RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 7: Beginning of the End | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 7: Beginning of the End | Rooster Teeth

[Barbara]: This video presented by the new movie Lazer Team! [Barbara]: Get tickets now at Stay tuned for more info after this video. Maybe red’s like roses Maybe it’s the pool of blood The innocents will lay in When in the end you fail to save them Their dying eyes Are wide and white like snow And now they know The cost of trusting you’s obliteration Mirrors will shatter Crushed by the weight of the world The pillars collapse in shame There’ll be no rest There’ll be no love There’ll be no hero in the end who will rise above And when it ends The good will crawl The shining light will sink in darkness Victory for hate incarnate Misery and pain for all When it falls [Cinder]: I want to be strong. [Jeweler]: A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman. [Woman]: I’m sorry? [Cinder]: I want to be feared. [Jeweler]: What?! Impossible! What did- [Jeweler]: She went that way! [Cinder]: I want to be powerful. [Woman #2]: Someone, call the police! [Jeweler]: How did she do that? *Emerald gasping* [Cinder]: How did you do that? [Cinder]: Don’t. [Cinder]: Unless, of course, you want them to hear you. [Jeweler]: *faintly* Where’d she go?! [Emerald]: What do you want?! [Cinder]: I’ve already told you. [Cinder]: And I don’t like repeating myself. [Emerald]: I didn’t do anything, just leave me alone! [Cinder]: I know my fair share of liars and thieves. [Cinder]: Stealing is an art of patience, coordination, and in a pinch, sleight of hand. [Cinder]: But you didn’t steal that ring in your pocket. [Cinder]: You took it right before the jeweler’s eyes. [Cinder]: And he smiled. [Emerald]: Who are you? [Cinder]: You will question everything you know. [Emerald]: This is impossible! [Cinder]: I wish to take on an apprentice. [Man]: He lives in the mountains with his son. [Cinder]: Follow me, and you’ll never be hungry again. [Emerald]: *hoarsely* Thank you… [Mercury]: What are you looking at?! [Cinder]: I’m looking for Marcus Black. [Mercury]: There you go. [Emerald]: That’s the assassin? [Cinder]: And you’re his son. [Cinder]: We saw your fight from the treeline. He’s taught you well. [Mercury]: Guess so. [Cinder]: What’s your name? [Mercury]: Mercury. [Cinder]: Mercury. [Cinder]: Tell me. Are you anything like your father? [Mercury]: So what’s in it for me? [Emerald]: We don’t need him! Everything was going fine! *Sound of Emerald being slapped* [Cinder]: Do NOT mistake your place. [Mercury]: My dad always said… “If you need to know a city, ask the rats.” [Roman]: Well, hello gorgeous. [Adam]: So. Let me get this straight. [Adam]: You could’ve gone to anyone for help. You could have made a deal with a gang leader, paid off some Huntsman that had strayed from their… righteous path. [Adam]: But instead… you chose to seek an audience with me. [Cinder]: You’re the one we need. Your skill. Your ability to lead those beneath you. You’re an exceptionally valuable man, Adam. And we’ve put a lot of thought into- [Adam]: Then you’re clearly not thinking straight! If you truly understood me, then you’d know coming here was a mistake. The White Fang is not an organization for hire. We’re a force of revolution! [Cinder]: I believe our plan will be beneficial for all parties involved. [Cinder]: I have… an associate in Vale. he and I are working on a revolution of our own. But we can’t do it without your forces. We need- [Adam]: What you need is to leave. [Adam]: You’re asking my men to die for your cause. A human cause. That is not an idea I am willing to entertain. [Cinder]: Very well. [Blake]: What was that about? [Adam]: Nothing. We need to finish preparing. The train will be here at dawn. [Mercury]: So now what? [Cinder]: There’s another task we must attend to. [Emerald]: Excuse me? But I’m looking for a friend of mine. [Man]: Ah, yes. She was just here yesterday. [Cinder]: Remember the plan. Exactly as discussed. Not a foot out of place. [Amber]: Hmm? *Little girl sobbing* *Little girl whimpers* [Amber]: Huh?! *Amber gasps* [Amber]: Gah! [Amber]: Please don’t… *Amber screaming* [Cinder]: The Huntsman severed the connection before it was complete. [Cinder]: Yes, it’s… an emptiness. [Cinder]: It burns… like hunger… [Cinder]: I like it. [Cinder]: Yes. [Cinder]: I will claim what is ours. [Cinder]: Thank you. [White Fang Lieutenant]: We’ll find her, sir, I swear on my life. [Adam]: Forget it! It’s time I returned to Mistral and- *Gunshots, sounds of struggle and combat* [Adam]: What is this?! [Cinder]: We could’ve gone to anyone for help, but we chose you, Adam Taurus. [Cinder]: Our plan will be beneficial for both of us. [Cinder]: Or one of us. [Cinder]: So… which will it be? [Oobleck]: Yang Xiao Long wins! [Ruby]: Yeah, you did it sis! [Mercury]: There’s not going to be a next time, Blondie. [Atlas Military Officer]: Yang Xiao Long, stand down! [Mercury]: Ah! My leg! My leg! [Emerald]: Please, somebody help him! [Emerald]: Can you do something? [Paramedic]: We need to get this boy to a hospital. Grab a blanket. [Yang]: You don’t understand! He attacked me, I swear! [Atlas Military Officer]: Stow it! You’ve already caused enough of a scene. [Cinder]: Here! We’ve got an ambulance ready to go! [Paramedic]: Hope they’ll be okay That girl won’t leave his side. [Cinder]: We’ll take good care of both of them. [Mercury]: Oh, Doc! Tell me! Will I ever walk again? Ow! What’s your deal? [Emerald]: Ugh, headache. [Emerald]: One mind, I can handle, but two is a stretch. [Cinder]: Well, you all performed marvelously. Driver included. [Mercury]: So… you think it worked? [Lisa Lavender]: A terrible tragedy took place this afternoon during the one-on-one rounds of the Vytal Festival Tournament [Man]: I don’t know what Beacon’s headmaster is teaching his students, but that was disgraceful. Completely uncalled for. [News Announcer]: Despite Atlas reinforcements, local authorities are still calling on any available Huntsmen to aid in suppressing the spike in Grimm activity. [Mercury]: Hey, I was watching that! [Emerald]: Shut up! [Mercury]: Is this how you treat a patient? Ow! Too tight! [Cinder]: Enough. [Cinder]: Our Mercury put on a wonderful show. He was quite brave. [Mercury]: These things aren’t exactly cheap, ya know. [Cinder]: So, what’s next? [Cinder]: You and I will ensure that our next matchup goes… just as smoothly. [Mercury]: What about me? [Cinder]: You get to lay low until the end. We wouldn’t want people to see you on your feet and have this all be for naught, now would we? [Mercury]: Can do. [Burnie]: Hey everybody, I’m very happy to say that our movie, “Lazer Team”, is headed to theaters this January. So head over to to see if it’s playing in your city. If it is, buy a ticket. If not, we’ve given you the ability to set up a screening in your town through a partnership with Tugg. 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    Yang won and was framed.

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