Prof. Katrina Merkies (improving horse management and welfare)

[music] My research program
involves horses. Anything to do with
behaviour, welfare, management, training.
And it’s important because horses are
a part of many people’s lives and
knowing how to interact with them
and how to provide the best welfare is a
really important topic. Currently I’m doing a
research project in looking at horse-human
interaction, particularly dealing with horses
that we use in equine assisted
therapy programs. And this is a really
hot topic because equine assisted
therapy is becoming more and more popular
and while we can certainly see the
benefits that happen to the humans that
interact with the horses, there’s very little
research that’s being done on the impact on
the horses themselves. So we’re looking at
how horses respond and react to
these programs and being used in
these programs. [music]

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