OnePlus Star Community – Sania Mirza

OnePlus Star Community – Sania Mirza

Every sport brings with it its own set of pressures, criticisms and hardships. I have become obviously a much stronger person, but also a much stronger sportsperson because of all this. This picture that I’ve taken on my phone, clicked on Republic Day, in Australia, is extra special to me. Pictures are amazing because they let you capture the most incredible memories. And they let you relive all those moments again and again. That’s one of the reasons I love clicking a lot of photos, especially when I’m traveling. Being the person who loves to document practically every single thing, clicking pictures lets me capture my incredible visual journey. My phone of choice, has been the 128 GB OnePlus 3T because I don’t have to ever bother about space. And the camera really brings alive every single picture I click, and lets me create my own photographic record of every single memory Despite having thousands of pictures on my gallery, the OnePlus 3T shows no sign of ever slowing down. In other words, the phone stands true to the Never Settle mantra of OnePlus. I’m a big fan of OnePlus. You mean the new phone? Does it come in yellow? That goes with my style?

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  1. I am also be big fan of OnePlus..specially it's NEVER SETTLE logo

  2. Video cannot be more fake

  3. Paid Marketing at its worst!!
    she tweeted about OnePlus 3t using an iPhone!!
    this cant be more fake!!

  4. Oneplus has been doing well enough there is no point in making this cheap false videos to make us believe….. About the quality of ur products

  5. iOS user spotted!

  6. we knows you 1+ and we love what you done with you phones but advertisement just went so wrong. Let's bring techies to the table.

  7. Iam a big fan too of one plus….

  8. should have added a watermark in the video saying "SHOT ON IPHONE & PAID THROUGH CASH "

  9. oneplus should take aamir khan

  10. One plus please no need for promoting so much, We know no one can beat you for the specs you offer for that price!!!

  11. wtf oneplus…. y did u settle?

  12. Yeah…. she would be happy…. as the OnePlus 5 looks a lot like iPhone 7 plus….. if you know what i mean

  13. The world knows one plus for its specs and value for money products. It doesnt need idiots like her to promot their products. please stop doing all this nonesense advertising as we know that the money they are paid for all this shall have to be borne by us customers in the end. Just keep making great products silently. Ur consumers opinion about ur products is the greatest advertisement, not these fools who know nothing about technology. Just remember how 1+3 became one of the most popular android phones in india with almost zero advertisement.

  14. hatesoff to one plus

  15. dear one plus,
    we Indian people want good phone at good price, why u waste your money at lots of advertising, we required after sale service. and the huge advertising directly leads to hike in price of one plus 5, really disappointed…….

  16. why the hell is one plus spending such money on this stupid marketing .they don't need it . it already sells like hot cakes . don't be like Ur parent company oppo and waste money in this advertisement .

  17. chal jhooti 😛

  18. post from iPhone and credit to OnePlus 3T

  19. So dumb with oneplus.. Your price was low because of no advertising concept. Now you are roping in big b, sushant Singh, saina just to increase price of oneplus 5… I guess if that is the case 3t would be my last phone…

  20. phone speaks for it advertisement not not advertisement speak for phone understand you Oppo there is no point of going for this stupid female and giving advertisement I have supported you since the first day but because of this add I am not going to buy your product in my life f*** you Oppo

  21. 0:42 clicked using dslr with proper zoom lense and transfered to phone,, u can see depth of field..

  22. If she is using this product, then I'm not going to purchase it…….

  23. Yeh wahi hai na jisne 1⃣ ➕ OP ke bare me tarif ki thi iPhone se….. 😁 😁 😁

  24. but she uses iphone…….

  25. she is pakistani.. not Indian…

  26. I don't understand why they need to advertise thier products in first place. Secondly they have chosen a cheap and an oversmart person , Sania looks so nonsense and idiotic. I don't understand why she tries to become oversmart, everytime everywhere.

  27. xx ब्लू फिल्म

  28. xx ब्लू फिल्म

  29. xx ब्लू फिल्म

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