Nick Offerman Made A Heart-Shaped Box From Scratch To Hold Megan Mullally’s Engagement Ring

Nick Offerman Made A Heart-Shaped Box From Scratch To Hold Megan Mullally’s Engagement Ring

– You are super good at singing. (laughs) – I do owe my career, I think, to you. You told me backstage, he and Megan actually voted
around 7,000 times for me. – [Nick] That’s right. – No, but you have a new podcast, right? – Yes. Megan and I have a new podcast called, “In Bed with Nick and Megan.” (audience laughs) – [Kelly] So are you literally… (Kelly chuckles) I love you two. So wait, are you
literally in bed doing it? – We’re in bed, yeah.
– Or not, wait, not her, wait. (audience laughs) Bah. – We are in bed doing it. – That is so not what I meant, and it came out wrong. – It depends on the guest. (laughs) – Doing the interview in the bed. So what do y’all talk about? – Well, sometimes it’s very
funny depending on the guest. Sometimes it’s very serious. Sometimes it’s just us. Sometimes Megan’s band mate from Nancy and Beth, her band, Stephanie Hunt joins us as
sort of a wacky sidekick. – Everything’s on the table. – We have a great scoop of friends, and we bring ’em one at a time
and put ’em in our bed and, (laughs) see what happens. – [Kelly] And you do it. So you’ve been, this is actually, you’ve been with Megan for, is it 20 years or over? – About 20 years, yeah. – [Kelly] That’s crazy. – It is crazy.
(audience cheers and applause) – [Kelly] It’s so good. – [Nick] I know. – [Kelly] So what’s the secret? Share. – She doesn’t have great eyesight. (laughs) – That’s not true. – I think that’s number one. – I think the secret is a sense of humor, intimacy,
– Yeah. – swallow your ego. If you’re gonna promise somebody to stay together for your whole lives, then you have to make
some compromises and say, “You know what? Okay, I will not put mayonnaise
on the chicken cordon bleu.” (Kelly laughs) – But it’s good. – You win.
– Mayo’s good. – You win.
– Tonight you win, honey. – That’s good though. That’s awesome. It’s such a rare thing, I think, for somebody to stay with, especially in this industry, you’ve got spotlights on you. That’s hard. – It is, yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s um… – [Kelly] Well, I commend y’all. That’s amazing. – Thank you, I appreciate it. – Yeah. I love you two.
– Wow. – You and Amy are so perfect. – Thank you. We have a lot of fun together. – Yes. It’s such a great show. How is this season, you think,
different from the first? – This season, well you know the biggest difference is the contestants on season two have seen season one. – [Kelly] Ah. – So like contestants
on Survivor these days, they know how to game the show. They’re like, “Okay, by season five,
there’s gonna be a merge, and we’re gonna have to change our buffs.” – [Kelly] Yes. They’re just filled with liars. – [Nick] They are. – Yes.
(audience laughs) I watch this show My sister and mother are obsessed with it. I feel like all you do is survive, it’d just be called lying. – It is. – [Kelly] Yes. – Who lies good? – [Kelly] Yes. – There’s not so much lying on this show but.. (laughing) – Except if you don’t like something, that’s great. – The glue gun doesn’t lie. – I love what y’all do, it’s fascinating what y’all do. Like what you can create, like that quickly. – The contestants on this
show are astonishing, their creativity. I mean, Amy and I, we love our jobs because
we just stand there and watch brilliant people make magic. And our job is to say, “Look at this, this is amazing.” And they say, “Here’s money, can I get you sandwich?” (Kelly laughing) – Do you want coffee? – Corn beef, please. – Do you have a favorite
item from the show that someone’s made? – Oh, there’s a lot of those but this season there was one, there was one. I don’t want to give any spoilers but there was one that I
thought was so magnificent that it moved me to tears. – Oh, that is such a tease. – Yeah, it was really, it was an art project that you could enter. – Oh, you could walk in maybe? Or I don’t know, you’ll have to watch the show to see. – [Nick] You’ll have to watch and see. – I’m actually very excited about it. But there also was a, what was it called, a she-shed? – She-shed by the seashore. – [Kelly] She-shed by the seashore. – You had to use she-shells and shelted caramel. (laughing) There’s some rules. – Well we’re actually donating one of them on the show. – [Nick] Oh, no way. – Yeah, we’re going to
be donating one of them, they were pretty cool right? – They were amazing.
– Yeah. – I mean its, not only are they brilliant and creative, but all of the contestants, the things that, ‘cuz I could make some things, I can make furniture which
is why I’m on the show, but what they can make in six hours, would take me six days or six weeks. – [Kelly] Yeah. – That’s what’s amazing. – But you’re pretty talented like, I’ve seen some of your stuff, yeah you’re pretty talented. You’re being humble, whatever. – No I mean, many people can hammer in a nail. – I’m not good at that. – I just, I can hammer a nail and grow a good mustache.
– See. – And so it’s the– – Those worlds, when those worlds collide it’s magic. – Yeah. – Do you have a favorite
piece that you’ve made? – You know, there’s two canoes
on the Parks and Recs show that Ron Swanson uses, I made both of those. – That’s so cool. – And I’m very proud of those, but the best thing I made was a little heart shaped walnut box that housed the ring, with which I proposed to my wife. (audience aw’s) – Stop it. – And the spoiler alert, it worked. (audience laughs) – So we’re like, she said yes. (clapping) – That’s awesome. That’s so beautiful and handmade that’s very thoughtful. – It was an effective
piece of wood working. And it was pre 9/11, so you could still take
linseed oil on the airplane. – [Kelly] Oh, they don’t
let anything in now, yeah. – Sneak into the bathroom and do a couple final finish coats. – [Kelly] Yes. I love that you’re on an airplane going, it’s gotta be perfect. (laughing) Well, tell us about, I actually found out about
an organization that you, it’s called Would Works. – Would Works, yeah. – W-O-U-L-D – That’s right.
– Yes. – My wood shop in Los Angeles partners with this company called Would Works, it’s a non profit, that helps people on skid
row or homeless people, just get a leg back up. Because often people are
just dealt a bad hand of cards in life. Often it has to do with our
crazy health care system. – Or they’re born into it. – Yeah, or they’re born into it where all they wanna do, people just want to be
a responsible citizen. But sometimes it’s hard
to get that first leg up if you don’t have an address, or you don’t have a
social security number, and so you can sign up at Would Works to perform labor. Where you’re making
cutting boards or coasters, or other wood working items. And Would Works instead of, paying you in cash, they pay you with something
you need to get going. Like a suit of clothes, or a pair of glasses. – That’s so cool. – And then the best thing is that a perspective job
employer can call Would Works and we can say, “Oh yeah Julie showed up for two weeks, she was sober, like give
her a job she’s a good lady. And so it helps people get going and get on their way back to finding an address of their own. – That’s a huge thing, to have somebody to call
like for your resume. That’s a huge thing. – [Nick] It is, it’s a good deal. – Wow. (audience clapping) Well I’m a huge Parks and Recreation fan and I have a very embarrassing confession, I told him backstage. But in 2011 I tweeted, I didn’t just tweet I begged to be on Parks and Recreation. Just so I could be in a
scene with Ron Swanson. Because I was obsessed. Here’s the thing, I even own that I was a horrible actor, I’m a horrible actor. But I have a lot of spirit and I could have played a bad actor. I didn’t get a call, it’s fine, it’s fine,
Amy it’s fine, y’all. If we could turn back time with Cher, and you gave me a role, what do you think I could have played, like maybe a stage five
clinger for Ron Swanson. – It’s a huge compliment, first of all. I’m very grateful that you
wanted to be on the show. – [Kelly] Dude, it’s great. It was so great, there’s so many great actors on there. – Well I was grateful to
get to go to work everyday. And I think they, you know great comedy writers, they look at me and they say, “We can make people laugh with these raw materials.” Give that guy a coffee cup, oh yeah here we go. Give him a phone on his belt, all right. – You know what though? The physical comedy is so key, that’s what’s so great. – I think they would look at you, so they take your strengths. And they would say, “Okay let’s cast Kelly
as a very enthusiastic, wildy enthusiastic like
hurricane of positivity. – Yes. – And I think the laugh to get with a Kelly Clarkson character is someone who would out Leslie Knop, Leslie Knope. – Exactly. – Like you would finally– – Where were you in 2011? – Someone would go too far. – (Kelly laughing) I’m just kidding. – Someone who Leslie Knope would be like, “She’s too much.” (audience laughing) – [Kelly] She is a little over the top. – She’s too excited. – You know what, not the
first time I’ve heard that. (laughing) Probably not that last. My husband says it every night, and then he says, “I love you.”

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