Real Doctor Reacts to GREY’S ANATOMY | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

Real Doctor Reacts to GREY’S ANATOMY | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

– For better or worse, I get
the McDreamy thing a lot. – [Woman] Move over, McDreamy. – I’ve never seen the man in action. In fact, I’ve never seen a
full Grey’s Anatomy episode. But you asked for it, so you got it. (relaxing music) – [Richard] A month ago,
you were in med school being taught by doctors. (“Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley) Today, you are the doctors. – First of all, I’ve never heard a speech given that dramatically
on an intern’s first day. Nobody really talks like that. It’s much more practical. – [Richard] Five of you will
crack under the pressure. Two of you will be asked to leave. This is your starting line. This is your arena. – This sounds like Hunger Games more than it does Grey’s Anatomy. (“Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley) – No, I’m not gay.
– Uh huh. – It’s just that, you know, you were, I mean, you were very unforgettable and– – [Man] O’Malley, Yang, Grey, Stevens. – We do get ready
together in the mornings. There are locker rooms like this. It’s funny to say, but because doctors spend a lot of time in books
while in medical school, they’re not the greatest
at interacting with others or maybe even showing
interest in the opposite sex. So I’ve seen situations
like this happen a lot, where someone’s trying
to make conversation, but they’re not great at it,
so it comes off very awkward. It’s funny, but this is very accurate. – Your first shift starts
now and lasts 48 hours. You’re interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. – Residents don’t work
48-hour calls anymore. They’re capped at 80 hours per week. Maybe they go a little
bit over that sometimes. But 48 hours is just nonexistent. And this started because
of the Libby Zion Law, which is sadly the name of a young girl who died because residents
who were so overworked, they missed catching a diagnosis,
and she ultimately died. – You run labs, write orders,
work every second night until you drop, and don’t complain. On-call rooms. Attendings hog them.
(Mike laughs) Sleep when you can where you– – The on-call rooms
look exactly like this. They’re very plain. They’re very basic. The hospital doesn’t budget or allocate any money towards them. You have to change your own sheets. The mattresses are basically
plastic, uncomfortable. So this is very accurate. – Dr. Bailey, let’s shotgun her. – That means every test in the book, CT, CBC, CHEM-7, tox screen. – I love how simply the attending came in and made that decision. He basically saw maybe the chart, maybe a brief explanation of what happened while the patient came in, and he already has a shotgun approach to this? This is not how medicine works. That’s ineffective. You need to have a presumed diagnosis in place so that the labs and tests you order actually confirm a diagnosis. You can’t just throw
stuff against the wall, shotgun against the
wall, whatever he said, and hope something sticks. The only time that is appropriate is if you have no idea why a young, otherwise healthy patient
with an unknown history comes in with some sort
of weird presentation. Then you can start ordering
a broad range of tests. But they knew she had a seizure history, so why are they doing a CT scan? I need more info. More info, please. – Hello? You’re so lost. What are you, like, new? – This is where these
medical dramas get me. They make it seem like
the doctors do everything. From A to Z, they diagnose the patient, they run the tests on the patient, they draw the blood, they
transport the patient. We have nurses, we have MAs,
we have transport staff, we have PT therapists, we
have respiratory therapists. I understand that they’re trying to build the character, so they’re trying to show as much of them as possible. – I’m just gonna insert my
fingers into your rectum. – Why fingers? Just one finger. – Bet you missed a lot
when you first started out. (“They” by JEM) – No one was ever that mean. People wanted you to learn. They wanted you to get better. If you go into every
procedure or every moment within residency with the concept that you wanna learn
and you wanna do better, people respect that, so I
don’t necessarily get this hatred that these poor
interns are getting. (people talking indistinctly) Our cafeterias are bare bones with usually not the
greatest food available. In fact, this is what surprises
me most about hospitals. We try and tell people to
eat healthy and stay healthy, but the only options to
eat are pizza, burgers, chicken fingers, the most
unhealthy foods possible. It’s crazy to me. – You know what, I’m not the doctor. I’m a doctor, but I’m not Katie’s doctor, so I’ll go get him for you. – Very common situation
to find yourself in, especially on nights when you’re covering for the entire hospital and
some medical emergency happens. The family wants answers,
they have a lot of very important questions
that they need answered, but you don’t know the patient. You need to put a lot
of information together rather quickly and
create a thought process that the family can follow along with you so they know what’s going on. You don’t have to give a direct answer. A lot of residents, young
residents especially, think that if they don’t have the exact, right, truthful answer that they’re bad. That’s not true. Even seasoned attendings know
that there’s times to say, we don’t know yet what’s going on. – Dr. Shepherd, he’s over there. (playful music)
(Mike laughs) – Why did I know this McDreamy
guy is gonna pop into scene? Oh wait, did they not know each other? – Dr. Shepherd, this is inappropriate. (playful music) Has that ever occurred to you? – I agree with her. In a position of power, you should not be involved in these types of situations. They don’t happen that often. As much as we like to believe that there’s so much love and drama
going on in hospitals, it doesn’t happen as much
as you think it does. But I have a little, she
may come back for more with the wonderful Dr. Shepherd. (“Dance” by O.A.O.T.S) – [Preston] Max him out. ♪ Innocent ♪ – Usually we wear eye protection
’cause if blood squirts out into your eye, it’s pretty dangerous. So at least have goggles
or the face shield that comes attached to the mask. (“Dance” by O.A.O.T.S) (interns cheer) – [George] Appendix is out. – Oh!
(Meredith laughs) – [Preston] Not bad. – That was rather quick. I guess that’s for TV’s sake. In reality, there’s a lot of conversation that occurs between the
attending and the intern, especially with identifying landmarks. They’ll often ask you really hard questions, and we call that pimping. And they’ll ask you questions that are unrelated to the case. So, you prepare for this case, but they’ll ask you something else. It’s very common. – [Preston] Bokhee, give him a clamp. – [Bokhee] BP’s dropping. – He’s choking. – Come on, George. – [Preston] Today. – This is so dramatic.
– Pull your balls out of your back pocket, let’s go. – Who talks like that? Pull your balls out of your back pocket. – 007 is a state of mind. – Says the girl who finished
first in her class at Stanford. (pager beeps) – We lived with the vending machines. I used to eat Snickers
galore when I forgot to bring my healthy
alternatives from home. – Mr. Jones has junky veins and
he really needs antibiotics. I should start a central line. – So start one. You don’t know how. – I, (sighs) (coughs) clearly I’m very
passionate about this. Starting a central line just
because you couldn’t get a vein with a needle prick is crazy. It’s crazy. You’re putting the patient at risk. – [Izzie] Dr. Bailey, I don’t
mean to bother you, but– – Then don’t. – [Izzie] It’s Mr. Jones. – Is he dying? – No. – [Miranda] Then stop talking to me. – She should’ve gone to a nurse because nurses have way more experience than even doctors in getting a blood draw. – Next time you wake me, he
better be so close to dead there’s a tag–
– And that patient doesn’t look alive for some reason. Oh, no, he blinked. Okay, he’s alive. – Are you sure that’s the right diagnosis? – I don’t know, I’m only an intern. Here’s an idea, why don’t you go spend four years in med school and then let me know if it’s the right diagnosis? – Ooh, that’s what we
call a cowboy intern. Basically a cowboy intern is someone who is so confident in their diagnosis that they start their treatment, they don’t explore any other options, they don’t have a good differential, meaning other options of
what the illness could be. Nurses keep the hospital running. Without them, we would not
be able to do our jobs. A lot of times they’ll catch our mistakes. They’ll be able to identify
things we could be doing better. This is the most drama
I’ve ever seen happen in the first 24 hours of being an intern. – [Mrs. Bryce] What took you so long? – [Christian] Lorazepam’s not working. – Phenobarbital, load
her with phenobarbital. – Okay, when you say load her with phenobarbital, that’s not an order. You need to give the dosage. The nurse needs to say back to you to make sure that she heard
the same thing that you said. Otherwise, if the nurse misheard you and you didn’t even give the instruction on how much to give,
they can give any dose, and that can be lethal to a patient. So that’s not real. (heart monitor flatlining)
– Heart stopping. – [Nurse] Code blue, code blue! – Okay, so heart stopping,
that’s the code blue. I’ve talked about this before. Now the patient is dead. If the heart has stopped, the
patient is technically dead, and you have to work to revive them to get their heart started back up again. As the resident in charge, you have to instantly give roles to everybody. You do chest compressions, you do this, you give the medications,
you monitor the rhythm strip, the most important role
being chest compressions. You have to do chest compressions. You cannot stop doing chest compressions. So, if you have one person that’s giving bad chest compressions
’cause they’re tired, you instantly have to swap them out because chest compressions is
what extends and saves lives. So right now, them not doing
chest compressions is awful. The first thing you do
is chest compressions. (heart monitor flatlining) – [Nurse] Wait. – Charge the paddles.
– Whoa. I hope she’s not gonna shock the patient. Oh my god, please tell me–
– Plus 200. – She’s not gonna.
– Charge. – No. – Clear.
– No, what are you doing, Grey’s Anatomy?
(machine beeps) No!
– Still V-fib, nothing. – No, oh, she’s in V-fib?
– 19 seconds. – Charge to 300.
– Then why does it sound like she’s flatlining? ♪ Ground where you lay ♪ ♪ You’ve been laying there so long ♪ – Ooh, I’ve never thrown up in a hospital. I’ve never seen a doctor throw up in the hospital, unless they were sick. Yeah, when things go
wrong, you get nauseous. That’s part of life. I mean, there’s difficult
moments that happen. There’s times where
you’re gonna be humbled. I mean, every day I walked into the hospital as a resident, I was humbled. There’s a reason why we
call it practicing medicine. Because we’re all practicing,
we’re all learning, we’re all adapting, we’re
all trying to get better, and the human body’s a
crazy, crazy thing that we still don’t have perfect knowledge of. So I feel for her a little
bit, just a little bit. A little dramatic, but I feel for her. There’s our man.
– You said it was a seizure disorder. Now you’re saying it isn’t? – I’m saying that I don’t know. – [Mrs. Bryce] Well, what do you– – Oh! My man McDreamy’s saying my line. Real doctors are comfortable
saying I don’t know. Because in reality, there’s
a lot we don’t know, and when cases get very complex, like this young girl
who’s otherwise healthy is having seizures and
then her heart’s stopping, it’s a very unusual
case, very, very unusual. – [Mr. Bryce] I want
someone else, a doctor who knows what they’re doing. You get me someone else,
someone better than you. – These types of conversations do happen. This is real life. People get very, very upset. It takes a lot of patience
to deal with these issues. I’ve seen doctors get mad and snap. What I do is if I feel like
I’m getting angry as well, I step away from the situation, let both parties cool
down, and then come back and explain calmly what we’re working on. Because if you just say we don’t know with no follow-up, it seems
like you’re not doing anything. But if you say, we don’t
know, but here’s what we think it might be and here’s what we’re working towards,
that’s a much better answer. – He’ll be fine, right? – Tony’s gonna sail through. You have nothing to worry about, promise. – Patients need reassurance. You need to give honest reassurance without over-promising them results. – [Meredith] What are you doing? – I’m suturing a banana with the vain hope that it wakes up my brain. (Mike laughs) – Suturing bananas, suturing pig’s feet is something very common that med students and interns do, so it is true. – She’s gonna die if I don’t make a diagnosis, which is where you come in. I can’t do it alone. I need your extra minds, extra eyes. – (chuckles) This is very dramatic. Every day, we have
meetings known as rounds where we sit around a table like this, we present a complicated patient, we give the history, we give the physical, we give the test results,
and we all brainstorm ideas of what it could be, how
we would approach the case. And it’s very good practice, even if we already know the outcome. But sometimes we don’t know the outcome and we are brainstorming
like he said here. But it’s not this dramatic. – You can’t comment, make a
face, or react in any way. (playful music) We had sex. – Bum bum bum. – Katie competes in beauty pageants. – I know that, but we have
to save her life anyway. – Okay, she has no
headaches, no neck pain. Her CT is clean. There’s no medical proof of an aneurysm. – First of all, this is
known as a HIPAA violation. They’re basically talking
about a patient’s case, using her name in front of other people who are not involved in her case. And that is strictly against the law. They could get sued for
millions of dollars, and rightfully so, because you shouldn’t be discussing patient
information in elevators. In fact, in most hospitals, you’ll see a sign in the elevator that says, please don’t discuss patient information. – Wow, that was quick. – His heart had too much
damage to give him a bypass. (“Life Is Short” by Butterfly Boucher) I had to let him go. It happens rarely, but it does happen. The worst part of the game. – Ooh, and he gave that
promise to the family saying that he’s definitely gonna make it. – Tony’s heart had a lot of damage. – You don’t do this type of conversation in an open setting like this. You invite the family
into a counseling room. You explain what happened. But you don’t do it out
in the open like this ’cause this is just gonna end badly. – You shouldn’t let the
fact that we had sex get in the way of you taking your shot. – Shouldn’t have had sex
period, Dr. Shepherd. – Name the common causes of post-op fever. – The five Ws, bruh. – Can anybody name the common
causes of post-op fever? – I don’t like this, says– – Wind, water, wound,
walking, wonder drugs. – Yeah, she got the five Ws!
– The five Ws. – How would you diagnose? – I hope she says CT scan–
– Spiral CT. – And not a VT scan–
– V/Q scan– – Or something.
– Provide O2, dose with Heparin, and
consult for an IVC filter. – No! She just gave all of the
options that you have in testing somebody for
a pulmonary embolism, as well as treatments that you may give to someone with a pulmonary embolism. – I’d know you anywhere. You’re the spitting image of your mother. Welcome to the game. (“Into the Fire” by Thirteen Senses) – Welcome to the game. I’ve never heard a doctor speak like that. Welcome to the game. ♪ Pull up from one extreme ♪ – You never wanna sleep on a stretcher as a resident because it’s bad luck. It basically says that you’re
gonna wind up on a stretcher. You have the on-call rooms. You have couches you can knock out on. So sleeping on a stretcher,
that’s just bad form. – I should go do this. (gentle music) – You should. – The romance is real. – I’ll see you around. – I thought McDreamy would have
a little more muscle on him. He kinda is looking a little frail there. (upbeat music) Boom, there you have it. My first Grey’s Anatomy
episode is in the books, and you were here to
experience it with me. All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised with this Grey’s Anatomy episode because I assumed it was gonna be just way more loving and sex and that’s what the whole show was gonna be about. And in reality, it did take a deep dive into how a resident feels
and what their work is like. So I thought that was pretty
good, and it surprised me. Medical accuracy obviously weak. But I don’t think most
people watch Grey’s Anatomy ’cause they wanna become doctors and they wanna learn about the human body. I think it’s an entertainment
show first and foremost, and I think it does a great job at that. I told you if you got my
Real Doctor vs TV Doctor video to 10,000 likes,
I would watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and I did as promised. So, now if you want me
to watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, one of your
favorites, or The Good Doctor or House, leave it down
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content I can constantly create. As always, stay happy and healthy. (relaxing music)

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