National Organization of High School Scholars misleads students

National Organization of High School Scholars misleads students

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  1. I’m really upset cause I thought it was nhs and I made my mom pay 75$ to a scam :((((

  2. Just called and got a refund

  3. I got an invitation

  4. I've been getting emails and just got a letter from them a few days ago. I finally decided to go on the website today and saw that I had to pay a fee of $75.00 for scholarships and other opportunities. My mom was telling me I should do it, but I knew it was a scam(my school counselor talks about how there is never a fee for scholarships). I'm just glad I didn't waste my money.

  5. r/APStudents brought me here

  6. Glad I looked at this they sent me one in June

  7. They've upped the membership fee from $60 to $75 now

  8. I got the letter im glad i didn't spend 75 dollars for this scam

  9. I almost paid… I thought I was graduating with honors.

  10. How do you get a refund?

  11. Or, or, or, you could also join the military. I heard that they house you, feed you and even pay for your college. Although, life expectancy can be as short 3 seconds.

  12. I paid but there isn’t a chapter in Oklahoma so I can’t go to events and stuff but I mean OU had no problem with it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. I think they just started the program though and that’s why it’s not known

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