Opioid Addiction in Dearborn’s Muslim Community

Opioid Addiction in Dearborn’s Muslim Community

-Opioid epidemic is pretty bad
in the city of Dearborn — also, all over
the state of Michigan. -Opioid-related deaths here
in Michigan are soaring. -The counties with the highest
reported number of deaths are Wayne County… -I was shocked to realize
that the opioid epidemic had reached
the Muslim community. This is a new crisis. -In the Muslim community, people were trying
to treat addiction at home. -My parents were denying
that I had a drug problem. It was obvious that I was doing
something wrong. -Unfortunately within
our community the failure of the child is automatically taken
as failure of the family. -Drug addiction
has destroyed my family. Here, every parent’s
in denial — like, the amount of ODs
that’s been going on since 2016. -We just got a spike in calls
for narcotic overdoses, mainly in the Muslim community. We might have families tell us
it might be a diabetic issue when it 100 percent
it’s a drug overdose. -These are the last two
I will ever allow to put on my body ever again. -The biggest anger
with the issue was people pretending
it wasn’t an issue at all. -There are many Muslims
that never seek help, and then ultimately end up dying
because of the shame and guilt. ♪♪ [ Radio chatter ] [ Faint siren ] -Here. Let’s get you up,
let’s — let’s get you going. Come on. [ Man groaning ] Now, you lift, okay?
We’ll take it with us. ♪♪ ♪♪ -What’s goin’ on, guys? My name is Rabih Darwish. I’m a grateful
recovering addict. I also am a part of the SAFE
Substance Abuse Coalition. I receive about two
to 10 phone calls a day. It was very surprising to me
to find out that I wasn’t alone in the Muslim community
struggling with drug addiction, because the Muslim community did a really good job
of hiding. The opioid epidemic affected
Dearborn greatly. Crime rate went up,
the death rate went up. The guilt and the stigma has delayed a lot of people coming out, seek help. And that’s very dangerous. ♪♪ -My name is Arash,
I’m 27 years old. I’m currently recovering
from heroin and crystal meth. I started using when I was
15 years old. When I was using,
I didn’t have anxiety. I finally realized that I was
doing something wrong when I saw myself in the mirror
with track marks on my arms. My parents were denying
that I had a drug problem because it was embarrassing to
the family and it was a, uh, you know, bad look. My family viewed addiction as
the devil — and it is the devil, but it’s
a sickness at the same time. You know?
I was sick. [ Man chanting ] -My parents sent me
to Iran because they felt like
they had no more options. I was in a rehab facility there where they don’t give you
very much food, they beat people a lot,
they don’t give you medications. It was like a jail. I was very traumatized
by that experience and I did not stay
clean afterwards. It happens a lot in
the community that they send their children to
the home country. And it usually doesn’t work. ♪♪ -Last year was a terrible year. We lost about eight or nine
from this community alone. Islam prohibits
any intoxication. What led me to realize
that we have a crisis was, suddenly,
these families coming in and bringing a son or a daughter
in a totally disoriented state, and expecting me to recite
the prayer and fix things. With Middle Eastern culture, the Imam is the one
that they expect to deal with all the crises. The church
or the synagogue has a number of peripheral
institutions that work with it. This shame is something
that comes from the culture that religion plays
a role in, where daughters
want to get married, nobody would come forward. They want to get a job — probably, it has ramifications
as far as their job. In some cases families have
to literally move the city and go somewhere else
and start fresh because of one child
becoming an addict. For many years we were
somehow excluded from it. If the Caucasian society
took them 20 years to get to this,
we are starting little bit late. ♪♪ -The safe house
is a three-quarter house, it’s sober living. The only way to get
into the house is by coming
from a treatment center. Right now we have about
seven living in the house. Five of the seven are Muslim. Usually the Muslims
that are entering treatment are basically
at the end of the road. When our Arash came to us
he was going through withdrawal. -You know, got to wake up. -You really couldn’t say
much to him. He would have
one word responses. We had our work cut out for us. And I remember speaking
to Arash and I said, look, man, you’re gonna die if
you don’t really get this help. This young man
really surrendered and he did exactly
what we asked of him. He’s truly a walking miracle. [ Telephone ringing ] Christie, it’s Rabih Darwish.
How are you? I need some help. -How soon
is he gonna wanna come in? I do have
a little bit of a wait. We’re kind of full. -Okay, but as soon
as possible please. -Okay, what’s he usin’? -It’s opiates. -Call me in the morning and
we’ll see what we got for, um, Hassan, okay?
-All right, thank you. Basically I was just trying
to help Hassan get into treatment
as quickly as possible. The longer we wait, the less likely
he might go to treatment. They said you’re going
to have to wait at least 24 to 48 hours. You think you can
hold off till then? -I’ve been ready for a while. So many things held me back when I should have
never let it held me back. But there’s no excuses anymore. -Is your family being supportive
in this decision. -Not one bit. -Really?!
-Yeah. Not one bit. -Okay. You’re gonna have my
support, that’s for sure. There’s meetings here five days
a week, so we have your back. Yeah, it’s gonna be all right. ♪♪ -All right guys, notebooks. -Good morning everyone.
-Morning, Rabih. -Okay, thank you, everyone,
for coming today. And thank you for having
the willingness and courage to do this meeting. I am grateful that today
we can get together as Muslims, because about 10 years ago
when I attempted to come into recovery,
it felt very lonely. -I was addicted for so long
and my family didn’t even want
to reach out to help. And around the whole Arabic
community everybody shamed me. How do you get out of that? Addiction overall is tough
on any human being. I really believe,
in our culture, it’s so much harder — they need
to stop being ashamed and just come out
and say [foreign]. “My son needs,
my daughter needs help.” So, hopefully we’ll get there. -I’m very blessed to go
to Hajj this year. Okay, this is
my third time going to Hajj, and Arash is going to be coming.
Congratulations, man. In our program,
if you have a year more, we have a very generous
community of people that go to Hajj and that sponsor
others that go to Hajj. Hajj is a pilgrimage, it’s one
of the pillars of Islam. We visit the city of Mecca
which is the holiest site in all of Islam. For someone
in recovery to go to Hajj, it’s very powerful because
it symbolizes a sense of hope. It kind of, I feel,
solidifies one’s recovery. So about six months
of clean time for Arash, I told him that we’ll
go to Hajj. And when I said that to him,
his eyes lit up. Arash’s faith is very, very
important to him. You know what?
You earned it, man. You earned it, you know?
I’m very proud of you, man. You understand,
you come along long way. -See, I think it’s on the full
grace of God that I’m sober right now and I’m, you know, getting my
life back together because I was probably
going to die. -Three years ago Ali and I did
an intervention for Hass’s brother, and that was
our first intervention. And so now
we’re helping out Hass. I think he’s ready to go. -I’m on the way to recovery. And today we’ll be
starting my day one. It’s a 21 day program. Before I left my house today, I actually said
goodbye to my sister. She cried and hugged me.
I love her to death. I said goodbye to my mom and dad and I told ’em
how much I love them. And I told them how much
I appreciate everything they’ve ever done for me. I’m going to get through it. It happened to me. I’m not proud of it. There could be an end —
this could stop. Our community is afraid
to say something. ♪♪ -How are you?
What are you doing? -I’m at the skate park. -You’re leaving
in two days, right? -Yeah. -Wow. I’m very excited for you. -Thank you. -Are you ready? -Yeah, I’m ready. -You take care of
yourself, okay? -Okay.
-I pray for you. -All right.
-Be safe, listen… Listen to [indistinct],
what he says, you know? -Yeah. -[Foreign] I love you so much.
-Yeah, I love you too, bye-bye. -I love you, bye-bye. ♪♪ -When I found out that
that was a possibility to go to Hajj, I was really
committed to staying clean. ♪♪ We’re going to
Detroit Metropolitan Airport for my flight to Lebanon,
then to Mecca. -We’re going to miss you, Arash. You’re… You’re like
our mascot at the house. -Thank you. ♪♪ -All right…
-All right. -Be safe out there.
-I will. -Bring me back something cool.
-All right, I got you. I never imagined
I would be free from addiction. This trip is important to me
because it’s part of a new beginning,
a new life, new chapter. ♪♪ I’ve chosen to share my story
and be seen because I want people
to get help… And not be afraid
and not be embarrassed. ♪♪ ♪♪ -We can’t eat this back home
because it’s not halal. Thank you so much.
-Boom! You’re welcome, brother. -Oh, ooh-ooh! This is halal, man.
[ Laughter ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -We can’t eat this back home
because it’s not halal. So we get the opportunity
to eat it here. We got you a Big Mac and a
six-piece Chicken McNuggets. -Thank you so much.
-Boom! You’re welcome, brother. Oh, ooh-ooh! -This is halal, man.
[ Laughter ]

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  1. Best recover is Hajj MashAllah


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    My fellow American brothers and sisters, Lord be with us. –
    If governments sold Safe opiates, "yes there is a such thing", that
    were regulated by government, as long as they were cheaper – than heroin,
    people would not purchase illegal narcotic's that are cut with synthetic opioids
    that government cooked up; that are from "3 to 5,000" times stronger
    than heroin. We wouldn't be losing our brothers and sisters;
    "people", that choose to use opiates to improve their lives, because
    why live in pain when you can take a simple pill. Pain does kill you over time
    believe it or not, and living in pain is completely exhausting. You can't sleep
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    epidemic.  God created the poppy with 20
    alkaloids, but when chemist started extracting morphine and the other separate
    alkaloids, you have a problem. The government has around 65 synthetic opioid's
    that are "schedule 1", and over 20 that are "schedule 2"
    WHY? Why have they created all these? Blame the government, not the street
    dealers. Most heroin dealers that push their product on the streets, are basically
    selling to pay for their own habit. If Safe opiates where cheap, then current
    addicts wouldn't have to deal heroin to pay for their habit. The government is
    the biggest drug dealer there is, and Purdue Pharma's top executives; the
    company that invented OxyContin, First lied, and said that it wasn't as
    addictive as morphine or other types of narcotic pain medications, but the side
    effects of oxycontin are the same as heroin, and within the first 4 years of
    OxyContin's release. 200,000 people that were legally prescribed had died from
    over-doses. The person who worked for the F.D.A. that approved Oxycontin, for
    use in pain management quit working for the government and started working for
    this company, Purdue Pharma within the same year. America is suppose to be the
    land of justice, "FAIRNESS", and it's not justice when impoverished
    street dealers get life sentences for selling a substance to someone that dies
    from it, when these corporations are killing millions of people for the same
    exact thing, and the harshest penalty for their actions are misdemeanors.  "All pharmaceutical companies", are
    regulated by the government. In order to be a pharmaceutical company, you need
    to be chartered or contracted with the government, which is called a
    corporation; and all corporations have to pay corporate taxes on the revenue
    made. Use to be 35% tax, but President Trump has lowered it to 25%. The more
    money the drug companies make the more money the federal government pockets.
    Medicaid is nothing more than the governments way of money laundering. Policies
    passed by the government make Medicaid pay any for prescription no matter the
    cost. It's the middleclass worker that flips the bill for grandma's $30,000 per
    month or more medications. Billions of tax dollars are being spent on something
    that should only cost thousands of dollars. 30,000 dollars in taxes are used to
    pay for something that only cost a few dollars to produce, and these
    corporations are paying the government billions of dollars that are used for
    political interest without anyone realizing it. We just think that our hard-earned
    dollars are being used for social security, which pays for Medicaid etc. We
    don't think twice about this taxation, but we would if it were used in a
    unneeded manner. This is why Americans are dying. The government "wants"
    you to blame the heroin dealers. It’s their game. As long as narcotics are
    illegal. The government keeps the monopoly for themselves. Illegal narcotic
    also gives governmental authority – justification – to steal "and to
    impose fines for profit" from the people. Last year alone $5.3 billion in property
    forfeitures had been seized from illegal activities like drug trafficking, and dealing.
    More cash and property had been stolen by the police than did criminals get
    from burglaries and robberies last year. Is it just a coincidence? that when
    the government made narcotics illegal, within the same year violated the
    constitution to amend it to impose income taxes – which both happen in the year
    "1913". But the government actually didn't make narcotics illegal
    then. They only passed "The Harrison Narcotic Tax Act in 1914", which
    only tells you one thing. The people running the government during this time
    were passing bills, left and right, and amending the constitution in order to
    increase revenue, to increase government power, and control over the economy.
    1913 is also the same year the Federal Reserve was created. Which is the
    governments BANK. Government is supposed to only regulate. How can you regulate
    something that is out-right prohibited? because obviously the current agenda by
    our policy makers aren't working. Secondly, Drugs are materials which are
    "possessed and owned", which is classified as property. Which is a
    constitutional right. Government is also forbidden from interfering with contracts
    between individuals or groups. So, in a since, Heroin dealing – would be
    protected under the constitution. Which sounds wrong, but sad but true.
    Government has the resources to innovate real solutions or they just don't care
    for heroin addict, which seems to be the bias attitude in society. Their
    perfect propaganda I would say. Our government also likes to televise addicts
    from the street. They brainwash people in believing that if you use illegal
    drugs; you will eventually become a homeless drug fiend, that begs for money,
    while shooting up in a dark alley, but this is far from the truth, and is only
    the dirty side of what illegal narcotics have caused in this country. Most
    people who are homeless are alcoholics. If narcotics were consumed as a
    beverage, like they had been with patent medicines before 1905. Alcohol, by
    far, would be the worst, and most toxic, dangerous naturally occurring
    substance, that someone could consume. There wasn't a social movement against
    narcotics like there was with alcohol. No-one probably knows that John F.
    Kennedy was dependent on narcotics because of a back injury. Was he running the
    country from a dark alley? no he wasn't. He was in the highest office, leading
    a nation. We all know what happened with alcohol prohibition. It's even fact
    that the F.B.I. was intentionally putting deadly chemicals in alcohol during
    the prohibition. So, people would get sick or die from drinking. Just so
    society would once and for all demonize alcohol. Well history does repeat
    itself, because I wonder how fentanyl gets into the heroin supply. Then after
    how many years were those nicotine vapor devices been on the market. all of a
    sudden, teenagers start dying by the handful because of vaping. Well, God
    Bless, and stay strong.

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    Keep on keepin' on!! ☮️💙

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  72. I just want to mention that if you struggle with addiction & you feel like AA or NA isn't working for you? There other community based support groups out there & you can attend more than one thing:
    1)LifeRing Secular Recovery (an abstinence based secular meeting)
    2) SMART Recovery- based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy
    3) Refuge Recovery- based on the principles of Buddhism
    4) Women for Sobriety- is an all female group which focuses on rebuilding self esteem & remaining abstinent from drugs/alcohol
    5) Secular Organization for Sobriety- (which is what I attend) is similar to the LifeRing model of recovery. The meetings tend to be reasonably small which I appreciated. I found it easier to open up there. It is a secular meeting but people of all helief systems are welcome. I have almost 5 years clean and I give a lot of the credit to SOS.
    6)Soberistas- is an online recovery group which is great option if you struggle with social anxiety or if you live in the middle of nowhere. There are a bunch of other online groups. This is just the one I'm familiar with.
    7) Soberocity (is a mix of the in person and online meetings)
    8) She Recovers (includes meetings, retreats, & coaching for women to help kick addictive behaviors)
    9) Celebrate Recovery- is a Christianity specific recovery group.
    10) "Christians in Recovery" is a similar Christian recovery group but unlike Celebrate Recovery which uses the 12 steps, Christians in Recovery publishes a number of unique books & workbooks.
    11) There may also be non-affiliated group therapy meetings in your area. You can speak to your therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist if you are interested in this and they can probably steer you in the right direction. Or the SAMHSA hotline may be able to help. 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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  79. Homies brows are on fleek

  80. Anno yeah without the support of my wonderful family well my mam & dad, my sister & antys, uncles can go fuck them selfs I probably wouldn't be here, Muslim parents if you read this from someone who has been their your children need your support

  81. 10:50 That Arash when he found out he was going to Mecca he was committed to stay clean WTF that's the wrong reason

  82. I live in Westland Michigan smh this is crazy.

  83. Start by understanding, the universe is not a religion.

  84. Much love im still battling addiction and it must be so much harder for these guys. so much respect.

  85. either opioids will take down terrorists or gov agencies will

  86. No matter what god you pray to, we're all human.

  87. Kratom has saved many lives from opioid/opiate addiction!!

  88. 200% up from 2016, this is misleading . how many od in 2016 give number of deaths. I am British Muslim and this all sounds like dog shit.

  89. One day hopefully heroin and morphine will be legal and regulated ʾIn shāʾ Allāh. I have been a responsible opiophile for over a decade now. Having access to pharmacy grade dia-morphine would save so so many lives. That fent is just so much cheaper then dope (so much less euphoric tho) and an addict is gonna get high by any means. I consider myself lucky that I have the willpower to stay a once sometimes twice a week recreational enthusiast. It gets easier and easier with age tho.

  90. My prayers to the Muslim community from a Christian. This is a universal problem and the devil is attacking all of us not just Christians.

  91. It seems in the US everything is segregated according to ethnicity, culture and religion? Americans have no common ground and common values?

  92. Gods common grace is openly given to all, but salvation comes from Jesus and Him alone. God bless these young men on their continued recovery.

  93. do they serves pork in MC'D ? particularly US mcds..

  94. That’s not a Muslim community that’s a Shia community which are non Muslims by the consensus of the majority

  95. @3:33 IRAN ?
    really? its full of addicts too !

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