Organization | Kids Artwork and Paper Clutter (5 simple tips)

– Do you ever feel like
it’s us versus them when it comes to paper clutter? When my firstborn was in school I saved absolutely everything, even her name tag from her desk. Well, two bins later, from just preschool and I knew I had a problem, and 12 more grades to still go. (chuckles) Today I’m going to share
with you my very basic, very simple five step process on how I tackle school
papers, special crafts as well as a long-term system for when my girls become adults. We wanna set them up to not
inherit a bunch of stuff that only means something to us. Instead, we wanna go
over our special stashes and only pick out what is
meaningful to all of us. Hand-drawn art projects
always win me over. Okay friend, let’s do this. Step number one. Have a big picture in mind. For me, this looks like
purchasing a large tote for each of my girls, to coral
18 years of special memories. If I can part with it
when they’re adults at 18, I will try and give this tote,
the whole thing, to them, all organized and full of
memories that mean the most to us. Step number two. We get so busy as moms, so create a tote where you can easily stash
pieces that you’d like to keep. Mine was that blue tote with the dusty lid underneath my bed. Step number three. Purchase an accordion
file, or something like it, to store special school papers. You wanna label it preschool
through 12th grade. I bought mine at Target. It has a lot of extra pockets to add photos, or handmade
cards, or other mementos. However, when I did this, I was outta tape in my label maker and I struggled a little bit to get each of these tabs labeled. So keep that in mind. Get extra label maker cartridges. (chuckles) Now, just a tip on how to decide what’s important to keep
and what to let go of. I like to sit down with my sweet kindergartener once a week and I will ask her to choose
her top three pieces of work. Now, I do this with her because she’s at an age where she accumulates the most right now, versus my other girls. And so her top three
favorite pieces of work will go into a drawer every week and at the end of the school
year we’ll sit down again and we will pick out
our absolute favorites to put into our accordion file. This saves me from having to go through an entire years of
school work at one time. I’ve been there a lot,
and with two daughters. I think I let it go two
years, with two girls, and that was horrible to go over, because you can’t
remember what was special, and really what was not, or
what stages they were in. After you do this, if
you still have a lot, take a picture with them
holding their special project and tuck the photo in the
file, in their accordion file. Step number four. Pull out your special papers and sort them into
different piles by person. You can kinda see my piles in this video. How I have it laid out. This could take a bit, so I recommend a yummy drink or two and some episodes of “Friends”. Step number five. Okay, you’re gonna wanna
fill your accordion file, and remember to keep only
what you have room for. Remember boundaries. That’s the whole point of this tote. Only special things that fit in this tote is what goes with my girls. I like to store larger art projects in 12 by 12 clear containers. I bought mine at Michaels. Ooh, great job. You have an amazing way
now to save special papers and school projects. Do you have a lot to
organize, or just a little? I would love to hear. Go ahead and leave it down
in the comments below.

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