Oneonta: The Community

Oneonta: The Community

Hi, I’m Sara and Oneonta’s campus is great. But another great part about Oneonta is the town and it’s just right outside of campus. So let’s take a look. (Music) (Music) The Oneonta community is really welcoming to the students. It’s a college town, it’s a small place. They know the students are here part of the year and they’re all really welcoming and accepting of us. They make it a really friendly environment. Our community is beautiful. You come in the fall, in the spring, you know we’re nestled in the Catskills, you’re going to see changing leaves, all 4 seasons. Oneonta’s a place to get off campus and go hang out. So heading downtown to Main Street is a really great option. There’s always something to do in town whether it’s with a friend or meeting people out in the community. I do like the restaurant portion of it. It’s different from where I live, there’s personally a lot chain restaurants. But here there’s more family restaurants that makes it a different culture which is nice. Most of us students take the OPT bus from campus and we head downtown. Altough Oneonta is a small community it’s very interactive and there’s a lot of people here. I always meet new people every day. Just going around and exploring the town, I know for me I came from the city, so this is big culture shock to me. Having so many trees, I’m not used to it. Having such little buildings, but there’s a lot of history in Oneonta. There’s a Main Street in every town and it’s always very family oriented. The people in the restaurants know that families are coming in, but then when you get more towards campus, everyone’s around your age. It’s a good balance between the two, so it doesn’t feel like it’s just a college town anymore. It’s a town that people live in also. (Music) (Music)

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  1. I've been to all these locations in the vid b4 ^-^

  2. oneonta ! was home too grandma for 50 years i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! and the folks are ANAZING
    brooks bbq- nice houses and smiles !!!!!!!!

  3. hey guys- ladys who are going oteonta state school= hartwick
    last last on the right east and bugge road 177 east st was gradma house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    miss u gradma

  4. hey oneonta state — harwick —– i love oneonta ny brooks- my gradma my folks where married at harwick !
    family history love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. That was me at 20 seconds

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