Prison Kids Juvenile Justice in America Full Documentary

Prison Kids  Juvenile Justice in America   Full Documentary

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  1. This video is heart breaking because we lock up children just because of minor offenses. This policy is discrimination to special need black children. I pray that this system will change so we don’t lock up minors and instead rehabilitate and get access to proper education.

  2. I️ thought that this was a great video to show the struggles that minorities go through. From this video I️ retained more information about solitary confinement, and about the additional help that these individuals actually need to improve their behavior. The youth who are sent to jail for small to mild crimes are actually returning to society worse than behavior. This should be a wake up call for authorities that they’re current methods are actually damaging these children even more. But the actual question is, if they see the way these disciplinary actions are negatively impacting the youth then why don’t they alter there methods?

  3. I think that it's really intereting that Zion was misdiagnosed before. A child from a higher income family likely would have access to better healthcare and doctors, who could have diagnosed him correctly at the beginning, so he could get proper treatment and not even have to go to another school. Lower income children need to get the same quality of treatment to help change this problem.

  4. I definitely agree that arresting such a large number of children for minor infractions worsens the problem instead of solving it. America is the leading country for the number of people incarcerated, yet our crime rates haven't decreased. People in this documentary like Brian and Savannah have a lot of potential , but because they are charged for minor infractions, they lose opportunities and have higher chances to go back in jail.

  5. This was a fascinating documentary about the mass incarceration of minority juveniles. This school to prison pipeline directly targets the most vulnerable citizens of society: minorities, the disabled, and children. As someone who lives in a fairly affluent neighborhood, it is easy to forget the problems that plague lower income communities. We need to come together as society to have legislative and socio cultural changes. Our representatives in government have a responsibility to fight for legislation that protects children from unnecessary solitary confinement, imprisonment for petty crimes, and the establishment of re-assimilation programs. Communities need to come together to help incarcerated children integrate back into society and become fully functioning adults

  6. The whole documentary is regarding kids and how the juvenile system treats them. What I find interesting is that these kids are being talked and showed off to the world yet there seems to be a high rate of incarcerated juveniles. In the documentary it is said that they believe the difference between kids is that “they are teachable”. How can you teach someone that does not know anything but four prison walls and the ins and out of prison and then throw them back into society. The rehabilitation of these kids is where I believe as people we fail. Most of these kids may feel as if there is no hope for them and that they only they are seen as are criminals. Personally, it does not matter the color of your skin or the age you are but I do believe children go off of what they are taught and what they see. As a society this just May our responsibility because these children are the face of the future.

  7. The documentary does a nice job depicting the flaws of the strict juvenile detention setup and how it creates a cycle of being in and out of prison for many teens. It illustrates how this system is more about punishment than rehabilitation which is a main source of the issue of juvenile crime. Instead of solitary confinement, there should be more emphasis on schoolwork and trade-school-esque education. Many young adults are being put in prison and do not see a way out of the system which causes them to lose hope and resort to street life instead of higher education. There need to be changes to this process to implement more preparatory programs so that when these teens do come out of jail, they can easily adjust to the real world and become useful members of society.

  8. There put me in special education just because I am very slow. Because I was reading 2nd reading level in high school there told me I have adhd I am almost 27 and I have no job My special education teachers I really have nothing no education there rejecti me in college because I had a 2nd reading level i blame my teachers and i blame my fucking adhd

  9. If children can be arrested at age 7 in america, america is an officially fucked up country. Mind you my country of Israel is also somewhat fucked up because they lock children in military detention.

  10. I remember watching this in my 10th grade year in English class

  11. Just saw it in class anyone wanna help me write an essay about this?

  12. I have watched NDE videos and in hell you have no contact with other are tormented by demons

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  14. Fools at the top are creating criminals at the bottom and no one is addressing it head on or speaking out against it. When black parents and other people of color were allowed to raise their children, disciplining them when necessary and yes, yes spankings was a part of that, this madness which we are seeing today was not an issue at all. It was a white folks issue but black kids knew better. Now, children who once respected and obeyed their parents, mainly blacks and others are being set up to fail, because of white fear, and greater greed. Do not think for a moment that the white Devils who have orchestrated this decline in the black community have not created it with the specific purpose of destroying it. This is an ongoing way for them to continue to enslave us, and keep control of our lives in a death grip! Many of the people speaking in behalf of blacks and other people of color are most often white. When we consider history, is it surprising to realize that they have an agenda to make a profit off us? We are trapped in a system which they have created specifically to work for them and destroy us. This is going on around the world. It is not isolated and is happening everywhere people of color are living. Folks please wake up! All we are to them is an experiment. Using, incarceration, psychological – so-called therapy, whatever name they can think of to call it. We are test tube samples for them. The once spanking of the hand or behind which did work to help our young folk stay out of trouble and alive has been banned and replaced with yet another one of their hellish creations which was never meant to help our people. Can I get an Amen?

  15. Anyone can see these young people need help and guidance. To lock them away is a temporary fix not addressing the problems, it's just a way to try to hide the problem.

  16. I was in a place in Buffalo NY and solitary confinement could last days or weeks depending on how you would act but the longer you where there the worse you got in an endless loop till something broke in you and before that the school would lock me in a timeout room all day with no windows or bathroom it was a closet with a lock and yes this type of punishment dose damage and after this and finally at 40 a doctor tested me and if my problems where treated my life would have been vary different but all the people in the system would not have been paid if I was treated because they knew my problems where easy to fix but didn't bother now ask yourself why well I know just like the prison system follow the money

  17. Zion aint even in middle school yet tf

  18. frist of all I didn’t have a good education in high school there put me in special education I did not learn anything in school they put me in special-education and it was like hell for me i reading level was like a 2nd grade He put me with the low disabled students Also if you’re not white in special education teachers treat you very bad this is what I notice special education teachers always target Do unit with Carlos and I shit you not I didn’t have a diploma they give me an Iep diploma and I really hate all of my fucking special education teacher hate me I don’t know is it because of my background or is it because of my disability which I have no control of it because are used to give them a hard time so what then why the fuck did they became special ed teachers they’re just doing it for the money my life is fuck up i am now 27 and there put me in special education for 14 years i hate this life you dont have any family in school School board if you don’t have any family or any friends in the superintendent discrete office all my life I was 20 like a little class citizen they put me in special education for 14 years since I was a child all the way until age of 21 I do believe my special ed teachers for failing me I know my English sucks but like I said before if you’re not white and special education teachers treat you very bad Ialways getting in troub in high school and none of my special education teacher help always getting into fights in high school I do feel your pain when you’re in special-education teacher just like shit they give us a useless piece of shit second grade worksheets which by the way I never did all I ever did was sleep watch movies watch the news play video games on the computer and even my art teacher told me go back to second-grade because I couldn’t read well he now works in the school for 15 years my special education teacher has been a teacher at that school for 18 years I am not doing anything in my life I tried to get my GED but the motherfuckers at the disability service center say no. I know failed the test I failed everything in my life I feel that my family fuck special education fuck everybody I just hated my life how they put me in special ed and not teaching me anything all we ever did the special ed was go Christmas shopping and volunteering I have been doing volunteering for 10 years in high school fuck system I pray to God every day I hope my special education teacher gets into a big car accident and dies The school system with against me because of my background and they put me in special ed because I do not understand why do they hate special education students with colors and they love whites doing it I have witnessed so many time at whites doing it’s all getting so much trouble and special education teacher goes in the phantom but if you are a college student you get a deep trouble all I’m gonna say is this if you’re not part of any group or any football team in high school then you are fucked you have no life after high school I was never part of that shitty life fuck society and fuck special-education I have multiple disability I have a reading problem Fuck society fuck everyone and feel them in my life ever want to keep on telling me I’m nothing but a troublemaker seriously I hope special education lose all the money


  20. First of all, we have to understand the reason. why this child is doing what he is doing. and then we have to treat those reasons to our best of our abilities. For example, john keeps getting stomach problems. he dont know why this happen. so he went to the doctor to check why his stomach hurts. and he found out that his stomach start to hurt when get really angry. thats the golden key! now we know why his stomach hurts, and our job is to eliminate the source that is causing the problem ( which is the emotional problem). john have to find ways to eliminate his stress. Some of the ways are, yoga, lifting weights, maybe spending time in sports, or even just sitting outside with some friends. always look for the root source of the problem and try to cut that root.

  21. One thing all this kids have in common, no father in the home. I wonder if the women lib groups fell good about themselves, destroying families.

  22. These children need counseling and rehabilitation not this. Many sadly are criminals in the making bc from the beginning society is shaping them in that direction

  23. anxiety attacks dont make you throw shit like that lmfaooo

  24. this is very ridiculous, how can people try kids as crime.

  25. Kids and young teenagers need to respect and learn to be more nicer to there parents and listen to them and not act up and do stupid things then they won't be in juvenile live and learn is what I always say 😐

  26. I just love Zion!!! His prayer to God was just precious and I know God heard him and will help him!!! And God bless those who cares for Zion show them what to do for Zion he it seems he is so full of love!!!

  27. I spent 5 years locked up in the juvenile system. there was nothing but antagonist staff setting up for failure. there was no help! was told nearly every day I was just going to be an adult convict..I am not!

  28. I find it AWFUL interesting that this INCREDIBLY EYEOPENING documentary is being interrupted by commercials advertising for digital gaming advocating VIOLENCE! At least these are the commercials showing as I watch the documentary this morning! Youtube/Google, you need to fix this.

  29. Yet another black dude thinks he's going to be a MC.

  30. American culture. Breakdown of the family unit. Breakdown of the family is the breakdown of society. Indoctrination of sexual licence , a mad gun culture that puts weapons in the hands of children then sends them to jail for life in a system that sends children to adult courts. A broken down society

  31. He deserved to die

  32. Has Russel met kids in idk africa? They rob and steal at will.

  33. im prob gonna end up there :/

  34. whos here from the PVCC criminology course?

  35. American prison system is way too strict no common sence

  36. the reason kids today are do bad it's because of the laws here a parent can't spank a child when he or she needs it because the parents are afraid of being arrested. I say G/D the laws

  37. When Zion kicked the teacher why didn't his mother do anything about it? is she just going to let the school handle it or what? that kid needs help get it before he ends up in juvie!

  38. Look what solitary confinement does to adults. think of the effect it has on children. i think Solitary confinement should be abolished

  39. Where is Zion's father?

  40. Could these kids not take prescription drugs, but teach kids based on their learning skills? These poor kids I feel so bad for them

  41. If these kids did something wrong, they deserve to be punished. How do you people not see this?

  42. Woah, a kid was locked up for six days for throwing skittles at another boy… That's messed up, I don't care if it was a night or a year, all he should got was a slap on the back of the hand


  44. This video!!.. this video!!.. it's sooo heartbreaking and heartwrenching!!💔💔😢😢 I been working my ass of in college the past 4 years to finally graduate with my Associates' in Arts just so I can work with today's youth! I'm actually writing this comment in tears thinking of how my own story and watching these youths being given up on and thrown to the side!.. I pray every night that this degree will open the door for me to be employed at a group home for troubled youths, or a peer youth support!! I've always wanted to be a high school guidance counselor to guide high school students in the right direction!! But my heart truly wants to help the troubled youth in my area and my state of North Carolina!! My father has always been a woman abusing addict, but I was blessed with a father figure who's been in my life 27 years (I'm 31 at the moment) who has saved the lives of so many youths from just being their for them to extensive work at group homes!! I hope to take what I observed watching him all these years and take it to the next level! The youth are the foundation to creating a better society!!

  45. Almost all criminals, adult or juvenile, have mental issues, that does not justify harming their victims.

  46. I don't think anyone can watch this and still claim America to be the best country in the world…. It's been proven time after time after time that locking kids up DOESN'T work and yet they still do it…

  47. It’s crazy how the decline of discipline correlates with the rise of juvenile criminal activity. I could see the bias in the video from its outset, but there is a ring of truth to it. Society has been in decline, and morals have been shoved to the side to make way for a CHILD’S “freedoms”. If you remove the ability for a parent to raise their child appropriately, then the government will seek alternatives.

  48. this lady better get the hell out of florida! he is a baby! this is crazy!

  49. Please don't believe the hype these kids are fucked up I spent my whole teenage years locked up .. why because I was a fuck up and didint care no amount of counseling therapy or talking to me would help I did what I did because I wanted to .. I stopped getting in trouble because I wanted to don't feel sorry for these fuckers they get in trouble because they want to some will change some are destined to be in prison and that's that .. fuck these little bastards you can fell sorry for them if you want but that will change when they show up at your home in the middle of the night .. but don't worry when they show up just give them a hug tell them you love them … than give them you car keys if not your fucken dead .. and that's 💯..

  50. Break that cycle already this been going on for centuries. Fuck up anybody mind up in that facility 😒😒

  51. He was a thug… There kids are hopeless.

  52. This breaks my heart to see. Prisons aren't made to rehabilitate, they take a kid in for a very minor offense, yet they've now learned how to do major offenses from the "old convicts". These kids are being set up to fail, and fail miserably at that. You can't punish a 13-year-old the same as you can an 18-year-old for the same crime, with the exception of murder, and even then there have to be major differences in the treatment of them. America, we have GOT to do better than this.

  53. America is fuckin disgusting. Everyone says oh america is sooo great. Its only great if you have money. America is a authoritarian country disguised as a democracy. We lock up more people than any other country. China is a authoratarian country with 4 times the population than america and we still lock up more people than china. CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM!!!

  54. I went to high school with Aisha… if u read this, just remember the benches outside at lunch and remember the kid with the glasses who was the most outspoken 1 there… lol.

  55. What is the timestamp there they talk about the Skittles incident

  56. How does a first grader get suspended?

  57. They deserve everything they got. Absolutely everything. If they commit crimes they should be held accountable.

  58. So, if you want to get a good schooling, you should be a prisoner first 41:42

  59. Kids are in prison for skipping school, missing curfew or running away from home! Christ how can anyone think that country is free? Apparently in San Diego it’s illegal for people under 18 to be out after 10pm! Where’s the 2nd amendment people in this!

  60. I never went to prison. But I went to a residential treatment center, that was just as bad. I was put on communication block with everyone and I wasn't allowed to get off my mattress that they put in the middle of the living room. I was supposed to sit their 24/7 with nothing to do, and no-one to talk too. How is this supposed to help a kid with depression? Limiting basic human rights is never going to help a kid! Tough love is just an excuse to abuse kids. How do they expect kids to act after that?

    That Pine Ridge Academy school looks amazing! It is a great example of how to help a kid! With love and respect! Zion seems like such a sweet and bright kid! I wish him and all of these kids the best!

  61. Well, when I was in 3rd grade, I bit by teacher AKA: Asalted my teacher

  62. The boy at the start couldn’t really handle the way he acts, and that’s real messed up

  63. So I'm about 10 mins into this, my son who inherited adhd from me and has struggled his whole life with it is sitting in a youth Development center in North Carolina, he went in at at 14 Because he ran from some other teams they tried to put him on handed up getting locked up in the highest level of security For minors,told him he had to earn his way out or age out he is 3 months from being 18. And from what I can see and what he has said none of them earn their way out. He had gotten quiet a bit of trouble leading up to all of this but all minor misdemeanor offenses things alot boys do but aren’t caught , Crimes an adult would only do months for , The kid was acting out trying to fit in after below picked on all his life for being different, not that that is an excuse for his behavior, He needed a reality check but he did not by any means deserve Give me locked up until he was 18, his Older siblings who are in college while he sits in jail , His little sister 5 When he went and now 9, his dad died 6 months ago He wasn’t able to attend private where he was in able shackles and As hard as it is on my part surrounded by their brothers and sisters and family is dealing with this all alone I am so ready for my boy to come home and also terrified of what’s to come, I still witnessed the same behaviors I witnessed before he went, There is no Rehabilitation at all where he is at , and I’m afraid he’s worse off now having basically had to grow up there , He left a chubby,short kid With a high pitched voice, Now he is a foot taller than me and sounds like a man but sadly jail is nowhere for a kid to grow up, there is Got to be a better option for our children. Thank you for making this I don’t think people realize how often this happens now if I can not cryI’m Going to try to finish watching:(

  64. Yea ofcourse you don't help these kids cause you want them too keep coming back to pay…..It pays the ada lawyers judge COs

  65. Not gonna tell us the crimes !? Nope. Bias from the start

  66. Why did she have to mention that they were black or brown!?
    Racist little bitch!

  67. Im akid I want to go here

  68. blaming it on the system is stupid and will bring no solution. 30% of the juvenile population in detention centers are there because of serious sexual offenses, an additional 30% for serious crimes against people, i.e., armed robbery, murder and so on. You can't let those out in the streets. blaming that on the system is stupid.

  69. The first kid Zion. I doubt the school is in compliance with the law. It's very common. He needs to be tested for learning disabilities or for ADHD (504 plan) and anxieties affecting his ability to learn. If he has one of those (if not test him) then they need to do a behavioral analysis to determine what the reasons are for the behavior and come up with a plan. They are just using suspension instead. This is why they says schools are the pipeline to prison.



  72. I remember I first started getting in trouble in 1st grade I would get suspended and all the other bad stuff I still get in trouble

  73. Pure B S ! 7 years old, and she brushing his teeth, had enough of this bullshit

  74. These are some of the reasons why I am going through school to work with juveniles in the criminal justice system. There needs to be some changes to improve the future for our children and their children.

  75. It’s messed up that black children get locked up charged and sentenced for stuff they never did with evidence to prove they didn’t do it yet still convicted and so far no one cares or cares to do there job according to the constitution and law the public servants do what they want depending on that persons integrity.

  76. Only 7 and has a permanent record? Wtf 😒😒

  77. 'US lock up more children than every other DEVELOPED country'
    Thats the point: You americans are the only ones on earth who think that you are a developed country^^

  78. Seven years old and can’t brush his own teeth my 3-year-old daughter brushes her teeth and and cleans her own ass wow

  79. What do these have in common?

  80. best line in this whole doc i believe was, 'to make sure a kids life isn't a life wasted.' now if only that could be true for everyone.

  81. Rapes a little girl, "hes just a kid"

  82. Zion needs his first belt across his arse. Where is his father? 🤔

  83. HAHA, I;m White!

  84. Notice how none of these kids have fathers. Ahem…

  85. I was brought up in a upper middle class white suburban family and I was sent to juvy two times when I was 16 for several months each time for skipping school. I even had counselors speak on my behalf saying the school system was not challenging me enough and due to my extremely high emotional intelligence, my style of learning is much different than what we offer in public schools. So looking back, the way they dealt with me is a reflection of our incarceration philosophy as a whole. It's not about rehabilitation or solving the issue, it's purely a slave work force mentality.

  86. Fuck da police✊🏿

  87. Fuck juvie fuck da mental institutions fuck da police fuck prison fuck jail an fuck da law✊🏿

  88. 600mg of Seroquel. How the fuck? I was prescribed 50mg per day for sleep and I was like a zombie. Plus I'm 6"2 and 245lbs. Giving a child 600mg is Mengele level medical malpractice

  89. Why do we europeans fight your wars , you are not a democraty US is an evil system only good for rich people

  90. American concentration camps for blacks they are humans like we shame on evil War loving US

  91. These kids have been transformed into being subhuman.

  92. This really hits home for me. At 14 I was lock up for Aggravated Assault did 5 years in jail. Now I’m 20 years old. Was just released last year in March. Instead on rehabilitating me the system just taught me how to become a better criminal. You have to understand when you are in jail, prison, or any type of detention facility no body will tell you “you should’ve have done that man” They’ll say “Well you should’ve done it like this so you didn’t get caught.” I deserved the time I was givin, but I just wish they at least taught me things that could’ve helped me when I got back into the free world. I had to find out for myself, but either way I’m still blessed to be out. I know have a job and I’m in the process of trying to create a business. For anyone reading this have a great day/night and God bless you

  93. Why is she brushing his teeth at 7 yrs old

  94. I hope this documentary spreads and gets so many more views. It’s such an important documentary and and sheds a light on the problems of the juvenile justice system. The rampant racism in the juvenile justice system is shameful. Arresting kids for asinine reasons like throwing Skittles at another kid or cussing is shameful; you’re basically arresting kids for acting like kids. Putting kids in solitary confinement is shameful. If the juvenile justice system actually cared about these kids and reducing crime rates, then they would focus more on prevention than punishment. Instead, the juvenile justice system is contributing to future crimes by not giving these kids the help they so desperately need. These kids weren’t born bad. The environment they have grown up in has greatly affected them and their decision making. They need help and just locking them up doesn’t help them.

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