Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough – Professional No Damage Chapter 1-1

1998… I’ll never forget it. It was the year when those grisly murders occurred in the Arklay Mountains. Soon after, the news was out to the whole world revealing that it was the fault of a secret viral experiment conducted by the International Pharmaceutical Enterprise, Umbrella. The virus broke out in a near by mountain community, Raccoon City. and hit the peaceful little town with a devastating blow crippling its very foundation. Not taking any chances, the President of the United States ordered a contingency plan – to sterilize Raccoon City. With a whole affair gone public, the United States government issued an indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella. Soon its stock prices crashed and for all intents and purposes Umbrella was finished. Six years has passed since that horrendous incident… I received special training via a secret organization working under the direct control of the President. I was to assume the responsibility protecting the new President’s family. Shit! Why am I the one who always gets the short end of the stick? You, Who are you really? come on, tell us. You are a long way from home, cowboy. You have my sympathies. Guess that’s a locals way of breaking the ice. Anyway, you know what this is all about. My assignment is to search for the President’s missing daughter. What? all by yourself? I’m sure you boys didn’t just tag along so we could sing Kumbaya together at some Boys Scout bonfire. Then again, maybe you did. Oh, you crazy American. It’s an direct order from the chief himself. I tell you it’s no picnic. I’m counting on you guys. It was right before I was to take on my duties of protecting the President’s daughter when she was abducted. That’s the ultimate reason I’m in this lonely and rural part of Europe. According to our intelligence, there’s reliable information about a sighting of a girl that looks very similar to the President’s daughter. Apparently she’s being withheld by some unidentified group of people. Who would have thought that my first job would have been a rescue mission? Ah! It’s freezing. So cold all of a sudden. Ah, must be my imagination. Sorry it took so long. Just up ahead is the village. I’ll go and have a look around. We’ll stay and watch the car. Don’t want to get any parking tickets. Right… parking tickets. Good luck! Geez… who are these guys? Did you say something? Uh, excuse me, Sir? I was wondering if you might recognize the girl in this photograph? What the fuck are you doing here? Get out, you bastard! Sorry to have bothered you. Freeze! I said freeze! Damn! – Who are these? – Get out of the car now! The truck is going right to us! – Let’s go! Quick! – Let’s get out of here! Shit! A stranger… – Tell to the others! – I did catch you! Over there! – Don’t let Him escape! (Leon) Damn! – Grab him! – Go Behind! Who are this people? Block his path! – (Leon) What are they planning? Grab him! Great! a chainsaw… Grab him! It’s on the trap! There is no turning back! – (Leon) Shit! I’m going to kill you! Son of the b… The bell. It’s time to pray. We have to go. Lord Saddler. Where’s everyone going? Bingo? A little rough, don’t you think? You’re… not like them? No. You? Ok, I have only one very important question You got a smoke? Got a gum. Perfect. The big cheese. What?

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