Outlaw Origins | League of Legends Community Collab

Outlaw Origins | League of Legends Community Collab

My parents never gave me a name. They trapped me in hell instead. *Swords clinking* Left for dead. If they wanted to kill me… They shoulda done it themselves. Little did they know… I was born one tough son of a bitch. Stealing to eat. Fighting to live. I was throwing punches before I learned how to walk. And I threw a hell of a lot of ’em growin’ up. The Streets of Bilgewater raised me right. *Coins clink as they’re dropped* *Coins clink* All I have left is my blade. I’m all in. Turn’ em over. *Reveals their cards* *Slams the table* You’re gonna drop that blade and walk away. I’d do what he says if I were you. *Slams again* It’s all in the cards. Well… This is a first. Oh, it certainly is. You know no one’s ever made it pass the shuffle trying to sharp me. Well, how you reckon we gonna handle this? Cause the way I see it… You got two options. I’m gonna knock your teeth through the back of your head, and take this pile of loot. Or… We can split it up and.. Call this what it is. Sounds to me like the start of a very lucrative friendship. From that moment… We ran the underground. Until he had a change of heart. Heh! Dead man walkin’. Heheheheheheh… Let’s settle the score.

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  1. 0:57 roblox death noise

  2. not as cringey as the overwatch community

  3. the beard looks Amazing!

  4. Costumes so wack… @2.58 legit looks like the beginning of a porn parody

  5. thats what happens when you give him his cigar

  6. LMAO LUCIAN AT 2:07

  7. this is so low budget jesus, u make no money from ripping off 6 year olds for RP riot?

  8. Achei que era sobre o orn no começo

  9. Chunck Norris?! 5:26

  10. Catch Outlaw Origins on History Channel

  11. 4:08 that tattoo tho

  12. Beards. . .beards. . .beards. . .

  13. Pause at 5:32 look at hooded man chunk Norris

  14. We dont even get the origin of his shotgun but he gets the cigar?

  15. Outlaw Origins: The Return of the Cigar

  16. You better not fuck this up

  17. Dude…censorship or warning ..
    Just saw a bad word for good kids on 4:10

  18. They should make a series of this or a movie 👍

  19. When is the movie?

  20. 4:02 When you dont have enough zombie points to get the cool wall gun. Feelsbadman

  21. RITO why don't you just make a fking movie instead of these click baits !

  22. Hes the mist op champ irl. Cuz just by dashing. hes getting tanky AF

  23. oh New wolverine movie. nice


  25. alv severo carton esa pared


  27. 4:05 Man made me think of the weapon you buy out of walls in COD zombie mode

  28. 4:50 From this day on , the prison decided to put barriers in every side so that you won't escape like Graves…

  29. I wonder…will i ever get a cinematic?

  30. He bet his cigar, and thats how he lost it

  31. Sooo much wanna play Twisted right now.

  32. well done clap clap

  33. non non non faite pas film si vous ferer un film sa doit etre anime parce que la xD vous aurer pas pu trouver bien que sa comme sa mur? la femme qui donne le coup de poing pas mieux nn plus? se petit bete la il le mec est ko? xD mec je me prend 50coup comme sa je suis pas sonner

  34. Hugh Jackman is graves IRL

  35. lol TF betrayed graves

  36. Could riot finally bring out a movie. Everyone around the world would watch it

  37. can't tell if this is an animation or real

  38. did he just Continue the word 'SON OF B*TCH'

  39. So graves cigar can be in a live action film why not ingame

  40. So well made!
    Plus, I need to have his muscles

  41. Twisted Fate doesn't have a mustache

  42. I Love This One 😍😍😍😄😄😄

  43. costume and actors look like they were from a porno, 10/10 best movie 2017

  44. tattoo (fuck bm all) whats that mean guys anyone?



    ( Twisted Fate does not look like that Riot… Who the fuck is that? )

  46. This shit is cringe, vomitting

  47. better than dora 2

  48. cooooool more more up please

  49. Graves and his sigar ao beautiful 😭😭

  50. X-men origins:wolverine

  51. Twisted fate is daddy
    He also kinda also looks like James Franco

  52. Was that Twisted Fate who agreed to share with Graves?

  53. So like what about that soundtrack, right?

  54. i got goosebumpsed 4:33 "Dead man walkin'" . This short movie is good.

  55. Cool Gangprank cosplay

  56. cringy but im into tf x graves so…

  57. Graves can say son of a bitch but not have a cigar. ok rito.

  58. Twisted Fate And Graves Lore Is The Best
    Also i thought the Hooded Man was played by Chuck Norris XD but it's Chunk Norris

  59. Riot Please make a movie for sure you will beat the ratings of Warcraft

  60. What the beautiful hell did mine eyes just beheld?

  61. Ve twisted fate dem intikam almaya gider

  62. That cigar makes him such a badass!

  63. make one for illaoi

  64. 對於把Graves的''Dead man walking''設成手機提醒的我來說 那句話說得不夠傳神

  65. It was looking pretty good until 4:38
    Those bricks looking like paper mache were just… so… bad compared to the rest of the sets, costumes and props.

  66. Like wolverine screwed over by Gambit. YAh I know its LoL, but respect to that what came first lol. This was one of the best of all the lol clips.

  67. They should make one with Talon

  68. Pyke que está na mesa junto?

  69. Hey Riot , Please make a League of Legends Movie

  70. I would give all my money for a movie


  72. how the fuck did I miss this?! I got everything i expected to get out of a graves origin story and damn is it awesome.

  73. This is so wrong lore yet so beautiful

  74. Thumbnail looks like spirit guard udyr

  75. I actually love the Story of Bilgewater and its background. I wish the LoL movie or serie will appear in Netflix

  76. This is some god stuff

  77. So they have these advanced prison bars made of what plasma or some type of lasers, but they use candles in a bar as lighting? Love the concept, just not sure they got the peripheral things right.

  78. This should ve a movie..why is there no movie…
    LoL moooooooviiiiiiieeee…!!!!

  79. We're so glad to see how much everyone has enjoyed this short! 🙂

  80. Been 2 years now..: did he settle the score? Waiting for the next episode


  82. that man played TF, is he Chris Evan ?
    Cause every scene of him, with his half smile, it's look exactly like Chris Evan
    Come on
    2:08 and 3:35 – 3:37
    Captain America with beard in Avenger : IW

  83. Bro why does the animation looks so real

  84. Who gave Graves the package to get him out?

  85. Imagine Robert Downey Jr. And Hugh Jackman playing as Twisted Fate and Graves

  86. They've gotta be professionals

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