Protea Abilities, New Events & Unit, Corpus Update, Scaling Excavators & Devstream 138 (Warframe)

Protea Abilities, New Events & Unit, Corpus Update, Scaling Excavators & Devstream 138 (Warframe)

Welcome to Last Week in Warframe, A series
where I keep you updated on the past week in Warframe by compiling all news, announcements
and general posts by the Developers from the Forums, Reddit, Twitter and even their livestreams. Timestamps to each topic as well as their
sources are in the description, so without further ado let’s go over DE’s announcements
and news from the 3rd to the 23th of February. To start this episode off we have Devstream
138 which focussed on the sound team. It’s very interesting stuff and if you want
to listen to how they make the sounds for the game, the Devstream video is linked in
the description. The first thing they announced was the lovely
date of Tennocon. Its on the 11th of July. Woooh. Primed Chamber will be available at the Tennocon
relay after its addition to the Baro Ki”Teer shop recently. Coming next to Warframe will be Operation
Scarlet Spear and as it states on the screen. Tenno Squads in railjacks and on the ground
must link up their operations to quell the invasion.
Operation Scarlet Spear will have a new relay like headquarters to start the missions and
yes that does say Operation Link & as they previously mentioned on Devstream 137. Squad link
is planned.
A new sentient weapon that we’ll acquire will be a part of operation scarlet spear
and they showed that on stream as you can see. Aiming down sights will make it automatic
and hip firing will need to be held down as it’ll become a beam weapon.
The previously shown Moa will be coming to fortuna with scarlet spear as well A new fighter that they showed off will also
be a part of scarlet spear. Separate from Operation Scarlet Spear will
be the Deadlock Protocol, The corpus are attempting a resurrection, uncover the secrets about
their founder and end their plans with the new Warframe Protea, in the Corpus Ship Remaster. This update will bring Corpus Content like
the Radiation Beam weapon.
Coming with Deadlock protocol will also have a Corpus Gunblade as shown And alongside sound they showed off a bit
of the corpus ship tilset. As for Protea, they showed off the in game
effects & sounds for each of her abilities. The sound team shared that they’re trying
to improve sound indications of your health state but the difficulty of doing so is determining
the priority of your status. They also showed off a new work in progress
sentient and I’ll play it for you now to finish up the Devstream 138 segment. The Next round of Tennogen that being Round
18 has been announced but currently has no release date. The round will include the Baruuk Bedouin
Skin, Garuda Tiamat Skin, Ivara Graxx, Ivara Zamariu, Oberon Youkai Skin, Wisp Delusion
Skin, The Garuda Sakhura Helmet, Heavy Blade Mizar, Heavy Blade Suprema, Polearm Ion, Polearm
Jotunheim, Tow Handed Nikana Arashi skin, the Armalyst Syandana, The Sethar Syandana,
Zamariu Syandana, Eucyon Chest Armor, Seraphim Chest Armor & the Sclera Oculus. [2] –
Tennogen Round 18 Announced – Showcase Update 27.1 launched on the 4th of Feb with
Kuva Lich changes, such as buffing converted kuva liches, removing the liches ability to
kill you on a failed parazon stab, the ability to see what Kuva Weapon your lich will have
when hunting larvlings by an icon above their head, which also allows you to skip that weapon
by continuing with the mission and not executing it. Valence Transfer was changed to Valence Fusion
where any stat rolled kuva weapon of the same type can be used to upgrade the stats of your
main kuva weapon of that type and it also introduced the Kuva Bramma, Kuva Nukor & Kuva
Hind. The parazon modding screen now showcases previous
attempts, the chance for a lich to generate with an ephemera is 20% and numerous fixes
were made. Ivara now has a leverian exhibit & her deluxe
skin can be purchased in game for platinum. 4 new augment mods were added, two for Baruuk,
1 for Garuda and the last one for Hildryn. There’s an image on screen that shows which
syndicates you can acquire them from. More fixes were made but there’s a card
on screen, a link in the description to my coverage of that update if you want to know
it all. [3] –
Empyrean: Kuva Lich Changes 27.1.0 + It’s also important to note that Update
27.1 launched on each console, that being xbox one, playstation & Nintendo switch but
they also received Tennogen Bundle 44, that includes the Jotunheim Syandana, Ivara Kuvael
Huntress Skin, Loki Jotunheim Skin, Saryn Ion skin, Frost Hisame Skin & the Jotunheim
Spirit Oculus. The patch notes for the console update can
be found in the description. For Nintendo switch players there is also
a link down there that will take you to a forum post about Motion Control options and
a default binding change. [4] –
Console Warframe Update 27.1 XB1 Empyrean: Railjack + Kuva Lich Changes
Update 27.1.0
PS4 Empyrean: Railjack + Kuva Lich Changes Update 27.1.0 SWITCH Empyrean: Railjack + Kuva Lich Changes
Update 27.1.0
(Switch) New Motion Controls Option and Default Binding Change On top of the release of that update, DE released
a feedback thread for the Kuva Lich changes that were made. If you wish to share your feedback. Also in regards to the Kuva Bramma DE Marcus
had stated on twitter that we can expect something to negate the self-damage in the future and
since Cautious shot doesn’t work on bows, we can expect a bow specific mod. Rebecca did chime in and say it cautious shot
can’t work as a default passive for all weapons due to parent child setup of all mods,
and that it would lead to other issues. So bows will be getting its own. [5] –
Update 27.1 Feedback Thread & DE Marcus on Bow Specific Cautious Shot Mod Hotfix 27.1.1 also went live during this period
and it launched the Prime Vault with Nekros prime & Oberon prime on all platforms plus
it expanded the Nightwave Intermission tier ranks to 90. Hotfix 27.1.2 launched later and now players
can get the same weapon back to back from a lich. They brought back this previous addition because
now players can see what weapon they can get and can choose to skip it. This hotfix alongside Lich fixes, tweaked
the toxic ancient’s area of effect blast effect timing so that it is now visible before
any actual damage occurs. [6] –
Empyrean: Prime Vault 27.1.1 Empyrean: Prime Vault 27.1.2 – Kuva Lich
Changes & Fixes Next up on the recap, Rebecca released Why
do DE UI like we UI part 2 and as with the previous coverage of this developer workshop
I’ll like you to the full video on it so you know everything they said. A card can be found on screen & clicking that
will take you right to it or the link in the description. [7] –
Why Do We UI Like We UI: Part II? – Developer Workshop Video: Rebecca had also responded to a forum post
asking for enemies marked for a parzon stab to go into a down but not out state like thralls
and if not parazon stabbed they will be killed in 2 to 3 seconds. Rebecca’s response was. This is common feedback that will change the
pace of lethality to a degree, but I am super interested to compile a consensus on this. [8] –
Rebecca on expanding Parazon Kills to make enemies enter a Down but not out state. On Reddit Rebecca said that scaling excavators
was internally discussed on the 30th January this year and was added to the to do list. Later Scott tweeted that scaling excavators
will be coming in the next mainline. [9] –
Scaling Excavators coming soon Scott also on Twitter in reply to someone
asking about his stance on Fan Concepts, said Stay Tuned, Might be something coming up that
might work for you. So whether that’s a contest or not, we don’t
know yet but if you have a few of your own thoughts, keep an ear out. [10] –
Fan Concept Contest Maybe? By DE Scott On Twitter DE Pablo shared that they’ll
be adding next mainline the ability to see which Railjack part is equipped where and
a hover comparison between two items. [11] –
DE Pablo shares upcoming Mainline UI improvements Again on reddit, Rebecca created a post celebrating
the Subreddit hitting 400,000 subscribers with the on screen clips of her spawning 400,000
clems that crashed the game. [12] –
DE Rebecca spawns 400,000 clems in the simulacrum The winners of the Space Shanty contest were
announced on primetime 278 and the lyrics winners are displayed on screen now. And the recording winners are displayed on
the screen now. In Primetime 279 they announced the winners
for the Love is in the Arrow contest and the winners are up on your screen now. [13] –
Contest Winners: Space Shanty & Love is in the Arrow contest:
Space Shanty: Lover is in the Arrow: The Acolytes & the Valentines items had also
returned during this period but they have since departed. [14] –
Come & Gone events: Heart of Ordis (Valentines) & Acolytes return. A new prime Sigil has been released but only
for players who have twitch prime. It’s titled the Static Reactor Sigil. [15] –
Static Reactor Sigil – Twitch Prime Lastly DE George shared that they have been
working on an addition to the master mix of Warframe. He shared they now have a compressor, limiter
& clipper on the output. As for what that means, the game will sound
tighter, punchier, more focused and more in control. And I’ll play the clip before finishing the episode.

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