Organized Kitchen Tour

Organized Kitchen Tour

hey it’s Abby and today I’m excited to
give you our full kitchen tour I’ve showing you bits and pieces of our
kitchen here and there but today you’ll really be able to see how it’s laid out
and where we keep everything I actually rearranged a lot of things recently so
you’ll get to see where everything is in our entire kitchen before we start the
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newsletter subscribers. So let’s start with the island. I love that the island
is big and has a lot of storage space underneath but it took me a couple tries
to figure out the best way to use each space. so let’s look under here first. so
in this section I keep a lot of my baking stuff I do a lot of meal prep
right here at the island so it’s nice to have it convenient right here where I
can just grab what I need I kept all of the clear glass containers right here on
this top section and then down below I have other mixing bowls and baking
pans and things like that these two drawers just hold a few miscellaneous
items you can see this has birthday candles and lighters our electric knife
and a rolling pin to go along with the baking stuff and this just holds a few
decorative chargers that I use to set the table we have more of our cookware
in this side of the island on the far side which is close to the stove we have
our pots and pans and I just leave the lids nested right on top of them and
down below there are more pots and pans and our colanders for straining items
and then over here on this pull-out shelf I have all of our bags and foil
and wax paper and anything that comes in a box we have on this pull-out shelf so I
can just slide it out grab what I need and push it back in.
So this drawer is actually empty we have some extra space in our kitchen which
I’m excited about this drawer holds all of our sharp items so we have a couple
knife blocks to hold all the knives and we also have apple corer and the bottle
opener all right in here so over on this side of the kitchen we
have a super skinny cabinet that is perfect for holding all of our cutting
boards under the sink we keep all of our cleaning supplies and sponges and rags
we gave a full tour in another video which I will link to in the description
also in the description I will link to sources for everything that I possibly
can that we use in our entire kitchen so check that if you’re wondering where
anything is from here at the back corner of the kitchen we have a lot of cabinet
space for storage which is nice let’s start with this skinny cabinet here I
wasn’t exactly sure what to put in it because it was so narrow but we ended up
using it as sort of a medicine cabinet so we have our vitamins down on the
bottom shelf and then the kids items are on the second shelf so the things they
use most often a lot of band-aids we go through a lot of band-aids in our house
and then the adult medicines are on the upper shelves and you can see I just use
little organizers I found them at home goods and I just put little cross
stickers on them to show that those are medicine items in those cubbies here in
this corner cabinet I am storing all of our serving pieces so this can be kind
of an awkward cabinet cause it’s a weird shape but it works really well for
larger pieces that I can fit in there lots of serving pieces we also keep our
chip clips here in case we need to close up anything when we’re putting away the
food after dinner so this cabinet is our shake station we
have everything we need to put together our shakes in the morning we keep our everyday dishware in this
cabinet I have it organized by color and then we also have some mason jars that
we store food in those sometimes or I’ll put a bouquet of flowers in them they’re
right there and the basket holds our little kitchen gadgets that we don’t use
very frequently so things that we still need but it can be up high because we
don’t use them often so let’s move down to you the bottom part of the cabinets
over here in the corner we have a lazy susan in the corner cabinet and it holds
all of our paper supplies so napkins plates and cups we mostly use these when
we have guests over for the boys birthday parties. so these two drawers behind me hold all
of our utensils I lined both of these drawers with contact paper to make them
look pretty and then I just use these acrylic drawer organizers that I found
at Target and put all of our silverware in this drawer so our normal silverware is
here and our serving pieces are toward the back and then over in this far
drawer we have all of our little kitchen gadgets that we use often like measuring
cups can openers pizza cutters and that type of thing
I actually showed some of these things in previous videos these are our food
storage containers that we use for leftovers I moved the plates and cups
that the boys used over here on this side of the kitchen so they were closer
to our everyday dishes down below on the far side we have the boys lunchboxes
that they use for school and here on this side I use little baskets to corral
all of Donnie supplements that he uses so they would all stay neatly in one
place I use a lot of these mint colored plastic bins from Target all over our
kitchen I love them they’re from Target and they have different colors every
season so you can probably find one that matches your decor pretty easily so over
here is our final set of cabinets let’s take a look up here these are all
of our different types of glasses so clear glasses on the bottom and then
mugs and coffee holders and then the glasses we use less often are up higher
we’ll take a quick peek in the top two drawers these are the drawers that I showed in
last week’s video that sort of act as our junk drawers and hold all the things
that we need to access easily if you didn’t catch our junk drawer video I
will put a link to it in the description in this next drawer here all of these
things pretty much belong to Donnie he is the coffee drinker in our family so
we have a nice big drawer dedicated to all of his coffee items you can see we have
kind of a little coffee station here and he also has a regular coffee pot that he
will bring out from time to time and these are his supplies to use for that as
well. finally this bottom drawer holds all of
our dish towels and oven mitts I have little separators in there so they each
stay in their spot this last little cabinet door has all of our baking trays
and muffin tins I just use a little wire organizer that I found at Bed Bath &
Beyond so they can all stand up and stay neat and tidy inside the door the last
two spaces in our kitchen would be our fridge and our pantry and we have
dedicated videos to both of those so I will put the links to them in the
description of the web so that’s our kitchen I hope it was helpful to see
where we keep everything and how it’s all laid out let me know in the comments
what’s the most difficult thing for you to keep organized in your kitchen and
before you go be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking our kitchen tour!! After watching it again, I felt like I should add that our last house had a teeny kitchen, so I really pared down our kitchen items to make it all fit that kitchen. Then since we've moved and now have more cabinet space, I haven't added many more items, which is why we have some extra room in our cabinets and drawers!
    (I should maybe also confess that I'm not an amazing cook, so I don't know how to use some of the fancy gadgets anyway…oops! Let me know if there's an awesome kitchen tool you think I need to try!)

  2. You have a nice and clean style. i'm hoping to reorganize my kitchen too but i'll have to be small projects / zones at a time.

  3. Goodness, I love the amount of cabinet space you have! We have a galley style kitchen, so I only have one wall of cabinets, but I do have a nice pantry on the opposite wall, so that's quite helpful. 🙂 I just did a whole house purge not long ago and got rid of a ton of stuff from our kitchen….I mean, if I haven't used a gadget in a year or so, I seriously doubt I'm ever going to need it. Lol

  4. GOALS! Such an inspirational kitchen, Abby. ❤

  5. I'm TOTALLY inspired and wish it wasnt 10:15pm because I'm dying to clear out my corner lazy susan cupboard! It is driving me crazy and your looks so amazing and organized! So, I think I'm going to draw my cabinets and decide what needs to go where, then head to TJMaxx for containers, and get to work! Also grabbing contact paper for my drawers…. was going to do what when we moved in, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!! Uggggh!! I will be working on this project this week. Thank you!!!!

  6. I have an extremely small kitchen with minimal storage space. I have to use my linen closet to hold some of our kitchen gadgets! Your kitchen is amazing! One day when I have a bigger kitchen, I hope it looks as nice as yours!

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