Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 2)

Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 2)

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  1. Lol why would she stay with him if she doesn't think their future will be good.

  2. Pals decline actually looks likepretty revfectstadium .

  3. ❤❤💙💚💛💜❤❤

  4. Strange how in one of the Palestine-Israel conflict videos people stand with Israel, in another video they stand with Palestinians

  5. Fuck transphobia

  6. I'd like to be a woman, I practically am because my cock is so tiny.

  7. aww the ending voicemail was so sweet, made me happy 😊

  8. feel bad for the chinese guy. thanks vice for this. great work

  9. Situation 1

    Sex: Male
    Gender: Female
    Current sexual organ appearance: Male
    Plans on having surgery: No
    Status: Trans-trender

    Situation 2

    Sex: Male
    Gender: Female
    Current sexual organ appearance: Male
    Plans on having surgery: Yes
    Status: Pre-trans

    Situation 3

    Sex: Male
    Gender: Female
    Current sexual organ appearance: Female
    Plans on having surgery: Done
    Status: Transexual

    Situation 4

    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Current sexual organ appearance: Male
    Plans on having surgery: No
    Status: Male

    Situation 5

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Male
    Current sexual organ appearance: Female
    Plans on having surgery: No
    Status: Trans-trender

    Situation 6

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Male
    Current sexual organ appearance: Female
    Plans on having surgery: Yes
    Status: Pre-trans

    Situation 7

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Male
    Current sexual organ appearance: Male
    Plans on having surgery: Done
    Status: Transexual

    Situation 8

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Current sexual organ appearance: Female
    Plans on having surgery: No
    Status: Female

  10. China has no place for degeneration.

  11. Confucius say: Cherry blossom cannot be eggroll, like dumpling cannot be chopstick

  12. Well, not my proudest fap

  13. I wasn't expecting this video to receiving more hates than likes. This is about a problem that a portion of the world population is suffering from.
    I don't understand it completely either. But I have to start some where, and I am trying to understand it in order to be a better human and not to offend a person who is going thru this.
    But after reading the comments I am sad and scared to know what these people go thru every day of their lives.
    I think they are one of the most strongest people in the world. Any one who has the guts to live on while all this shit is thrown their way in my eyes are Bigger than life.
    Some day ( i hope in my life time) we would see a world that understands them and accept them as a part of our society.

  14. It's their body! Who for us to judge?! Let them do whatever makes them happy! Why all the hatred?!

  15. Remember when vice wasnt a sjw wanking fest and provided good docs?

  16. I identify as an older person. I feel like I'm 40 years older, so I expect everyone to acknowledge this or you are a nazi. Even though I'm biologically 40 years younger than what I identify, it does not matter. What I say is what I am and science can piss off. …/s

  17. I seriously don't understand why can't society, government, people can just let them be what they want… it's their body, it's their life…

  18. tired of these gender fucks

  19. Did that doc just call it a disease? 😱

  20. the only reason I'm commenting is to point out how lame that club music is

  21. he rather put money towards trans peolpe rather then the actual poor and hungry how nice

  22. Fun fact! Iran's government pays for this surgery.

  23. I identify as Mickey Mouse and if you don't agree with me then you're a Nazi!

  24. MINUTE 11:05, the
    Sensors is f**ing useleesss Vicee …

  25. What the fuckkkkkk

  26. This comment section oh my lord

  27. Why watch and comment if you hate the video so much?

  28. This is tai . Come man . It's not Chinese

  29. I always love clicking on these types of videos and seeing the like/dislike ratio.
    I do not support gratifying mental illness

  30. man i aspire to be as confident (and rich) as bobby

  31. Giving you rich white woman realness

  32. Yeah, no more asian porn for me

  33. So inspiring to see all these people living their true lives based on who they are on the inside. They are really brave and strong individuals.

  34. If you don't like the idea of someone breaking socially-created ideas of gender then all you have to do is look away, or learn some respect & tolerance or communicate with different people (there is never a reasonable excuse for hating another person simply because you are ignorant).

  35. this may be unkind, but…she is incredibly self absorbed….

  36. People being so angry for something that is not happening to them. Oh yes, I'm in YouTube.

  37. I identify as a multi-millionaire, where's the surgery that'll make me one.

  38. This was awesome!  I never thought about transgenders in China, or even gays – as I was taught in school laws are archaic there.

  39. He or she , or lets call it, it looks like 68, and it says in confidence it is not even look like 48. Omg, I omit my yesterday food out

  40. Yikes, so many bigoted commenters. If you have a strong attachment to the made up gender norms that were assigned to you since birth then keep following them. Nobody is stopping you. Why get so upset about what others do if they aren't comfortable remaining confined within those arbitrarily defined gender parameters? What are you so afraid of?

  41. the chinesehave finally entered the age of social challenges, we can now study them

  42. These people are incredibly brave. It's sad to see how people treat them, including the comments here. People please have more love and respect and less hate.

  43. I felt so bad for Mr.C. When he started crying because he knows his girlfriend will leave him, it was so sad.

  44. Place the lotion in the bucket, nasty ass old men

  45. Bobbie's closet though, I'm jealous 😘

  46. Hedonistic society….

  47. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. yea so rule 1 of watching Vice – don't ever read the comments..

  49. If that British guy wanted someine with a dick, why not just go to a actual gay person?

  50. I like how blunt that lady is. Living her life to the fullest…that’s what it is all about

  51. I don't support trans. Ya change your mind and go back as you where born. I support intersex at least they born with it.

  52. Dunia akhir zaman. Takut aku

  53. so much negativity in the comments. Let people be themselves and let them do it in the best way possible. I've personally fallen in love with each of these individuals (especially Bobbie). They are all so inspiring, and it's so good to see people enjoying their lives and living free and proud of who they are.

  54. All I know is Caitlin needs to fly down there to get her surgery done. Cause right now she looks busted.

  55. why are they fighting for gender equality when they are transgender which isn't a gender on it's own

  56. It's disgusting that this is becoming the new norm.There are onlt two genders and it's a fact stop trying to twist it.

  57. Darling, I’m sorry, but you cannot pass for 48!

  58. I feel like he looks mire masculine after his surgery. The way his face looked at fuest and the way he was dressed i thiught he was a woman who wanted to be a man. He tried to feminize his face and it looks harder to me…idk..STILL PROUD OF HER

  59. And YES i know mis-spelled words. Dont feel like correcting


  61. This was a beautiful documentary and so well made. The men and women in this video are so strong. At some points I was brought to tears.

  62. Did the doctor just say 'disease', my gad big no no.

  63. Bobby is literally the mom that I always needed in my life

  64. The 48 year old Chinese – British transgender looks horrible, she doesn't put anti – wrinkle cream. In my country Italy gay men are accepted as long as they're men – like & discreet, but not the passive effeminate queers, transgenders & transsexuals, they're being made fun of & sometimes even killed, therefore I'm not surprised if China is more conservative when it comes to this LGBT issue. I personally dislike transgenders or transsexuals, I'd rather have real women

  65. In Asia, sometimes I felt like living in a dangerous forest If you shared your story with the people that don't understand you, it's kinda like expose your weakness to the people that want to hurt you. I think they should get to know the person a bit before sharing their story with them. It's a good thing that if they can get their recognition, but before that, I think they should be united and form their own community and network in order to survive. I never have hope for Asia, when you look back in history. Perhaps move to North America or euro is a better option.

  66. So many dislikes. Lol get a life and be nice. Being hateful is not gonna give you any luck. 😂😂😂

  67. A doctor calling this a disease is very sad.. It's not a damn disease.. I've studied this in my Forensic Psychology education and it seems to many of us that in the womb the hormones are what get mixed up so to speak.. So they come out looking one way but feeling totally different.. They know this as young as age 2…

  68. This is out of date, man. USA already started to discuss whether babies can determine their genders and whether we should call them "thembies".

  69. Why everytime a transwoman is on these vids, they make them go though there clothes. SERIOUSLY.
    Its not all. Clothes and surgery's ffs. Its doing us such a disserves. Its a absolute joke at this point.

  70. why are there so many dislikes? someone please explain

  71. Asia trans 😊 Some one has to be feminin and we all know females are cold blooded pit vipers. Asia trans are cool 😊

  72. Actually, i'd been thinking: "Ooh, she's 'the Caitlyn Jenner of China'…sort of" ({; >] …! Very interesting, and well-done, video; thank you, *VICE*! <3

  73. Everyone thinks were so different but were very similar. No culture likes [email protected]

  74. This is clearly Thailand, why is the title says China?

  75. " I AM a woman" ???? Never ever. Do not insult REAL women please.
    All a male ever can be is a trans with a vaginix.
    Changing sex is by definition impossible.

  76. Who knows the song at the end? I really love it. I love all of them. The editing at the end is wonderful and I love how Bobbie is so passionate and loving:) she’s beautiful

  77. I will never ever call them a lady or a girl they are a man and they destroy the body thet God gave them..I do not care what people say or think and that we must accept and respect them? No i do not ..God gave us a body to be a man or a woman God never make mistake when they say they are born in the wrong body that is mental ..And when a man sleep whit another man its Sodomy that is against God even when a woman sleep whit a woman or dress like a man or make this sex change…I can only hope and pray they live this belive and stay like they are how they was born..I do not hate transgender or gay and lesbian people i do NOT agree whit what they do…And something that make me angry is when they not tell someone they meat that they are not a real woman or a man that is a lie that is not a right thing to do they must tell the truth from start…God created us to be man and woman not the other way the way of sodomy…Something els that make me angry is when parents to a child they belive they to are born in the wrong body and tell them its ok NO its NOT ok that child nead help and a child do NOT know what sex are its stil a Mental problem and those parent should seak proffesional help to that child..Those parents who agree and support a child in this case goes against God and Gods creation and again God do never do anything wrong Never so dont blame God that you are born in the wrong body its is mental problem nothing els….Today we are not allowed to speak our mind what we think about this Gay explosion and in the future there will be more and more law against not to talk bad in any way to a gay or a transgender then you will go to jail this law goes against God and the freedom to speak your mind all this is the work of Satan. Today they teach children its ok its ok to be Gay or transgender? NO its NOT ok when school today stop us from talk about many other thing but this is ok?..Most of murder and argument and fighting is between gay people..In the end they Sin we all sin but one day we will stand infront of our creator God and be judge but for many its not to late leave this mental problem and turn to Jesus and God for help.
    .How are they going to make children? they can not use the sex organ they get after the operation so how shall they get children? I do not agree whit gay people shall have children no i dont thats wrong its mean to the child…Children shall have a dad and a mom NOT dad and a dad or mon and a mom…This is against God creation he created us to have children and populate the earth he did not creat it for men to be whit men or woman whit woman…If a gay man or a lesbian woman know they will go to hell if they live there life like this and in sodomy do they belive it? Do they fear god? I fear God he who can kill both the body and soul in hell….We skall all help this people and tell them about Jesus amd what can happend if they do not change Jesus came to save us from hell…Listen to Jesus and leave this gay life turn to Jesus and seak help and he will listen to you and help you…Pray for help pray so this mental problem leave you…

  78. I'm a foreigner living in China, and would love to find a way to get in contact with Mr.C and his organisation that seeks to work on transgender and gender identity issues. Is there any way I can contact him? hopefully someone can get in touch and let me know!

  79. I’m so proud to be thai, Land of LGBT…😘

  80. Keep fighting for your dreams, stay strong and fuck the haters

  81. Bobby seems like a very cool and kind person, to undergo surgery at a late age is very dangerous and I'm glad that she is starting a charity to help other adults to get operations, I don't have any problems with adults having sex changes but I definitely do here in America where they are giving hormone blockers to children as young as 7 or 8 and offering sex changes to people under 18, I think the law should be 21 as the suicide rate is so high regarding transgender people under 21, basically I'm just saying when you are a adult , be who you want to be and live your life to the fullest, again, I only wish the best for these adults struggling with gender equality and am happy Bobby finally is happy in life

  82. i look forward to the day when China can accept transgender people . Anyone whos different from the majority of people in China has such a difficult life here,. that is so sad and so unfair

  83. Their still fighting for rights in the USA Vice.

    You might want to look closer to home for xenophobic stories seeing your from a country that has that in spades.

  84. Like a boss 😀

  85. I feel bad for the “regular” folks who aren’t rich have to deal with the snide remarks.

  86. The more the trans and lesbees the better it is for mother nature
    Because there is lesspopulations on earth.

  87. Wat abot that thai lady with u she is not a trans i am sure …and if she is i will never a woman ..because is so hot….a real woman wouldnt……

  88. Is there anyway to give the transman funds? Anyway to support him??

  89. Please watch Lushious Massacr discuss how friendship crack because of social media bullies and trolls. @-Ouo

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