News and Community Spotlight | January 16, 2020 | Unreal Engine

News and Community Spotlight | January 16, 2020 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey all, we hope
you’ve had a great week. Until recently, distribution
solutions were limited by hardware
with quality determined by the device’s display
capabilities, disk space
and download times. As a solution, Unreal Engine
introduced Pixel Streaming allowing users to stream
interactive real-time content to any device at the highest
possible fidelity. In our new white paper,
Streaming Unreal Engine content to multiple platforms, we compare client
side solutions, WebGL and HTML five
with host side pixel streaming and detail
the motivating factors behind this entirely
new technology. Read the full paper on our blog.
Former Rock Steady developers, Adam Doherty and Dax Ginn
branched out on their own and use their AAA expertise
to form new indie studio. Whatboy Games. With their breakout deck
building strategy game, Trials of Fire currently
in early access, we reached out to them to talk
about the game success. Find out more about
the team’s transition to indie and get additional tips
relating to design in our full interview
available online. Want a chance at $1,000,
build your Unreal expertise and enter our first
Unreal Online Learning challenge and you could win
one of five Visa gift cards. Complete at least one course
by February 15th and share your
new achievement badge using #LearnUnreal. The challenge is
for US residents only. Check out the official rules for
more information on eligibility and how to enter.
Now over to our top weekly Karma earners
on AnswerHub. Many thanks to T_Sumisaki,
Clayton.Campbell, MMMarcis, IanBerget,
Preston42382 Shadowriver, FunandFriendly, SithHunter,
BlueMind Studio and GarnerP57. Our first spotlight this week
is a personal project by Wayne Dalton, simply named
Abandoned Farmhouse, which is based
on the Tapioca Farmhouse. Head over to Wayne’s
ArtStation page to see beautiful stills of all
the pieces of the homestead. This promotional video
is the team’s first foray into real-time animation and it was created for the MMO
RPG, Moonlight Sculptor. The team is actively
looking for feedback, so drop them
your comments in the forums. Our last one is a lovely
interior visualization inspired by French
and Victorian architecture using ray tracing built
by Render Lounge. Thanks for tuning in for the
news and community spotlight.

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