Promo – Creating Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) with iBooks Author and Book Creator

– Hello I’m Luis Perez, an Inclusive Learning Consultant based in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida and I want to invite you to a webinar focusing on accessible
educational materials. This webinar will take
place on October 12th from 3:30-4:30 PM Eastern Time. It is brought to you by
the Center on Technology and Disability on the
web at For much of the history of education, print has been the primary
means of presenting information and disseminating knowledge. The problem with print is that it’s fixed and this fixed nature
of the medium can put some learners at a disadvantage. If a student is blind we may have to wait for an audio or braille version of the book to become available which can take some time. Likewise, if a student has low vision a separate large-print version of the book has to be created. And again, this can take some time. Fortunately a new
generation of digital books can be built with
flexibility and accessibility from the start. With these books a student who is blind can turn on a screen
reader to have the content read aloud or access
the same book in braille with the help of a
wireless braille display. A student with low vision
can adjust the text size with the tap of a button, and one who has dyslexia
can turn on text-to-speech to hear the text read aloud
with word highlighting. In this webinar you will learn about some of the accessibility features
of the iPad that provide access to learners with a
variety of special needs, including Speak Selection and Speak Screen for text-to-speech,
VoiceOver for those who need a screen reader, and Switch
Control for switch access. You will learn how to
create accessible books that are compatible with
these accessibility features, first by using the Book Creator app that is available for
iOS, Android, and Windows, and then by using the free
iBooks Author software for the Mac which allows
you to create books with interactive widgets
such as embedded videos, photo galleries, reviews, and more. A number of examples of books created by learners with
disabilities will be shared to inspire you and to show
you that accessibility doesn’t have to be boring
or lacking in visual appeal. I hope you’ll join us
for this webinar focusing on accessible instructional materials that you can create
yourself to make learning more accessible and fun
for all of your learners. To sign up for the webinar
visit the following address on the CTD website, (gentle electronic music)

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