Retired #NYPD Detective covers Murder NYC #JenniferSchlect #Dutyron

Retired #NYPD Detective covers Murder NYC #JenniferSchlect #Dutyron

good evening YouTube my name is DutyRon and i’m back here
again with another video. I am a retired New York City police detective talking
about New York City crime crime throughout the country and tonight we’re
talking about a horrific murder suicide that happened up in Harlem on Wednesday
just a day ago and we’re gonna get into that as soon as we get a couple of
people coming on in so we’re gonna talk about it immediately welcome and Katie
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slightly sensitive to this type of stuff I would say just you can politely bow
out I wouldn’t even hold you responsible because this is a doozy guys this is a
doozy we’re going to talk about it and I’m not going to really hold anything
back because this is a case of domestic violence gone wrong early this afternoon
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me share real quick guys let me just do a quick share so this is a case out of
New York City my police department has handled this case crime scene has
already processed the the crime scene evidence and we’re going to go into it
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what we have here is a family husband-and-wife 42 years old the wife’s
the victim here and her young daughter five years old
husband and wife married I believe around five or six years I think seven
years married thank you for sharing guys mother’s jennifer schlecht 42 years old
devoted advocate for women and young girls throughout the world she was a
world humanitarian this is a woman who is not well known but did like God’s
work I did a little research on this woman she was an angel she was married
to I call him a perpetrator because he
perpetrated a heinous crime her husband is Jonathan tell de te LD a 46 years old
he’s african-american she’s white Caucasian so it was a mixed marriage no
big deal they were a very normal couple they were talked about as you’ll hear in
the news report as being a model couple a beautiful family
something happened five years ago when the daughter was born the husband
changed and started acting like irrational I don’t know if he had some
type of ADHD or some type of mental defect or whatever was going on with him
but according to what I read he started exhibiting odd behaviors and none of
them were violent it was just you know he wasn’t wearing a shirt in the winter
he would be outside without a jacket on there was people saying that he was just
at times acting rather odd some say that this the husband kind of mimicked the
eighth step the eighth stage homicidal pattern now I’m not a hundred percent
familiar with the eighth stage homicidal pattern behavior but I know that some of
it is some of some of it is when the partner whether it’s the male or female
is possessive of the you know of the partner like not allowing her to go out
without him things of that nature and this was a little bit I don’t know if it
was schizophrenia Bridgette but you’ll hear in some of the reports that I play
about how people talk about this guy and I read in a few articles from his job
that he was he was they categorized him as very odd a very odd individual okay
so her 75 year old father who lives down south spoke to her on Sunday night and
she told her father that she was going on Monday morning to get an order of
protection and to file for divorce so it seemed like there was a breaking point
something happened in a recent past to the point where she was at the brink of
having to do something so she she took she took it upon herself or told her
father that she was going to go to court to get an order
protection and start the process of filing for divorce the father never
heard from her again and on Wednesday she the father called
the New York City Police Department and asked them to do a wellness check to go
into a wellness check because he kept calling his daughter and she was not
answering her phone so the NYPD was dispatched to her Harlem residence and
upon arrival at the residence they found a door lock they called emergency
services emergency services came they took the door down and inside the
apartment they the police officers that responded were found the the two victims
Jennifer slits the mom 42 years old she was decapitated he took a knife and
caught her whole head off and put it in her lap and went to the bedroom and
slashed his five-year-old daughter’s throat and let her bleed out and then he
went into the bathroom and hung himself so this is where the brutal nests of
this crime comes into play here and that’s why I said up front as a
disclaimer this is a brutal brutal crime and I don’t know if the devil was
involved and this guy was possessed or if he had a bout of temporary insanity
because you know you’ll hear neighbors thank you for that super chat sticker
thank you so much for that super chat sticker thank you thank you so you’ll
hear the neighbors speak of how wonderful of a couple they are but you
never know what goes on behind closed doors so this man decapitated his wife
and cut his daughter’s throat five years old you’ll see in my cover photo for
this broadcast in my cover photo is a picture of the family they are beautiful
and he just snuffed out her life and cut his wife’s head off severed it
completely and put in her lap and that’s how the officers
came to find this awful crime scene so not only does my heart break for her
entire family and all left it was I’m thinking about the responding officers
and how horrible that must have been for them to see that so this is really
really a sad situation so I’m gonna cut off from here now and let you guys
listen to some of the news reports so as the news reports are going on as the
news reports go on here I won’t be talking on the mic so if you guys watch
the news report get a little bit of background on this family and it is so
disturbing to me because of all of the things that everyone was saying about
how wonderful a couple is these these people are welcome in your foot thank
you so much for joining appreciate you coming on in this is in Harlem in
Manhattan I have the exact address but I’m not gonna put it out there but it is
in Harlem in New York so let me just cut to it Barbara Smith thank you so much
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so let me break to the news report so you guys can see what we’re what we’re
talking about here whoops I don’t want you guys to see that
here’s a report let me know how the volume is I know that’s all for New York
Cindy Shue has more neighbors and tears after hearing about the death of 42 year
old Jennifer schlecht and her five-year-old daughter allegedly at the
hands of Schleck’s husband Jonathan tedlar who died by suicide
the couple was going through a divorce but neighbors say they hadn’t noticed
anything unusual there were no signs of anything that just transpired and it’s
just very unfortunate and sad and a lot of people on the Block are very upset by
now because they know them Jennifer schlecht spent her life helping others
especially women and children in crisis she had worked with the women’s refugee
Commission which says she was a phenomenal mother who loved her daughter
with all she had our hearts are broken today and our prayers are with Jen and
her family from the United Nations Foundation F P 2020 we will all remember
her for her life and the thousands of life she enriched rather than the
horrible way she died we are utterly devastated select had filed a
restraining order against her husband back in 2016 for acts of threatening
behavior and harassment and the couple was due in court yesterday hours before
their bodies were found nakita chef is a domestic violence survivor and the
executive director of womankind a shelter for survivors she was devastated
by the story no I see that you guys were seeing the panel so I got that I will I
had walked away from let me put it back to really know that you’re not alone and
to be able to recognize that there is hope and that organizations and
individuals like us are there to lean on she says the key is to reach out for
help Cindy Hsu CBS n New York former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael
Bloomberg says he is opening the door hold on a second guys I kind of screwed
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let me get this thing up for you guys so we get it right all right there we go sorry about that
guys rolled our morning a mother who spent her life saving others CBS n New
York’s Cindy Shue has more neighbors and tears after hearing about the death of
42 year old Jennifer schlecht and her five-year-old daughter allegedly at the
hands of Schleck’s husband Jonathan tedlar who died by suicide
the couple was going through a divorce but neighbors say they hadn’t noticed
anything unusual there were no signs of anything that just transpired and it’s
just very unfortunate and sad and a lot of people on the block are very upset
right now because they know them Jennifer slacks better that’s a picture
of her right there especially women and children in crisis she had worked with
the women’s refugee commission which says she was a phenomenal mother who
loved her daughter with all she had our hearts are broken today and our prayers
are with Jen and her family from the United Nations Foundation SP 2020 we
will all remember her for her life and the thousands of life she enriched
rather than the horrible way she died we are utterly devastated Select had filed
a restraining order against her husband back in 2016 for acts of threatening
behavior and harassment and the couple was due in court yesterday hours before
their bodies were found nakita Sheth is a domestic violence survivor and the
executive director of womankind a shelter for survivors she was devastated
by the story and wants others to know there is a lot of help available what
often feels like the hardest moment of someone’s life right that darkness when
you’re facing that moment to really know that you’re not alone and to be able to
recognize that there is hope and that organizations and individuals like us
are there to lean on she says the key is to reach out for help
Cindy Hsu CBS n New York former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael
Bloomberg says he is opening the door but I’ll keep you updated on that it’s
all yours okay here I’m gonna play one more for you guys neighbors and friends describe them as a
beautiful almost perfect family but something horrible went on behind closed
doors police say 46 year old Jonathan tedlar
decapitated his wife Jennifer slect slit the throat of their five-year-old
daughter and killed himself inside there was two beautiful family first Street
home she would be with the kid they would be together you know regular
normal family nothing nothing unusual nothing nothing that would make you
think that there was something you know amiss heartbroken over the tragedy on
their block many neighbors were seen weeping police say slect was trying to
divorce her husband and that the couple was supposed to appear in court
Wednesday but didn’t show up after not hearing from select her family contacted
police officers found the family dead inside their brownstone apartment
they said tedlar had hanged himself very well you know educated and I just don’t
know what happened I’m just shocked it’s on us to never have guessed that was a
situation detectives went in and out of the home Thursday at one point they
hauled away several pieces of computer equipment slack was 42 years old and
spent most of her professional life working on women’s issues most recently
with family planning 2020 a global humanitarian organization dedicated to
helping women to never be 2020 I recently joined as the senior advisor
for emergency preparedness and response people around here on a hundred and 21st
Street say tedlar was known for always exercising and he often carried his
little girl around with a big smile on his face
this guy jogging all the time healthy happy guy incredible mean high spirits
all the time always smiling I’m just speechless man I would speak to him all
the time he was very happy-go-lucky guy but look
looks are deceiving in Harlem Dean momager New York one alright guys so that’s the situation I
have one more I have one more article I want to show to you guys this is Daily
News this is a local article hello everyone that’s joining a killer
whale thank you for coming in Bridget thanks for being here Terry W good
evening thank you for coming in thank you to all the super chatters and the
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about it just let’s continue on and cover this
case so what we have here is a husband who was probably well aware that his
wife was going to leave him and he decided to not only take her life but
take the life of his beautiful baby daughter five years old you saw the
picture here I’m gonna scroll down so you guys could see the picture of the
look look at this beautiful family I mean this guy decapitated his wife took
her head off put it in her lap I mean who does that
and who would do that in their sound frame of mind and then cut his
daughter’s throat and let her bleed out in bed and then proceeded to take the
coward’s way out and hang himself so I mean this is just horrific on every
level every level you know my heart breaks for the family my heart breaks
for yeah he left it in her lap that’s what NYPD I put a phone call in to a
couple of friends of mine and I got a little bit of backstory on the case I
wanted to know a little bit about crime scene but as you see from the news
reports our computer crime squad the computer forensic detectives TR fun guy
for coming in computer forensics my PD computer crimes guys are always gonna
take as you saw hello Pete Byron good to see you my friend the Computer Crime
Squad has already seized the comb computer laptops any type of iPads any
phones so they are gonna do a complete wipe and go through forensics on the
computers so they can see if she tried to breach out for help or she was in
danger or if you know they’re trying to pinpoint they’re trying to pinpoint
obviously a time of death and they’re trying to also pinpoint if there was
anything that led up into this horrific heinous act so good to see a brother
Pete from down in Florida the cops that did respond is definitely this is part
of the job that nobody really speaks about you know this is not part of the
job that you’re told you’re gonna get to see when you put your hand up and swear
to be a cop you know you go out there and you just do the job so I’m gonna
read a little bit of this but this is the picture of the family here is the
coward that perpetrated this heinous crime and he also took his own life and
so that’s a cowardly way out we see that a lot in these domestic violence murder
suicides where you know a husband decides I mean the only case that I
could think of it in in the back of my head well the only recent really strong
case that you know a father wiped out a family and and didn’t have the balls or
the you know was a coward times tend not to take his own life
was the Chris Watts case you know where he killed his daughter he’s both his
daughters his wife his unborn child and then didn’t couldn’t follow through with
finishing the job a Lou Rock good to see you my brother thanks for joining
everybody go check out Lou Rock and his channel he’s a great guy does paranormal
investigations and good stuff Joey Brooklyn is in the house thank you for
joining Joey Brooklyn I appreciate you Lynn
s in the building alright so this is the article that was in the Daily News here
and it says hollom neighbors saw the perfect couple the gleeful dad wasting
his little girl onto his shoulders a costume mom and their five-year-old
daughter side by side on Halloween daily smiles and this and the small talk cops
inside the family condo after a 911 call saw something unspeakably different the
wife Jennifer schlecht lying dead on the bloody bathroom floor
her decapitated head in her lap her daughter’s lifeless body in a deep gash
to her throat she was left the wife was left headless inside a gore
spattered bedroom the killer a deranged dad Jonathan telda hanged himself from a
rope tied to his child’s door on Wednesday night after making good on his
threats to end phlex life before she could end their
faltering marriage so apparently he did put a threat out to her that he was not
gonna let her get away with you know you know separating their marriage and he he
followed through with what he said he was going to do I don’t think he told
her he was going to do this but there’s a undated photo of the two of them
together so again thank you to all my mods and Popek drywall Red Lotus Joey
Brooklyn all the great ones that are in here Jonna thanks for joining this is a
heinous crime this is a horrific crime scene for our NYPD for the police
officers responding they were just doing a wellness check you know you know many
tens of thousands of calls I’ve gone on where a family member from outside of
the local area whether it’s upstate New York or outside of the you know outside
of the state of New York hey I’m down here in Florida I can’t get ahold of my
mother she’s elderly can you go do a wellness check on her you
do these we do these calls they’re so routine but you imagine these officers
that responded now it wasn’t just to two cops there there was more because
emergency services had to come and the door had to get taken so when the door
was taken and they entered into this location there was you know it was just
a horror scene for these police officers so my heart goes out to them and I sent
him strength and a lot of support to my fellow brothers and sisters in blue
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channel subscribe Paul Peck drywall and Joey Brooklyn all great channels to go
and check out so yeah this this is not this is not a great one I mean this is
horrific I am going to Jenny MRSA thank you so
much for coming back I am gonna check and I’m gonna stay updated on this case
as new developments unfold I will bring them to you I’ll bring them to you live
but this is a case that just broke today he was not known for any drug use Linda
not as reported early there’s no no no news of course there will be autopsies
done by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office New York City Medical
Examiner’s offices one of the premier medical examiner’s offices in the United
States Daphne thank you so much for that sticker I love these new stickers she’s
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will gain 10 p.m. it’s because she shows so much good food
on her chat on her Instagram it’s unbelievable so they were living
together they were together a Brigitte they were not she did not move out but
she did say to her dad that she was thinking of moving out she wanted to get
an order protection and we can get everything going so um thank you for
that Luke I appreciate that Lou Rock what a great
guy everyone go check him out as well so yeah it is um you know these things
we always find ourselves scratching our heads right hey Sophia thank you for the
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so last time we talked to our daughter this is her father speaking was on
Sunday the slain woman’s father Kenneth Schleck told the New York Daily News she
was in tears she said her husband had indicated that if she served him with
divorce papers he would run a ruin her or take them all out so these were his
words the father said he the husband said the his daughter said to her to her
dad she said her husband said if she served him with divorce papers he would
ruin her or take them all out which is apparently what he did on freaking
believable her father 75 years old has to now go through knowing that his
daughter’s head was decapitated he severed her head and put it in her lap I
mean I I don’t get it I just you know you can’t really wrap your arms around
this you can’t really understand this Linda thank you for joining from all the
way up in Canada thank you for coming in if I could never figure out why with my
credit card wasn’t working super chat but it’s all right don’t worry about it
it’s all good it’s all good I think you I think he did I think this was a bit
premeditated Linda he spoke about it you know but we’re not going to have a
criminal case here this is so different we don’t have a perpetrator we have you
know this double murder / suicide so you know this is this is just horrific the
devastated father seventy five years old said the couple’s marital strife began
after the birth of their daughter in September 2014 so they’ve been having
marital problems for quite some time and they’re still together you know so this
is um this is a common this is a common feed and this is a common occurrence
when it comes to domestic violence for some you know I mean I wish that we
could change it but you know a lot of women and even men alike will stick
around for the benefit of their children you know how we say oh well you know
we’re you know people that are in in in you know a troubled marriage or whatever
they’ll say oh we’re gonna just stick this out for our kids and sometimes that
causes more harm than good you know and I feel that this might have played a
little bit here in this case you know she saw that there was some type of
mental breakdown with her husband and she wanted to just try to make it better
you know sherry and Rick V logs thank you so much for those kind words
love and respect right back to you thank you so much Amanda thanks for coming in so yeah I mean it’s it’s a difficult
thing so the next statement here is um basically his behavior towards her
change pretty dramatically when they had a child said the North Carolina dad I
knew a dad I knew the dad was from down south so her father from North Carolina
said that the his behavior towards her changed pretty dramatically when they
had a child said the North Carolina dad as he drove north towards Manhattan and
the bodies of his daughter and his granddaughter tell the 46 who was
originally from Ethiopia had threatened his wife on several occasions when she
mentioned divorce the father said guy and Jackie thanks for coming in for the
Canadian 3 thank you so much I love those stickers I dig the new super chat
stickers so thank you for that um so a wellness check saved Johnna so I’m a big
fan of the police there you go thank you for that I appreciate it
let me scroll back and see some of the the chat yeah there’s no justice for the
family there’s no justice in these these cases are just heart-wrenching because
it just rips your it rips your guts out it just is a so it’s such a Bridget it’s
a horrific situation because nobody obviously is a winner here and you know
the elderly family the the father if the mother still I don’t think the mothers
in the picture because you don’t hear nothing about her but this this poor
father at 75 has now have to live the rest that out the rest of his life
knowing that his daughter and his granddaughter were brutally murdered by
their own you know husband and father so just sickening it’s just sickening
Barbara thank you so much for the super chat thank you for that
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anywhere alright so let’s continue with this guys let’s continue with it okay so Jennifer didn’t want to pull her
husband away from her child so here we go guys here we go
Jenny angel thank you so much love and respect to you the father said but
Jennifer didn’t want to pull her husband away from the child and the couple
stayed together even as the relationship continued to sour and the wife struggled
with a choice finally deciding too late that she needed to get away says her
father Kenneth select and his son spent much of Wednesday trying to trying to
contact Jennifer 42 a former Peace Corps member currently working for the United
Nations Foundation on an international emergency responses she was determined
to obtain an order of protection that day after her effort a day earlier was
thwarted by the Election Day closings of the city’s courts
according to her dad so she tried on Tuesday to go and and and and get an
order protection and go down to the courts but everything was closed on
Election Day so thank you or Ruben thank you so much for that I appreciate it
thank you for the 69 thumbs up let’s try to make it 70 but she never made it
before the judge according to a court spokesman and never contacted her
nervous family police summons by a 9-1-1 call from her worried brother arrived at
the third floor home at 9:18 p.m. last night 918 they went new york time on the
east coast 918 they arrived at the apartment to find three bodies and put
together a gruesome sequence of events inside the unhappy home a four to five
inch serrated knife was found inside the apartment and was identified as the
murder weapon so he used a four to five inch serrated knife thank you for
seventy seven thumbs up let’s try to get it up to a hundred if we could do that
that would be fantastic so a serrated knife was used four to
five inches to sever her her head the killer left behind no confession or
explanation for the murderous spree a friend of telda expressed this is the
perpetrator shocked at the violent demise of the family so this is yeah all
right so here’s crime scene detectives probably the computer crime squad guys
these are right here computer crime squad guys usually they when they bagged
up computers they go in a plastic bag and they take him to one Police Plaza he
didn’t have to do that says his pal Raheem Anderson if he really felt like
that take your own life and go away I don’t agree with that statement I don’t
ever ever I would never ever say to someone take your own life
I know this person is saying this out of a hangar but I would never ever ever say
to anybody take your own life so I don’t agree with that statement let
me just look back at the chat real quick Giovanna the Stefano thank you for
coming in show me more graves thank you for being here honeybadger good to see a
Red Lotus thanks for sticking it out I appreciate you being in here Red Lotus
is a good friend of a lot of people everyone should check out her channel
once in a blue moon I can coax Red Lotus and to go in live so stick around for
updates there hello Linda cormorant Cormier from Canada good to see you
Upstate dad thank you for being here Katrina love you she is adorable Amanda
thank you for coming in with the eyes and the ears all right let me finish
reading this because I know you guys want to see my ugly face remedy good to
see you thank you for coming in okay so these are computer crime guys they’re
taking out the evidence I’m not looking at the chat and ypd detectives leave the
location Thursday 7:00 November 7th after investigating the murder of
Jennifer schlecht 42 and her daughter five years old the
pair were found dead okay so those are the computers and electronic devices
going for forensics a message agreed Carolyn message agreed stunned neighbors
describe the couple as outwardly happy and neither husband nor wife showed any
signs of stress marital or otherwise during their eight years inside the
upscale four-story brownstone on 121st Street I’m still asking God said Timothy
Harris 37 who often saw the family patriarch jogging when you saw them they
were happy they were happy couple a funny dude
always smiling always had his daughter up on his shoulders they were a
beautiful couple I still don’t understand what happened this is a
neighbor statement this is just bizarre oh this you see and hear about this
stuff and you say to yourself how in God’s name to somebody snap a look at it
Chris Watts look at this look at this case that I covered up
in Canada that was Chris wasa esque the guy Foreman Jacob Foreman he murdered
his wife and two daughters just the way Chris Watts did you know he killed them
killed them all Clara thank you so much for the super
chat appreciate the 499 much love and respect to you I’d love to see you get a
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that thank you I appreciate that so Linda thank you for
always being in here much love to you I’m gonna I’m gonna put the camera back
on me in a few minutes so Kaitlyn good to see you mat Sully in the building
okay so it says the warning signs were went unseen in 2016 slect was granted a
temporary restraining order against her husband because he was threatening and
harassing her this is 2016 there were some red flags honey badger and this is
what we’re gonna talk about right now apparently since 2014 when the when
their child was born the marriage started going downhill he started acting
oddly after 2014 when the their daughter was born so there were some signs but
they were my note there were my note he was never put his hands on her he never
was violent so she got a she got a temporary restraining order because he
was threatening verbally and harassing her although the cops were never summons
to her home so she went straight to the court without making a police report and
just petitioned the district attorney for an order of protection and they
granted her a temporary and probably told her you have to come back and show
cause in court and then she never showed up in court
so the temporary is just given out in just to be can’t you know and just to
protect the the complainant for a short period of time but you always have to
come into court and prove your case so she was she was issued a temporary
order protection in 2016 restraining order order protection same thing for
her harassing him harassing and threatening her and then the cops were
never summons to a home and it was dropped the family court case against
the husband same year was ultimately dismissed when
schlecht she stopped pursuing it and spoken spokesman for the New York City
Court said on Thursday so she never pursued it a family court case then the
doom couple met at okay so this is this is she was she was studying at Columbia
University you know Ivy League school the doom
couple met at Columbia University about a decade ago when she was studying for
her master’s degree in social work and public health and telda was working
there as an IT freelancer so her husband was an IT freelancer hello Meg Lowe
she’s in the building meg Lowe had eye surgery everybody so
she is not going to be able to look at the chat you shouldn’t even be typing
hello you’re not supposed to text so you just sit there and listen to me Meg you
tell if you type another word in the chat I’m gonna unmod you and block you
so Meg just had surgery yesterday emergency surgery on her eyes and she
had a detached retina she’s not supposed to be texting or doing anything so I’m
calling her out right now nobody answered her and nobody talked to her
she just had surgery if she texts again I’m gonna unmod her and I’m gonna block
her just listen there you go Nicole and I’m saying that because I love you so
now we won’t hear another word from her but she is here you guys can all wish
her love and speedy recovery but she cannot talk all right back to business
anybody sees her while I have my head down let me know and I’m gonna I’m gonna
give her a whammy okay so they met at Columbia University he was an IT guy and
Jackie thank you so much for the thanks oh that’s a that’s a cute sticker there
it’s a heart Purple Heart with the thanks through it guy and Jackie thank
you for the super chat thank you so they met at Columbia University he operated a
pair of businesses from an East 129th Street apartment a data tech company
known as cure curved tech queer tech and IT business Dismas system so this guy
was smart he was an IT guy so he knew what he was doing
speaking of IT guys is Joshua still here is Joshua H still in the building I hope
he is everybody go follow him and subscribe to Joshua H he designed my
whole website that’s dude Iran calm Kerry Lynn I would never block her she
knows that we’re very good friends Joshua H designed my website dude Iran
calm he did my banner here for this page and all the verbage on it so special
thanks to Josh or H whether he’s here or not I love that guy like a brother he is
awesome so here’s a neighbor leaving flowers these are multi million
multi-million dollar brownstones in Harlem this is a very wealthy affluent
area so a woman leaves flowers here at the location for the deceased and her
daughter yeah he designed everything for me
him and I spent countless hours on the phone and he was also instrumental in
guiding me to the premiere live uploads the premieres I didn’t even know about
them and he told me about him when I had my little time out so he helped me out
tremendously with that guys please invite onto social share it out on to
you let me share it on Facebook let me do a share on Facebook let me put it
back up on to the picture here what a beautiful woman what a shame
I almost want to cut the father’s picture out but look at look at the
daughter and this is heartbreaking guys I mean how can anybody bring themselves
to wipe their entire family out in such a brutal fashion you know that’s what
makes it that’s what makes it crazy you know it for me has anybody yeah look at her Bridget
it’s it’s just gut-wrenching has anybody shared this into the do tear
on crime chat and YouTube video share group if not I’ll do it I’ll do it but if you have let me know so I don’t
have to do it it might just be a bad picture you know buddy we know that he
is crazy Katie you shared it onto the group’s you’re the best I know you
shared it on to yours no nobody shared it in here I’m in the
crime chat so I’m sharing it there Katie you shared it into our groups oh thanks Katrina thank you honey
appreciate that you are the best I only have I have 57 Facebook friends requests
I think I’m a little behind on catching up I got to try to catch up with this 57
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send me an email slow chat Gayle want slow chat hey listen if Gail wants slow
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I’ll let you in right after the broadcast is over you already offered it
to me duty Ron did you forget Erin but we never worked out the we never worked
out the specifics SAS Mary thank you for coming in I haven’t seen you in a while
all right so let me finish the reading here let me finish this reading all
right so this is them happier day is here okay so we we have already just to
recap this is a murder-suicide husband severed his wife’s head he cut her head
off with a set of four to five inch serrated knife he placed her head in her
lap and then cut his daughter’s throat slashed his five-year-old daughter’s
throat and then hung himself in the bathroom so that that’s the recap for
all of you joining and that’s what we’re going over right now
this happened last night in Harlem we don’t know the actual time of occurrence
so I I wrote down in my notes that any time between Sunday between Sunday
November 3rd and Wednesday November 6 this crime could have happened any time
in between that love you right back John so it could have happened anytime
between son day and and Wednesday we made it to a
hundred thank you our next goal is 120 let’s see if we can
get to 120 all right let me know okay this is what I want to show you all
right guys so this is from the neighbors he’s a very nice guy shocking shocked
neighbor Patricia Brodin forty said of telda I used to see him all the time
take taking his daughter to school why did he snap like this these are the
questions that we get Brigitte thank you so much Brigitte Parker guys just an FYI
Brigitte Parker from over in the Australia from Down Under
she is a premier crime broadcaster Bridgette Parker is a woman that you
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do that I’m not a panel guy but I’m gonna do some crime cases where I’m
collaborate with Bridget and I hope that all of the do tear on family listens to
what I tell you because I give you guys good valid information she is a 100% go
she’s a 100% go so you got to go check out Bridgette Parker my good friend over
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while I’m live popping up on my screen Thank You Black Rose for sending me a
picture let me see what she’s got to show me oh oh
Thank You Kathy very good alright no worries his black rose in the in the
broadcast does she even know that I’m lying she’s she’s texting me on Facebook
anyways alright so here’s a picture of her doing her work over in a foreign
country I’m not sure where this is from okay Jennifer schlecht kneeling in her
white shirt this is her right here in the middle this is Jennifer right here hold on okay black okay there you have
that cross all right so this is Jennifer right here she’s kneeling she had worked
across in the in Africa this is a picture of her in Africa in a humanity
humanitarian aid for issues affecting women so she is an advocate for women
I agree son kiss the drift I agree a coward to the tenth degree I you know I
never wish you know someone to take their own life but in in this case here
you know I don’t know I’m torn you know I’m torn do we want this guy
living and breathing after doing such a heinous look at Chris Watts look at the
Chris Ross case we’re all flipped out and freaked out over that because this
guy is still living and breathing and his girlfriend is walking around a free
bird and everyone has got is twisted about it so if this guy was still alive
we don’t be freaked out over this to like this guy’s getting three square
meals a day and um you know living and breathing and getting a workout and
getting health care when he just snuffed out his wife he cut his freakin wife’s
head off you know I agree Barbara I’m gonna unhide that I’m gonna show that
that guy is scum I agree Barbara so you’re wearing a catch-22 it’s like a
quantum you know what’s what’s the better of
what’s the better of the two choices I don’t want the guy alive but I don’t
wish someone to take their own life you know I agree a hundred percent Trev so
here’s a photo of this beautiful woman Jennifer select 42 years old right here
in the middle with the white shirt with all these women from Africa going over
there and doing God’s work she was a good human being you’re welcome Elizabeth it’s my
pleasure it’s my she was a good human being
Carolyn I agree 100% but this guy could have been a narcissistic psychopath as
well but he just followed through and took his own life saving us and the
whole world a whole lot of anguish you got Chris Watts getting three square
meals a day going to the law library writing notes and papers and talking
about his what he did and giving false statements and twisting things to to to
get noticed and have attention he’s he’s getting attention you know for me I’d
rather see that guy put down I love Erin Erin Leigh he’s adorable
she’s the best yeah Chris wants what a psycho
exactly all right I hate to even mention his name but so anyways um I come in I
say hi where’s my hi back oh well la-dee-da little Pooh a little poot all
right la-dee-da yes so I’m a little
preoccupied here I’m trying to get this information out so if I missed anybody
again I apologize I agree Danny I agreed to any boy
horrific horrific all right so that’s a picture of her doing her work I’m gonna
show you on my next link they were adorable family absolutely
adorable I never saw them fight ever another
neighbor concurred it’s just unbelievable they were an adorable
family adorable adorable I never saw them fight she has a LinkedIn page
describes her as a public health professional with 15 years of work
experience in international relief and development her father said schlecht
work and namby Li be Lea with the Peace Corps I know I just butchered that
country’s name she worked for the Peace Corps for more than a year before
focusing on the areas of maternity and child health around the globe for most
of our career so matured charity and child well we’re not gonna talk anymore
about Chris wat so please please please please please let’s let’s refocus on
this case we’re talking about Jennifer schlecht who was decapitated by her
husband and her daughter her daughter throat slit so let’s just forget about
I’m sorry I even brought up the Chris Watts it just makes everybody go crazy
so please in the chat respect it and I’m just asking nicely no I’m not gonna ask
again no more Chris Watts and I apologize for bringing it up anyways so
her colleagues at the United Nations Foundation United Nations Foundation her
colleagues which was founded in 1998 by entrepreneur Ted Turner she worked for
Ted Turner to support and help implement United Nation initiatives and causes
relay released a statement Thursday morning Jennifer I did Kerry Lynn you
must have missed it don’t harass anyone in the chat please please please 105 on
the likes thank you healthy living thank you okay so um so she was a leader in
the field of Family Planning and humanitarian response and she chose to
work from New York so she could have more time with her darling daughter she
delightedly told in telling me telling us about her daughter’s first
day at kindergarten and the clothes she picked out all by herself to wear to
school in addition to being an adoring mother her contribution to the lives of
women and girls who were living in crisis situations has been extraordinary
we are utterly devastated that’s a statement from the UN Foundation which
she worked for I’m gonna show you guys a quick tweet from them here’s her
Facebook page oh you can’t get to Facebook I was able to see it earlier
but they must have shut it down oh wow I was on this before I went live when I
was doing my research guys hey is this mic a little too loud should I lower it
is the mic a little too loud I can’t even get on our Facebook page
they must have shut it down welcome in mrs. Mississippi Gulf Coast is Joey
Brooklyn here yeah they must have hidden hidden it so this is the F P 2020 the
family planning 2020 the sound is good okay no problem no problem thank you
urban Thank You Linda Thank You Jonna Erin Thank You Jonna Mike seems fine not
too hot excellent Carrie Lin just don’t worry about it
just hang out and just chill out in the chat and you’re good to go
Thank You Sophia thank you excellent excellent so this is just a remembrance from the
family planning 2020 she worked for them to Facebook page that sucks cuz there
was some really nice there was some really nice it was a really nice
statements to her this is this is he it here oh here it is
it just loaded see that I don’t give up I’m persistent
I I don’t give up thank you for wishing Meg Lowe a quick recovery on her I okay
so this is just all that they’re showing it probably have her her her Facebook
account is just limited I guess so we really can’t see anything from it okay
so the this is what I was looking at before these are just all people making
statements about her I wish I could make this bigger but I can’t so here she is again in another photo no
boy what one click could do that was the amber Geiger a case when the judge was
hugging her but somebody made it into a meme with a really nasty looking face
sorry about that guys um okay here this is how we make it big oh that did a lot
of good but this is her leaning down and it looks like in another country guy and
Jackie thank you again for coming in for the good job I love those super chat
stickers thank you so much for that thank you yeah that’s what I figured Trev that’s
what I figured all right well I tried I just want to see if there’s anything
significant in Jesus geez Louise I see what else I can come up with here yeah that’s about it all right I think
we I think we covered enough of this I never enabled slowmode I don’t think
we need to do it now I don’t think we need to slow mode now let me get this
off hi guys so um again if you guys are new in on the chat I know that a lot of
people were saying oh I’m new here I’m new to the chat if you’re new to my
broadcast my name is duty Ron I’m a retired New York City police detective I
did 20-plus years in the New York City Police Department so this is a this is a
case that happened in my police department so it’s it’s a case that is
being handled by my department you know you know and it’s all around a very very
sad difficult gruesome case you know so it’s nobody nobody here comes out a
winner you know her family her surviving family is left to deal with this
horrific horrific crime scene and having your daughter decapitated by her own
husband you know it’s just it’s just horrifying
and and my message my message and my takeaway guys from this I haven’t
covered an ounce of that case but I’m watching other people talk about it so I
may look into its ass I may look into that case and talk about it so my
takeaway from this guy’s Orban thank you so much for that
you’re awesome sir thank you for hold on thank you for all you all the men and
women in blue sign Vietnam veteran thank you for your service thank you for
serving your country in Vietnam is not an easy thing to do yes
all my super chats send I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to but send me
an email at duty Ron at AOL , I’d like to send you a personal thank
you I don’t care where you live in the world I’ll send it anywhere so so my
takeaway might take away from cases like this my takeaway from cases like this is
domestic violence is a serious situation if you are a victim of domestic violence
in any form whether it’s verbal physical mental any type of form of domestic
violence it will just escalate and this eight step eight stage homicidal pattern
I’m gonna study it I’m gonna study it and learn it and I’m gonna talk to you
guys about it I’m gonna learn the eight stages of homicidal patterns and I’m
gonna talk to you guys about it I’ll do a live dedicated just to that there is
also a site that you guys can go to on Twitter there’s a site that you guys can
go to on Twitter it’s called the violence against women campaign it’s the
violence against women Journal it’s the VAW Journal let me pull that up so you
guys can see it I’m gonna pull it up right now
stand by it’s on Twitter it’s on Twitter guys so I’m gonna go to my Twitter and
I’m gonna find a few guys okay comes right up if you go into your
Twitter and you you type in V aww it’ll come right up
alright so this is it right here guys hold on violence against women
25th anniversary here’s their Twitter feed this is the page and I know it’s
coming up small on my I’m not looking at the chat right now cuz I’m trying to
lead e ly D from up in Canada thank you for joining her and a husband are
adorable I love lady and she spelled it out for me when I was saying her name
wrong she’s like Ron its Lea l ee d de e so thank you for that lady I was calling
her lady MC and she was like no she sent me a private message no Ron Ron ly d get
it right dummy thank you alright so this is the violence this is
the violence against women Twitter page and I’m sure that they have their own
website let’s see here it is hmm we’re having problem so I implore all of you
girls to go over to this Twitter page violence against women here here’s the
website I’m on the website awesome so there’s a bunch of stuff here let me
let me just search for the eight stages of homicidal hold on trying to find the eight stages eighth
stage homicidal patterns so there’s a there’s a lot of information on this
site training police officers on domestic violence and racism there’s a
lot of good things here I’m gonna learn a lot from this
let me bookmark this right now in a book market all right let’s get back to
business I could tell you someone just put something in the chat was the world
always this messed up um the answer is yes the answer is yes because I’m gonna
tell you I became a police officer in 1991 so I’m gonna show you my age right
now don’t call me an old man but I became a police officer in 1991 and in
1991 the domestic violence and the violence against women and just domestic
violence in general was alive and well and it was out there there were people
couples killing each other there was you know husband’s beating wives wives
beating husbands I made hundreds of domestic violence arrests in my 10 years
probably close you know to 500 or so domestic violence arrests so my answer
to that question you know because there’s some young people in here
there’s some younger people in here that don’t understand but I used to get so
many domestic violence calls if I turned on the police radio right now what you’d
hear a lot of is emotionally disturbed call people’s calls thank you the pill
thank you for subscribing emotionally disturbed people
and domestic violence were the two two most common calls domestic violence and
emotionally disturbed edp’s emotionally disturbed people so that was in 1991
we’re in 2019 people that’s 28 years ago you know I think there’s more you know
there’s more of an emphasis and it’s more in the public because don’t forget
back in the early 90s there was no social media thank you for subscribing
anybody that’s new I am a retired New York City police detective I did 20-plus
years in some of the toughest streets in the city of New York I worked for the
largest Police Department in the world I am now retired and here talking about
police public interaction crime crime cases and everything in between so
please hit the subscribe button here is my act duty Ron this is my website duty
Ron comm actually this isn’t my website but does that my duty Ron and everything
on that you can find out about me or social media wise is available on my
website duty Ron dot-com so back in the 90s in the early 90s domestic violence
was a big was big and and emotionally disturbed so I got to tell you you know
and the things that I saw back in the 90s and into the 2000s it’s still going
on in other words a woman gets smacked or punched in the face by her
significant other whether it’s a husband boyfriend whatever they don’t leave or
they leave and then come back so it’s a vicious cycle and I’m not and I’m not
finding any fault I’m not saying you know anything bad
because there’s some type of the subtype is something that keeps
these people coming back to each other you know it’s even I’ve even been on
they flipped the reverse script I’ve had women stabbed their boyfriends or
husbands or babies fathers or whatever stabbed the hot the boyfriend the
significant other and that guy doesn’t go he doesn’t leave we come back to
check on him the next day and the guy is out of the hospital and in the house why
if your wife or your girlfriend or your baby’s mother or whatever stabs you why
are you going back there I don’t understand it I never will
I’ll never understand it you know and and then have and have the women tell me
officer well I’m out of here you’ll never see me back here again
three days later or whatever day or two later we get the phone we get the we get
the call same I would remember the addresses there you go lady
I would I would remember the address and I would say oh we’re going back to so
and so’s house again do you think she’s still there do you think he’s still
there and sure enough they were there you go there’s the link for the eight
stages you want to discuss so there’s a good link
Johnna just put up so you know it could be part mental it could be part
emotional you see I think everybody here and I could raise my hand for this when
my first relationship that I had now this was a my with my wife I’m married
28 years my very first relationship that was
serious when when we broke up I had I had like this stalking thing like I
was going and parking outside of her house
I was watching my ex-girlfriend and what she was doing we were broken up but
there was something triggered in my head that made me like a fucking psycho
at where I was I didn’t hurt her I didn’t do anything bad but I went and I
was following her I wanted to see what she was doing that was really sick
behavior but I was I was 17 18 years old but I mean I hey CheY CheY good to see
you thanks for joining there could be a minute you know chemical imbalance but
you know what I mean I I have had an experience of you know
not thinking clearly like I wasn’t clear thinking I was like
I was like a fucking stalker I went and sat outside her house and she would see
me and she’d be like what you know next time I saw because back then we didn’t
have cellphones and all that stuff and she would be like you know next time
she’d see me it she’d be like well why you you know why are you following me I
saw you walk down down the street from my house so I mean I was 17 18 years old
but you know like my head wasn’t right I wasn’t thinking straight because we
broke up she didn’t want nothing to do with me and I still was kind of stalking
her a little bit you know you know it wasn’t anything where I was showing up
at her front door or anything but you know like I know friends of mine who
would you know when we were younger and everybody had girlfriends and whatever
and they they would take it a little far to show up at someone’s work you know
and there’s different levels of this you know sherry Smith says I was severely
injured in a domestic violence incident in 1979 I was so embarrassed when I went
to the hospital there was a lot of shame and involve for thought an act of God
through an act of God I got out thank God that he got out thank God
please like subscribe and pound you don’t have to pound you could just tap
it tap the tap the notification bow so I didn’t want to let it go I was
still in love with her you know I was still in love with her or urban thank
you so much for the super chat sticker thank you for that 299 urban thank you
appreciate that so I’m just trying to give you an example of the different
levels of obsessing if you will I think that was like me kind of obsessing
Barbara Smith says I had an arm broken in three places oh my god
cinnamon hot hot good to see you so guys I’m live over an hour and 20 minutes I
think I’ve overstayed my welcome I think I’ve overstayed my welcome but you know
I wanted to give you guys a comparison of different levels here you know as a
professional police officer as a professional police officer I did see
everything from very minimal all the way up to really really bad hey Mel Mel how
are you so yes I did see domestic violence
homicides yes I was the first officer on the scene I’ll give you guys another
little piece of I’ll give you another little piece of some domestic violence
that ended in a homicide that I was involved in probably 1994 around 1994
some of you weren’t even born yet but some of you were in 1994 I was um I was
on patrol but that day my partner decided to take the day off so my
partner took the day off and what happened was the sergeant who was doing
the roll call Thank You Barbara the sergeant who’s doing roll call
happened to be very good friends with me and and knew I was a good cop and liked
me his driver who routinely drives him every sergeant has his own driver
my partner took the day off and the sergeant’s a driver took the
Mykleby thank you for the super chat his name was Benny
Petrovsky the sergeant’s name was Ben Petrovsky he decided to take duty Ron as
his driver for the day because he knew I was a qualified guy and the sergeant’s
only pick you know the better guys so 1994 we go out on a date tour Patrol and
the sergeant really just supervises the calls in other words the cops go out to
the calls and the sergeants just show up when there’s a verified arrest or if
there was a homicide or if there was an assault good to see is El de thank you
for joining guy and Jackie I appreciate you’re still here I’ll make this short
this is a short story I’ll make it short but it is a gruesome one so it’s a
routine day we’re going about our business
you know we we’re answering you know minimal calls because we’re listening to
the radio we’re listening to the police officers going from job to job we got
you know a shots-fired call we went and backed up a unit on a shots-fired call a
couple of a couple of aidid cases and just routine stuff and then a call came
in for a burglary possible burglary in progress
so a possible burglary in progress we went and backed up the unit that was a
assigned the job and it was a possible burglary in progress so we got there
first we made it there before the assigned unit got there and we made our
way up it was on the third or fourth floor so we went up to the third or
fourth floor and we noticed the door it was a housing project so is all you know
it was all apartments you know Rose you come out of the elevator as a road to
the right and a row to the left of apartments and we get to the apartment
door and the door is slightly ajar but there’s the TV or some type of device
that’s playing full blast loud like music or whatever and we thought it was
odd so we drew our weapons you know we had revolvers back then
there was no nine-millimeter so we drew a revolver as we had him out to our side
and I went in first and a sergeant was behind me and it was like a living room
and then a corridor that led down to two bedrooms it was only a two-bedroom
apartment at first there was a kitchen then the bathroom and then bedroom
number one I looked in there and nothing you know
we’re announcing ourselves police police you know police anybody here my sergeant
lowered the TV and we get I get to the second bedroom and there’s a
sixteen-year-old girl with her pants down to her ankles and she’s shot
straight through the chest shot right and center mass and just over the hot
radiator that was blaring hot radiator and now we have a crime scene
she was she was dead she was shot looked like once to the chest and so me and the
sergeant just backed out of the apartment and we call for an ambulance
we call for the detectives we call for crime scene but it was a very very for
me I mean I already was on the job three years it was shocking to see that like
shocking to where I can’t even describe what I felt I see this young black girl
with her pants down to her ankles her shirt was like pulled up to her breasts
weren’t exposed but her shirt was lifted up to her chest and her pants were down
to her ankles and the blood was splattered all over the radiator and it
was a gory gory bloody scene so we’re out we’re out and now we’re you
know we’re securing a crime scene there’s nobody in the apartment mmm we
are outside and I’m looking down at the ground and I see blood on the ground you
know and on the in the hallway Hey hey Linda hello from Canada good to see you
so I see blood I see blood on the ground I was like what the what the fuck is
this and um the blood went right to an apartment that was just three apartments
down and um we banged on that door the apartment door nobody answered nobody
answered the door we waited for the detectives to come we secured the crime
scene and oh I didn’t make the arrest but the perpetrator was in that
apartment they wound up getting a court order they took the door when he shot
her the bullet ricocheted back out it hit the wall and ricocheted somehow back
out at him and he was bleeding so that was his blood the perpetrator to
sixteen-year-olds cut out from school he wanted to have sex with her and she
didn’t want to have sex with him he shot her and then to shame her he pulled her
pants down and pulled her shirt up he never even had sex with her a 16 year
old kid killing a 16 year old girl because she wouldn’t have sex with there’s my crime story for you guys
coming from retired police detective that one shook me that was scary
to the point of I can’t even describe how I felt I had three years so I was
technically still a rookie you don’t become a veteran cop until you
hit five years in the New York City Police Department so I didn’t quite have
my five years in yet so coming up on that you as a regular civilian would say
you hope to go through your whole life never seen something like that and
that’s just one little story of hundreds of crime scenes that I’ve seen now when
I say hundreds I’m not exaggerating over a 10-year period over a 10-year period
and in the very first year in 1991 you guys could look this up if you google
how many murders and how many homicides were in the city of New York in 1991 the
number will come up twenty-two hundred murders twenty-two hundred not two
hundred and twenty twenty two hundred homicides in the city of New York in my
pre seat in my very first year you’re right about that Joey I worked in a
warzone in my pre scene alone where I worked as a rookie my very first year
there was 350 of those 2200 in New York City I’m getting it up right now thank you ever been for the 399 super
chat I appreciate that thank you there’s the cup of joe is the cup of joe thank you for the super chat I love
those stickers Godley what can I you know how many
murders how many oh okay I didn’t spell it right how many murders were in New
York City in 1991 are you shitting me could this be that old that I can’t even
get a news article I’m gonna go to Wikipedia I’m gonna go to Wikipedia Oh for fuck’s sake
can’t find it trust me guys there’s there was 2,200 murders in in 1991 2,200 here we go I got it I got it kids the
World Trade Center was the biggest case that I ever worked on so here’s the
here’s the headlines from the New York Post The Post takes you to New York’s
deadliest neighborhoods with murder a murder every 63 hours in 1991 there was
a murder happening in New York every 63 hours can you imagine it was 2200 around 2200 okay
here’s I’m gonna highlight this in 1990 we had twenty two hundred and forty five
hundred murders there’s the red highlighted twenty two hundred and forty
in 1990 twenty five hundred and seventy one I’m getting to it I’m getting to it
this is an article about that era so you kind of get what I’m trying to
tell you guys it was it was wicked it was wicked so here’s the cover sheet on
the clipboard hanging in the station house of Brooklyn’s blood-soaked 75th
precede it says you give us 22 minutes we’ll give you a homicide imagine that so that’s the kind of craziness that I
was dealing with as a rookie police officer and that’s why that’s one of the
prime reasons when I hear people talk about crime cases on YouTube and they
have no clue of what real crime cases are about I don’t it doesn’t get me mad
it just makes me laugh a little bit because when people talk about crime
scenes and murders and investigations and widened and the police through this
and why isn’t this one arrested I know what it takes to make a lawful arrest
and what you need to do our urban thank you so much for the super chats and
hanging out good night get some good rest so I’m well aware of
what it takes to bring a bad guy to justice and it it just doesn’t happen
because you get angry at them you know it happens by good police work good
detective work and if you don’t have all the rest of all evidence that’s needed
you cannot make an arrest because it won’t stick and that’s how it goes you know it is
you know it’s easy to read google articles off the internet about cases
any one of you can do that any one of you out there can go and read about what
the news reports I used to come home we would handle a case right I would be on
a case and we would have a whole set of evidence and and and perpetrators and
possible suspects and then I would turn on the news and sit with my wife and the
news would tell the exact opposite of what was going like they would make
their own story up just to sell just to get ratings and views so you can feed as
much bullshit that you want to people and sensationalize things and you will
get views and you will get ratings for the news but they weren’t reporting they
weren’t reporting the right things they were reporting the things that they
wanted to get out that would make it sensationalized I see the same thing
happening with some of the people on YouTube you know at duty Ron something
to say something said for saying don’t judge until you’ve walked a mile in my
shoes correct so I don’t like to toot leading I don’t like to toot my own horn
but I’m trying to give I’m trying to lay down the groundwork for the new people
and for my my old friends you know Joey Brooklyn knows what I did a lot of
people here don’t know but I did a live stream today and one of the cops that I
worked with back in the early 90s retired Irish detective who lives down
in Florida now he made hundreds of arrests
that kid now I call him a kid cuz he was younger than me but that kid was an act
of cop and he came on my live stream today when I went live during the day
and I haven’t spoken to him in 8 years 8 years because we talked after that but
him and I reminisce about how we used to dodge bullets in Brownsville and East
New York Brooklyn and how we used to find bodies dumped in garbage filled abandoned properties and we would find
people shot on roofs of housing projects left and right Joey Brooklyn can vouch
for this you fucked thank you so much for hanging
you hung out a long time thank you for being in here I appreciate you coming on
in thank you so much thank you she’s another sweetheart
Laura Rue Wayne great to see you great to see you I know you’ve been here for a
while too so thank you you know we it was his here’s one more
story and then I’m gonna go because I got to go to sleep I got to get up for
work tomorrow here’s another story I’ll tell you about a shooting so again this
occurred on a date or broad daylight in East New York not in Brownsville this
was in East New York Brooklyn the first story I told you about was in the 73rd
precinct the second story is in the 75th so it’s working a date ole with my
partner and a call came in for numerous shots fired with a callback
shots fired would come in a lot and there would be no callbacks you know no
callback number people would call from pay phones and there would be bogus
calls they would do the the people in the neighborhoods where we used to work
back in the 90s would used to get a kick out of calling in fake reports to the
police because back in the 90s there was no call back that would show you like
where the call was coming from now there’s caller ID and it comes back so now this is in Brooklyn this is
Brooklyn so we get a call for numerous shots fired with a callback with
callbacks in the in the you know a callback so we know it’s a good call
so we respond lights and sirens to this numerous shots fired and it was 1259
luring so that’s the pink houses that’s one of the notorious pink houses
seventy-five precinct 75 precinct there is no seven 6pc so she’s brie how are
you so we get to the location and we see numerous people outside the location and
there was two two people on the ground it was raining that day it was raining
so to people on the ground and this was some kind of gang turf war confirmed
shots fired we get the cavalry coming as multiple units coming multiple police
cruisers come in to the location we got there first again we got there first so
I was the first officer on scene we had two people shot one person DOA dead on
arrival dead at the scene and the second one EMS
came and took out so I was left to secure a crime scene and I’ll never
forget this because I I had a I the medical examiner came onto the scene and
and it was a female medical examiner and you know shots fired all over there was
shell casings all over the place we secured the crime scene we were really
good at securing crime scenes because we have so many cops there we you know we
taped everything off and all this stuff this is in the 90s this was probably
like 96 97 95 96 97 ish so the female medical examiner didn’t want to do there
was a it was maybe 19 year-old male Hispanic that was shot multiple times
throughout the body not in the head it was
just in the body and he was shot like six or seven times dead at the scene but
they removed him from the sidewalk in front of the building and put him in an
ambulance and I had to go in the ambulance in in the ambulance with the
with the medical examiner and she was a young woman and she looked at me and
she’s she goes officer she goes you have to she goes you have to go through his
pockets before I do the exam so I was like what she goes here and she gives me
these yellow thick yellow surgical gloves and she’s she’s like you have to
go through his pockets and take his personal effects out and I was like this
guy’s dead it was the like it was one of the front
one of the first times that I had a really myself put my hands on someone
who was he was dead already awhile like at least an hour or so it was a freaking
uncomfortable thing to do and a because it was thick like thick blood in his
pockets it was like thick gobs up blood from when he got shot and I was pulling
out like change and you know all shit that he had in his pockets and the smell
of the blood and just the whole thing I I got like tunnel vision I’m not ashamed
to say I got tunnel vision but it wasn’t to the point Kathy that I felt like I
was gonna faint but it was really a fucked up situation to be in and I
questioned myself for a second I was like why am I doing this this is a crazy
job like I was already in it for a while yeah I was like 95 ish or whatever so I
already had you know four years or so on the job no not really SAS that was there
was another division that dealt with that there was the organized crime and
control Bureau that with the mop the we didn’t deal with
them I never had calls because we I worked in in a very low income high
crime area the mob was always in the richer areas so they weren’t in the area
the 106 precinct was of South Ozone Park where John Gotti was so I never never
dealt with him but so I was going through going through the pockets and
and so so he was laying on this on the detective I wasn’t a homicide detective
so he was laying on the stretcher and I just went to his phone his front pockets
and and she goes all right you got it you got a you got to tilt him over a
little bit and go through his back pockets and I was like I did it but I
was just so creeped out by grabbing the body and pulling him over and she kind
of helped me and the EMS the ambulance guy helped me but but i but I it just
freaked me out to move him and touch him and then I rode in the ambulance with
this guy to the morgue to the Kings County morgue so I not only had to go
through all that but then I had a you know strip off the blood-soaked gloves
you know throw them in the container and then I drove with him to the morgue and
my partner followed us and then I had to come back the next morning to after the
autopsy was done and identify him it’s fucked up but what are you going to do
part of the job so there it is you got to tonight you got to for the price of
one to do tear on stories of policing in the NYPD back in the 90s yeah you know listen like I said when
there was those 22 hundred homicides it slowly it slowly tapered off to get
lower as it went you know as the years went forward it started getting lower
and lower but I remember another time we we were in the Cypress houses we got a
call for um we got up call for a possible dead possible DOA on the top of
the I think it was like 590 Sutter or whatever it was the Cypress houses Joey
and um thank you thank you good night Linda thank you I adore you as well good
night so we got a call for possible DOA on the roof and it was a decapitated
body it was a head it was a body without a head and the head wasn’t there it was
just the body without the head and it was in the middle of the night that
night I was working a midnight so it was like one two o’clock in the morning and
we go up onto the roof and there’s a body with the head missing nowhere to be
found I don’t think they ever found the head
just just the body decapitated so these are some of the things that I dealt with
as a police officer and I could go on probably I could probably do a dedicated
live on just this stuff headless body yeah so that was that was the norm and
that was the norm for what went on in in in the early 90s guys Maheen welcome in
my good friend from Saudi Arabia MA heed Salaam my Muslim brothers from across
the world good to see you alright so I gotta go I gotta get to
sleep guys I’m all talked out I did enough the Headless Horseman yes did you
suffer any PTSD or nightmares from that no I thank God hold on and knock on wood
don’t don’t jinx me Lenny I have not I have no PTSD
you-you-you could talk to Joey Brooklyn who sat right here at this kitchen table
with me and broke bread with me a hundred percent normal no problems no
you know nothing goodnight Bridget good night everybody
thank you so much for being in here make sure you subscribe to the channel if
you’re new follow me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook all one word duty
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Giavanna thank you so much for being in here Val artists thank you for
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duty Ron

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