Purse Organization Ideas – What’s in My Bag {2018}

Purse Organization Ideas – What’s in My Bag {2018}

Hi Lovelies! It’s me, Simply Cherie, helping you make home and entertaining simple. If you’re new to this channel and you like
organizing, decluttering, and home entertaining videos, please consider
subscribing. That’s what I do on this channel. In this video, I’m going to show you
how I’ve organized my purse. So my lifestyle is I work from home I bring my
daughter to and from school I run errands for my job for my husband’s
business and for our household so when I’m organizing my purse or any type of
bag I think about the things that I need throughout the day and try to make it as
minimal as possible this is the purse that I have been using for the past few
months I’ve actually had it for several years now the thing I love the most
about this purse is that it keeps its shape we just carried too much stuff in
our first that we don’t need I don’t have to be prepared for everybody I
don’t have to be prepared for every major disaster so for you what do you
need to bring are you a sales rep and you travel a lot for work so what do you
need in your purse separate from what you need to organize for your work stuff
if you are like taxi mom what do you need in there separate from how you need
to organize your car see we try to put everything in our purses what I used to
do and then from there you can determine the size purse that you need one of the
things you will always see on my purse or my bags is a clip-on hand sanitizer
you get this from Bath & Body Works they have a great sale every end of the year
it’s not matchy-matchy but it all fits in there it’s very functional for me
when you’re organizing your purse just like in any area of your home don’t run
out and buy a bunch of bins and containers in this case makeup bag
sunglass cases whatever you have to declutter first then you have to think
of your function what am I using my purse for and then you will know what
essentials to keep in there then from there you can give the little cute bags
and you know sunglass case etc and I’m going
to show you this purse organizer that I am actually loving this is what the
purse organizer looks like and I’m going to put the link for this product in the
description box below and just not about any video I put up here I’ll put
products in the description box so that you can see if it’s something that you
would like and would work for you okay so if this doesn’t work for you there
are all different kinds of purse organizers that may work for you or you
may not want to first organizer maybe you just want little bags that’s
absolutely fine again it’s about your purse how it functions for you and what
you do on a daily basis so it’s felt and that was the number one reason I picked
this one because of the material it doesn’t have this handle here this kind
of gets in the way when it’s in the purse so I just tuck it in there like
that and then this side doesn’t fully tuck in because it has a seam right
there so I just leave it like that there’s two pockets here pocket there
pocket pocket pockets pocket larger pocket larger pocket and then the big
space here and this is what I love a space for my water bottle okay I live in
Arizona I always have to have water with me year-round especially in the summer
guys it is hot so it fits right in there like that it’s got this cover that you
can open up it’s Auto seal if you can’t just drink from there you have to press
this button and to drink so I just press it with my
finger back there drink and then you can cover it and then
it has this handle and you can hold it like that or you can press down and it
locks in place this really is a great water bottle and I’ve been through so
many water bottles then I have my little pill bottle I just closed it with a hair
tie so I have an emergency hair ties needed and it just opens like that and
it has the labels for what the pills are that goes in their small tissue gum and
then right behind it is this high glass holder you can get at the pharmacy or
other store and that’s where I can put my gum wrapper or little bits of paper
you just throw it in there and then I can close it and then I can empty it out
at the end of the day end of the week just more make sure that it’s emptied
out regularly you can also get the sunglass case that you just press it in
it opens like that so that just goes behind where the gum is in this pocket
in this pocket I will keep my powder with the opening
on top in the middle pocket here I have my EOS 24 hour lipstick and lip gloss
eyebrow brush this brand is pure minerals and then I do have lash
extensions so it’s just a lash brush and when you have eyelash extensions you
really need a brush so in the pocket next to that I have a set of earphones
and then I have a pen and this is the Cynthia Rowley pen at Staples yes I wear
eyeglasses now and then I have my sunglasses I’ve had this for a few years
it looks like that in the sunglass case I like to have this white that’s
specifically for glasses you don’t need a spray you just use
as a light when you can put your cell phone in that sunglass case and it holds
it up the reason I need that first stand is because I don’t have a pop socket
because I’d rather have a mirror here so this has now become my to go period kit
and I like the size I only bring this when I’m on my period so the first thing
I want to show you is that I switch to reusable napkins and it opens like that
I’ll put a link for this because this is an awesome product it holds a lot and you just hand wash it and it snaps like
that so you don’t actually have to have a bag however I do keep a small snack
size ziploc bag in here with a dryer sheet just to keep it smelling fresh I
could put an extra underwear in here I could put it inside just it lock down the new one right and when I am going to
be gone a long time out of the house I do bring a disposable one because it’s
you know if I need more than one I have a disposable one that I can let go of or
throw in the trash and this one I would bring home to wash I have extra tissue
need that and then I have these feminine wipes that I think are perfect for those
days you can just grab this from your purse you don’t have to take your whole
purse example you’re at work you’re at your desk and you just want to grab this
and go or if you’re bringing your whole purse you can hang your purse and then
you can just grab this out of your purse and work from there instead of rummaging
through your purse this is my wallet it’s to hurry I think I got this from
Ross and I always like a wallet with a wristlet there when I need to bring that
that goes there and then my wallet we’ll go in here that is how this purse
organizer works for me and the essentials that I need for my day-to-day
purse and again if I want to move it to a different purse I just grab this whole
thing and I can put it into another one then for my keys I have this key purse
that I’ve had forever and I like to put it in this open slot here so it hangs
there and then the key just drops in that opening this person organizer is
the media they have a smaller one and a larger one the smaller one does not have
this part here for a water bottle that’s why I got the media I hope you enjoyed
this video please leave a comment and let me know what is your must-have
essential in your purse and I will see you in the next one bye

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  15. Hello!! I just subscribed after watching your video. I love it because not only do you explain about your bag in detail without naming brands for kickbacks (which is fine as long as you're honest but some Youtubers come off as fake), you said to think of the function of your bag before buying it, which makes sense. So many women buy bags for the brand or even the hell of it & it's not fictional. I try to work with what I have. Before I was gifted a bag organizer for my birthday last month, I used my Ipsy makeup bags to store my little items so they didn't get lost in the catacombs of my purse. Now I use one to keep my lipsticks together, one for my period bag like you do & one for my medication (yay migraine life!!).

    I work in healthcare but I transitioned from a book bag to a purse once I shifted from clinical care & a purse organizer is a lifesaver, especially since work bags don't always have pockets & compartments!

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