I can’t wait to graduate college so I
can start making some money. I’m definitely not gonna miss college. This
is what we tell ourselves when we are in college. Within one year of graduating, we
face post college depression. What are the symptoms of post college depression.
It’s going to a college party and being one of the oldest ones at our party by
at least three years. It’s scrolling through our phone or our
computer of past memories and then getting sad over it. It’s seeing everyone
else enjoying their break and spring break in college and we’re stuck at work
for 40 hours a week and then we feel like we’re missing out. I have gone
through post college depression. I know exactly how it feels like. When I
graduate I was motivated to make some money, take on the world,
kick some butt. Month after month, I started getting beat up. I figured out
that I have these responsibilities and expectations to live up to. Friday night
I was too tired to go out partying. Saturdays I had to run errands and then
Sunday I was mad at the whole world because I hadn’t work on Monday. Monday through Fridays I didn’t want to wake up. I counted every hour waiting until 5:00
p.m. rolls around so I could rush home, plop to my couch, grab a cold beer and
watch some TV, skipping the gym. Here’s the worst part, the friends I had still in
college would hit me up on a Tuesday or Wednesday during the day forgetting that
I was working, asking me what I was doing and asking if. I can hang out. Can you relate to this? I’m sure many of us can. The memories of
college are beautiful. It’s okay to reminisce about the good old times, what
it is not okay to do is rush home on a Wednesday night after work, grab a cold
beer, plop on the couch, put on the TV and ask yourself is this what life is really
about after college? Yes we have more
responsibilities, less free time but remember, life adventures has just begun.
Now we can go ahead and pursue our purpose and create an impact we have
always wanted to do. We’re going to have more money, which means we can travel and we can capture new experiences. Eventually down the road if we haven’t
already, we’re going to begin our new family. Post college depression is normal.
We should allow ourselves to go through it. We don’t realize it yet but we’re
searching deep inside of who we are as a person. What kind of work we like to do? Who do we like to hang out with? What are some
of our strengths and weaknesses? When we have all those answers, that’s when we
know our true identity. That’s where true happiness comes about. Yes we’re going to miss college but we’re going to love the life we have now. Life is beautiful after college so let’s take advantage of it. Thank you for
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  1. Hey, what's up, brother. I see here that you make videos on personal development. I think that's awesome bro. Keep doing your thing.

    With that being said, I also have a channel on personal growth and I would love to do a collaboration video with you for both of our channels.

    If you are interested, hmu and we will make it happen ASAP. Thanks!

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