Path OF The Sword chapter 23 Sub Indo and Sub English

Path OF The Sword chapter 23 Sub Indo and Sub English

For Subtitle English change setting in youtube, choose subtitle Inggris(English) it’s dangerous! Mu Ling is still inside! huh, what exactly happened here? Why are so many soldiers from the Li family scattered to death everywhere Who actually did all this? the blood is still wet, and it seems it hasn’t been long, so I’m curious, and I want to see how many people to do all this .. this.. Here is the same, what actually happened? this …. How is this possible? Li Daxiong also die here, who actually did it? Hah! That ‘s Mu Ling! Mu Ling, are you alright? let’s get up Mu Ling, let’s get up is, you’ll be fine! Look That looks like it’s Miss Su! And it looks like she brought a little girl Yes, they are, but hear ‘Leng Xiao Tian is in the Li family, and it seems he hasn’t come out yet! Could it be dead, right? Didn’t Mr. Li just bring someone back? But I heard the rumor that he did a bad deed, and it was confirmed that if he was dead it would be big news. Luckily Su Murou was quick to come here,
if not, it will trouble me, because I’m too lazy to ask others for help It seems like this place already has a lot of people … Unfortunately, Li Ming ran away and did not know where he was hiding! Huh, that coward, he ran away when the Li family was in a big battle. although he will later return to this place, the Su Family is no longer related anymore! it could be possible, he already has no face to go home! don’t think like that, it will definitely make it hard for brother-in-law! Difficulties? Are you crazy? Why can’t you be smarter than me? Dad, you’re old, a young boy is happy to do his work done to completion, and you don’t understand! You are an idiot, you always remember and blame, if your mother knows that you drink ‘without any care and it has been confirmed that you will be punished by your mother Brother-in-law, please ignore their bullshit! The Phoenix must be a handsome bird, and fighting with tigers and wolves is a beast! If you are an eagle, what do you think of a sparrow? The height you reach to fly is different from sparrows, so none of them can not see or understand! hehe, yeah, of course, but brother-in-law, why do you really care for outsiders? and why don’t you show the strength of your identity to the people around you Sparrows scoff at the eagle for not catching worms, could it be that the eagle would release the deer and catch the worm to prove its ability? Sparrows don’t have the qualifications to replace food, and they just chirp I still don’t understand the eagle, and after all it still makes my emotions rise If you don’t understand, that’s for sure, and that means your mood isn’t high enough to reach the rank of eagle. Maybe in the future … so just forget about my words, you don’t have the chance! Of course, if you really feel annoyed by their words, you can slap yourself until it’s right ‘your frustration is gone Even though I don’t understand what you’re talking about, maybe I feel like I can’t see the ability and direction of brother-in-law’s goal Hoaamm! Finally awake! MU Ling you’re awake! Mu Ling, can you tell me what happened to you? Aki doesn’t know either. At that time, my awareness was not clear. I seemed to see brother-in-law but it was vague, and he defeated Mr. Li along with his family and saved me … Little Miss, even though I know that you are often close to that person, but don’t say anything uncertain … But I don’t think he’s the one who saved you! it was impossible for him to defeat all of them, and moreover Leng Xiao Tian’s power wasn’t that strong! hah, that’s too much of a demeaning brother-in-law like that But I think brother-in-law usually has a gentle temper, and he shouldn’t be able to do this! Don’t even think about it, but we always observe the crimes that occur, moreover it is impossible that a group of criminals have been killed by all of them. Yes, although the court does not limit personal disputes between families, it is taboo for the court to pretend to be a city defender. Third uncle, please prepare a nice present. Personally I will go to the city owner’s place to admit my mistake. I hope that my father’s long-standing relationship with them won’t anger the Su family! Alright! Residence Leng Xiao Tian Excalibur’s breath has spread, I’m afraid it will cause many problems. and I must repair the Nine Yuan Banners as soon as possible, and adjust the Excalibur’s breath first to cover it. You are very crazy and persistent chasing me, even though I have released the girl Su Muling, and I must immediately avoid it hah, what are you saying! I don’t believe you, surely one day you will repeat this I … this … but this time I said the truth What skill method did this person use? Even though his strength wasn’t as good as mine, but his sword method could defeat me! Hey Beast, don’t run away, let’s compete again

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