Premiere Pro basics: How to import an effect preset + Unzip ,zip file

Premiere Pro basics: How to import an effect preset + Unzip ,zip file

[Music] Hello creative filmmakers,
thanks for watching Orange83. Daily, I receive a lot of Premiere Pro
related questions, but this one is by far
the most asked question. How do I import an effect preset
inside Premiere Pro? So, that’s why I decided to make
a short and dedicated video on this topic. It’s very simple, so
let’s get it started. First of all, if you download a preset, it will
most likely be inside a .zip container file, I also do this for most of my downloads. After downloading, you first
need to extract the files before you can do anything
with them inside Premiere Pro. Simply because Premiere
does not import the .zip files. In Windows 10 you can go to the
folder that contains the .zip file, right-click on the .zip file
and select Extract All. In the next window you can specify
the target directory and finish extracting. I’ve linked the step-by-step procedure
for Mac OS and other Windows versions in the video description. And after extracting the files we’re
ready to import inside Premiere. The file you need for importing inside
Premiere Pro is the .prfpset file. Yeah, Adobe made the file extension
short and simple. Thanks for that. Anyway, time to move over
to Premiere and import the presets. For that, we need to go
to the Effects Panel, Not the Project Panel, which is a common
mistake that a lot of people make. So, back to the Effects Panel, and then
we need to go to the Presets section, which you’ll find on top. You need to right-click on that line,
-not somewhere else in the panel- and then click Import Presets. This will open up a file explorer window
and there you need to navigate to the folder where you extracted the files. In my case, the D Drive
and the temp folder. In there you select the .prfpset file and then double-click on it
or click Open to import it. And after that, you can expand
the Preset bin, and you’ll find the imported preset
in the list. and that’s it. I really hope that this video
was useful and informative for you. If it helped you, I would really appreciate
a comment or a like on the video. That’s all for now, I hope to
see you back soon for more. See you next time on Orange83. [Music]

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