues: Each and every passing day] [Our world’s in further disarray] [Confidence descending…] [Where’s our happy ending?] [On a path, but still we stray] [Our aspirations quickly fade…] [Desperations rise up!] [On hopeless, bleak horizons!] We need to ground it! On it! Yang! [gasps] Qrow: Is everyone okay? Weiss: I’m fine. Blake: Yeah. [Woman]: Still alive. That sure was a close one, huh? ♫ [Rising by Jeff Williams ft. Casey Lee Williams] ♫ ♫ Stay close, move fast ♫ ♪ The darkness cannot last ♪ ♪ No hope, no path ♪ ♪ But we’ve got a dream to catch! ♪ ♪ And we cannot wait ♪ ♪ Trust the way we’re made ♪ ♪ The sparrow’s born to fly ♪ ♪ The mountains ♪ ♪ Tower ♪ ♪ The river knows to reach the sea ♪ ♪ Rain will help the flowers be ♪ ♪ We’re the same, you and me ♪ ♪ The lightning doesn’t take advice from anyone ♪ ♪ The willow doesn’t need to learn to stand ♪ ♪ As sun seeks day ♪ ♪ We’ll find our way ♪ ♪ And we’ll catch that dream together someday soon ♪ ♪ We’re rising like the moon ♪ ♫ Thank you so much for watching that episode of RWBY if you’re all caught up here on YouTube You can go to to watch the current season airing out and there’s so many other cool videos on this channel? Won’t you go check one out, that’d cool. I’m right there man You can also subscribe to the channel and helps us out a lot Also, make sure that you are always want to be up to date on the RT animation content, smash that bell

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