Planted 29 Gallon Community Tank!

Planted 29 Gallon Community Tank!

what’s up everybody J here and welcome
back to The Planted Tank and today I’m just gonna show you guys my 29 gallon I
picked up a whole bunch of fish for it couldn’t find some of the ones that I
wanted but I think the tank looks great it’s a lot of activity and I think it’s
pretty much fully stocked at this point I don’t think I’m gonna be adding
anything more so anyways let’s go check it at home so as you can see I did add
quite a bit of fish to this tank I’m just gonna go over the fish list real
quick I have four neon tetras I have six Cardinal tetras nine Harlequin razz
borås one Bolivian ram six julie i cory catfish three honey gourami
who auto-sync les catfish i have six of the gold pencil fish in my opinion i
think this is is perfectly stocked they look absolutely amazing in here feeding
this tank is crazy they just all start swarming all over the place this is
really what I wanted from the beginning with this tank was just an awesome
looking community tank with a bunch of small fishing in I don’t know why but
I’m really starting to fall in love with like really small fish like celestial
pearl danios pencil fish especially the red pencil fish the red pencil fish are
absolutely beautiful if you haven’t seen them I put I put a picture of it on
screen right here for you just so you know what I’m talking about
my Bolivian ram is doing awesome as you can see from the last update video I did
just have two pieces of the anubius but split the one in half that was over here
that way I could have three of them for the rule of thirds as you can see the
contortion vowel on both sides is already starting to die back a little
bit I am noticing new growth so we’re good there by the way I am dosing this
tank with knee lock G’s Drive and I dose it every single day i dosed one
milliliter for this tank i doused half a mil for my to ten gallons every day and
then for my 20 gallon high i do one mil every day i believe that your your
plants are better off eating a small amount everyday instead
of just having one big meal once or twice a week it’s it’s all gonna
accumulate and sit in there anyways until you do a water change so I feel
like algae is a little less on attack mode if you dose just a little bit every
day instead of big doses a couple times a week but that’s just how I do it
there’s a lot of different ways of dosing so anyway that’s pretty much all
I got for this video tank is looking really good in my
opinion let me know what you guys think about it down in the comment section and
if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section as
well and if you’re new to my channel hit the subscribe button and the
notification bell and if you like this video hit the like button and as always
keep it planted

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  1. Glad to be back hope your holidays were awesome!💯🤞
    Almost 2019! Holy cow this year went quick!✔
    Like the Tank?✌😁

  2. Hey tank looks great im setting up my 29 gallon with Fluorite sand and a Nicrew classicLED Plus light

  3. Wow that tank defiantly looks amazing! 🤩

  4. GOOD👍🐠👏😄

  5. Hi Jay. Your aquarium is really thriving. Excellent choice of fish. Happy New Year to you & the two Rs (Redman & Rudolph.)

  6. Nice nano fish collection! Plants look great too

  7. Love the mix man. I always mixed it up too

  8. Great setup! I’m a big fan of little fish! Do you add CO2 as well? Tank looks good. Thank you for sharing. Enjoyed watching your vid. Happy New Year!

  9. Ditto on all the comments. I hope my 29 looks as good.

  10. Great tank bro! The scape is amazing and the nano fish make the tank!! 👌👍

  11. The scape came out pretty sick! I also added some fish this week, 3 pea puffers into my planted 40 breeder. Anyways keep it up man

  12. You were most wise in choosing schools of fish. They certainly add depth and more interest to the tank. Of course, it never hurts to place a Bolivian ram in the mix. Now I’ve definitely gotta try some honey Gourami in my next tank.

    I’ll be dosing ferts the same way you suggest from now on. Yes, algae can be a total BITCH!

  13. Wow looking good. I like your channel u r humble and down to earth unlike other you tubers.

  14. Omg its gorgeous😍😍😍

  15. What a beautiful tank! Love the variety of fish. Great video!

  16. The plants are looking great and I love your selection of fish…nicely done.

  17. That is a beautiful tank! great job!

  18. Very nice bro. I'm still very split on what schoolers to put in the 20. Uhh decisions.

  19. Wow! What a beautiful fish group in planted aquarium! Awesome. New subscriber. Please subscribe back and stay connected by comments

  20. Good looking tank, buddy!

  21. I am going to buy my first tank. 20 gallon or 29 gallon tank, which is better for beginners? 🙂

  22. Beautiful tank bro. My 29 gallon has 14 Neon Tetras, 6 Harlequin Rasboras and 3 Oto’s. The HR are a brilliant red during the day and all get along beautifully. Love schooling fish. Fun to watch for sure. Great job.

  23. This tank is clean af

  24. Amazing tank. Probably the best I’ve ever seen at this size. Just got a 29G, hoping to use this as a model for a planted tank

  25. Beautiful! Excellent fish choices. Have you seen diptail pencilfish? My one supplier gets them every now and again and they look awesome, especially with how they sit in suspension in the water. Happy new year!

  26. Fantastical Tank! I want one!

  27. That tank is boss bro. Love that bolivian ram too i want one. I also have 3 male honey gourami and a beautiful ass paradise fish i bought about two or 3 days ago

  28. I thought I might be reaching max in my 29 gallon community tank with 20 fish at this time (new to hobby so not sure). I have 7 serpae tetra, 4 bloodfin tetra, 5 panda corys, 4 H. rasbora. I'd like to add a few more of the same except for the serpae tetra cause I have 7 of them. I'd also love to add a bolivian ram if room. I just came across your channel (subbed). VERY nicely planted tanks and good videos, right to the point. I'll be checking out all the videos I missed 👍

  29. Looking good! But how would you clean the food reminisce within the tank?

  30. Nice tank J. What do you suggest for dosing a low tech tank with a few jungle vals, an Anubis and a few floating moss, besides my handful of tetras

  31. Squadup New SUB!✌💪

  32. Any chance you could do a planting plan for this tank. Would love to scale this down to work in my fluval spec 16g. Any ideas would be awesome.

  33. Excellent looking tank!! What kind of filter are you using?

  34. Top notch.. Thanks for sharing.. About to start a new tank, and Ive just found my new stocking list : )))

  35. It's a beautiful tank. I also have a 29 gallon planted tank with 10 rasboras, 8 cardinals and 3 platies. I know the tetras and rasboras grow to almost 2 inches. I also know that filtration is more important than the 1 inch per gallon rule but my thinking is that your fish are going to grow and I feel you are overstocked by about 8-10 fish. But what do I know?
    Great work my friend.

  36. I’m in the process of upgrading my 10 to a 29… this is the style I’m looking for! Great tank, beautiful fish!

  37. Looks great! Just set mine up. Will stock similar mix..

  38. Nice tank! Just started mine! Check it out 😎

  39. That is one sweet community tank. Small fish are awesome.

  40. How much substrate did you use for this tank?

  41. Hi!
    I know this video is old and i am commenting right now 😅 but
    Are those honey gourami all males because they are really beautiful and i wonder if they fight each other?
    Thx for replying

    (Edit: I subscribed) 🤙

  42. That tank is a joy!!!

  43. What do you like to use to vacuum this tank???

  44. Are the neons hard to keep ?? I have never had any of those but they are beautiful fish i want to give it a try …

  45. 4 neons, 6 cardinal tetra, 9 harlequin rasbora 1 Bolivian ram, six Juli Cory catfish, 3 honey gourami, 2ottosynclis catfish, 6 gold pencil fish.
    This is the stock

  46. Does anyone know what the song is that's playing in the background ?

  47. Hey, I seem to have the same tank and exact fish setup, do you think a airpump is necessary?

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