Namaste thank you for tuning in to our
YouTube channel what about Nepal so today we’re going to
take you to Panauti happy children home
and so it’s a little orphanage with 14 children so I really liked it like the enthusiasm of
the staff so we did an interview and you kind of see how it goes and hopefully
they’ll be able to use our agency to collect some money and I know they all
need money but we have a couple of little perks that will make a really
worthwhile for you follow along with this as we show you a children’s home
it’s an actual orphanage orphanage and unlike many in times past the children
are actually orphans meaning they have neither parent the Government of Nepal
because everybody would round up as many kids as they could and start an
orphanage so which it’s controversial least they gave them better education than
they could get way up high in the Himalayas but still it’s disingenuous if
they’ve got a parent or not today we’re talking with Kumar from the
happy children’s home in the Panauti area and Panauti is just right outside
the valley very nice near Dhulikel and it’s also UNESCO
site that are truly orphans and what I want to convey is that although for the
past eight or nine years I’ve been saying don’t do orphanages don’t do
orphanages don’t support orphanages to everybody that would listen the
Government of Nepal has stepped in and has changed the laws and now they’re
really aggressively regulating them you can’t even make a a children’s home an
orphanage anymore that’s how difficult it is so tell us a little bit about the
laws but you need to speak up yeah I’ve seen the government that
before there was many orphanages in their Nepal so and many orphanage time
have been closed because they used to treat the kids who have father and
mother so that’s because of the some bad
people’s and the bad orphanage the good orphanage you know affected by them so
that many people who wants to help from their personally or something from the organization they feel like oh no
your organisation is fake because there is many news in Nepal they have closed it government now decided check out every
orphanage and if there is something wrong then throw it out now we are not
going to make or to give approve to establish any orphanage in Nepal
instead of helping they made it businesses yes so now the government has stopped and it’s so
hard so hard to re-establish the organisation even the Ferguson or normal
people who really things for the positive things and for the kids
also for them it’s become too difficult because at the past by the bad people. yeah that’s good to
know so you were telling me how much the
budget is per child per month For child 7500 NRS money which includes electricity health education clothes and every expenses that they need small and big since small can have little and
big can have more than that yeah that’s $75 less right now we’ve been $75 a
month for one child that’s very nice and you touch one child support one child
for $75 that’s amazing yeah you like really becoming a god for the child and
they will actually know the person they would know you you could actually create
a relationship and that’s very nice especially today you have skype mm-hmm you
have facebook we have video conferencing Instagram so it’s easy to see if it’s
easy to see if the money is going you know good cause or it’s a scam you
figure it out soon enough this is Kumar
Ishwor and Sabina and Sabina is the warden which means what yeah
because looking all over carrying children you know it was a
after chairman i am looking all over because I’m 10 years before i am working here 10 years when you
started orphanage i was here that time that’s the main problem in Nepal mainly the orphanage that somebody
wants to help right yeah and the help and in the middle there was a agent that
the they took the money for example they will send fifty dollars and half the money will
keep by another person’s and half of the money will get but it’s not right
yeah so that’s why the government have changed roles before you know the
government easily used to give the approvement for the to establish the
organisation but now and they have now taken step in orphanage that if they
have father or mother very good so which is the good part of
government if they have a patent if you have enough everything they
didn’t bring in orphanage because love is love right yes
for example you have a mother right you have children if you have it enough
everything like financially and for the food everything
nobody sent with our life in-out baby girl cannot yeah this love is love you
know that’s why because here have a children and if have a parents also
because they are very poor they cannot send them school they don’t have enough
money for the food and far in village they don’t have a hospital there yeah
okay so Ishwor here is the one that’s mostly concerned about the budget aren’t
you so tell us about how you’re doing with
the budget I think he said that each child is about seventy five hundred
rupee or about seventy five dollars a month and now how are you getting those
funds budget coming source of budget is not
we don’t have permanent you wake up in the morning and go every
and organizations and what we experience and the people and a few offices they’re
asking for help and if we didn’t get help from anyone we used to take a loan
from personally aren’t these children just some of the cutest children you’ve
ever seen I was really impressed with this little orphanage so if you have any
interest that touches your heart I hope you’ll follow along click on the link
for their Facebook and follow along with them and give them your support so what about Nepal hope you enjoyed the video
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