Preview Eisenbahndrehkran EDK 750 in H0 1:87 von Roco – Interview auf Spielwarenmesse 2020

Preview Eisenbahndrehkran EDK 750 in H0 1:87 von Roco – Interview auf Spielwarenmesse 2020

Hello everybody! I am here on the
Toy fair in Nuremberg at the Roco stand and I´m watching now the
railway-twist-crane EDK 750 times more accurate up close – and for me at the Roco stand are Corentin Berges and Jens Köhler, who will explain the crane to me now
and will demonstrate it and I let me tell now, when the crane will be launched? It will be delivered in the 3rd quarter of this year! And in terms of price – what does it cost? 769.90 euros – both the ÖBB and DB versions. Does this mean that there are two variants of the German Federal Railroad and the Austrian model? Yes! And even though we have January now
it already works here – that is a prototype but already from the finished forms !? Exactly – the parts are all already from the finished shape – just as I said, the prototype all of the software has yet to be developed but we already have one
to show working model! Well, let’s have a look here now! It is based on the diorama here in a typical scene – in a typical loading scene track construction. Now let’s get closer – there is engine noise too!
(Engine sound heard – and horn sounds briefly) The model is self-driven with an engine The base is made of die-cast zinc and the top structure is made of plastic. The model is built from the right shapes even though it only comes on the market in autumn. And the scope of delivery also includes this crane protection wagon with supporting feet. The supports can be extended laterally. You have to extend them by hand. So that it can also lift larger loads from the side. The weight of the model is approximately 600 grams. The rope is now unhooked. Now we can take a look at the other functions of the EDK 750. It has a telescopic arm that retracts completely. At the beginning I forgot – it is a 1:87 scale H0 model for the non-model railroad fans you have to say that too. The prototype is still in use today
and it will be realized in two Roco colors in a
variant of the Deutsche Bundesbahn DB and in a variant of the Austrian
Bundesbahn ÖBB both as in reality. This is the crane protection vehicle. which is included in the scope of delivery. Now the crane hook has to be turned in the corresponding direction. Then the arm is extended a bit. That is the resting position now.
(Horn sounds briefly and engine noise switches off) Now briefly about the operation of the entire crane. There are different ones
Possibilities. On the one hand at the Z21 digital center here via tablet. Then there is a new user interface specifically is designed for the crane. I agree! There are joysticks in the display – similar to the original and can then be taxed through it
– Hook function, turn and then the crane boom. And then they came up with something special for the crane you can also operate it with a Playstation 4 controller. We have it here in the picture and there
we then also all functions, what do you do specifically with which key? You can extend and retract the boom with this lever. Raise and lower the crane boom. And here is the winch – raise and lower. And with this lever you can turn the crane. How is the controller of the PS4 connected to the Z21 digital center? How is the connection made? The connection is realized with a PC – via Bluetooth or cable. We have special software on the PC that is directly connected to the Z21 center. That means we will also can see the functions on the PC surface – what the crane can do. This is a relatively well thought out story, although the model will not be released until autumn. Both by tablet and by controller. And now let’s take a closer look – he drives a bit. In the final version, the controller can also be connected to the Z21 app via Bluetooth and then you don’t need a PC, you can control the whole thing via the app and the controller via Bluetooth. That means it is also controlled directly via the Z21 app on the tablet, which we will show briefly here – then connected to the controller via Bluetooth. Everything relatively well thought out and me
I’m looking forward to the crane comes sometime in autumn. Maybe I’ll do an unboxing video – just wait and see. And that’s it here
from the toy fair in Nuremberg with the EDK 750 railway-twist-crane
Roco company in scale 1 to 87 an absolute H0 highlight that I could have a look at here. And I enjoyed being able to show it here and me
thank you for the information! Thanks for your visit!

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  1. Tolles Modell, klasse Video 🚂👍🏻❤️

  2. Sehr tolle Information! Ich würde mich freuen, wenn es bald auch am besten von Märklin einen Eisenbahndrehkran der "DB" gibt.

  3. Hello. When are available this model?

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  5. Das ist ja der absolute hammer…krass.
    Da juckt es einem 57 jährigen richtig in den fingern mit diesem aufregenden teil zu spielen.

    Hut ab an Roco. Tolle idee. Ich hoffe für sie das dies ein selbstläufer wird…"daumen hoch"…
    PS: Danke für das tolle video.

  6. Danke für die Vorführung mit diesem Video. Die Produktion ist, wie man sehen konnte, bereits über die Entwicklungsphase hinaus. Ich freue mich schon auf die ÖBB Variante, bei Händler die Bestellung bereits hinterlegt. Ich hoffe er kann dann auch alle im Neuheitenkatalog angegebenen Funktionen dem der Preis ist Heiß!
    Gruß Mike 😎

  7. Ich habe mir die ÖBB-Variante schon vor zwei Wochen beim Fachhändler meines Vertrauens bestellt. Jetzt freue ich mich um so mehr darauf! Danke für dieses Video!

  8. Very nice video ……. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe 2020.

    All the best from Zagreb / Croatia

  9. Super Modell……..nur mega schade,das er nicht erst in der DR-Version raus kommt,was ja im original auch so war……. 🙁

  10. Schönes Modell. Mal gucken ob da auch eine Version für die CS3/Märklin kommt.

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  15. awesome , how do you use the ps 4 controller

  16. Also der Kran ist spitze. Bedienung und alles drumherum..
    Preis finde ich etwas hochgestochen. Wenn man bedenkt wieviel Menschen sich in der heutigen Zeit sowas leisten können. Da braucht man sich nicht unbedingt zu wundern das die Modellbahnscene erstirbt. Vor allem die jüngeren Menschen zeigen wenig Interesse. Wie sollen sie es auch zahlen egal in welcher Hinsicht. Und vor allem wie oft nutzt man ihn…… Wenn überhaupt.
    Letztendlich muss es jeder für sich entscheiden.

  17. Thank you for the English CC. German model railroaded get vary few English subtitle videos. And even less English modeling German railroads.

  18. Was für ein super Teil.

  19. Na das Filmchen werden ich doch glatt meiner Frau zeigen damit ich
    als Musiker mal Ruhe habe wenn ich mir die nächste Gitarre kaufe.
    Für eine schon ganz vernünftige Gitarre zahle ich 500 bis 600 € und
    weis aber dass die Kohle wieder eingespielt wird. Hier soll ich 700 €
    zahlen und weis genau dass die Kolhe weg ist. Nein danke. Das ist
    mir zu teuer.

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