NANALO AKO NG IPHONE 11 PRO MAX! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ iPhone 7+ Give Away? Make Money From Receipt!

NANALO AKO NG IPHONE 11 PRO MAX! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ iPhone 7+ Give Away? Make Money From Receipt!

And this is it! The iphone 11 pro max that I won in! And about this iphone 7+ that I’my using before do you want me to give away this item? If you want, then stay tune! Hello everyone and welcome back again to my youtube channel, Earn Money with Aiza. And for today’s video we’ll be having an update about and let’s check the new features of this website. Alright regarding on my previous video which is how I made 850 us dollars they have conducted a competition or a contest where you will win 50, 000 instars or 3 iphone 11 pros, alright! Good news here is that I won but instead of 50,000 instar I asked them to convert it to iphone 11 pro max! okay so later on I will show you the video on unboxing the 11 pro max and the goodnews here is I will be giving away all my earnings here in All those people who signed up on my referral link and upgrade or submitted their KYC you will receive all instar that I have receive. I will put here in the comment section the google form where you will fill up. All you have to do is fill up your name that your are using in your your email address and your instar token wallet address. Okay how will we get the instar token wallet? let’s go to our account then let’s go to our wallet As you can see we have earned 26,960 instars token and I will give this away to you. So basically let’s click receive and your instar wallet address will appear all you have to do is to copy it and paste it here in your instar wallet address! Okay, now… let’s proceed to unboxing iphone 11 pro max. Weeeeh! So I already got my iphone 11 pro max that I won in Here is it! it has 256 gigabytes (GB) and they really send here in my home address! First of all, I would like to say thank you ofcouse to, because they have choose me in there top 3 winners in their referral program or referral contest and yes I won iphone 11 pro max okay so now let’s unbox this phone. Actually I have unboxed it already and put a screen protector but let’s still check what’s the inside of this phone, maybe a short video actuaaly ever since that I got a smart phone I’m a fan of iphone, I never got an android phone. The android phones that I’m using for my tutorials is my father’s phone. So yeah, let’s not make this long. Let’s unbox the iphone 11 pro max. Let’s peel off this one oopss! Let’s take good care of the box, just like how we care on our boyfriends or girlfriends. Joke! Okay here. The color that I’ve choose is midnight green actually it should be silver or gold but sad to say it’s our of stock. That’s why this is the color of iphone they sent me, but it’s fine since this one’s for free! Okay let’s open the box and yeah I told you earlier that I’ve open it already and put a screen protector and obviously I went from the mall earlier to put some accessories okay so here is the iphone11 pro max, beautiful! but this one’s just chill its just it’s over rated since it’s very expensive. It’s about 85,000 in philippines. And honestly, I’m not a costly person I’m costly when it comes to the things I love. Specially food, but when it comes to devices or gadgets If I still got a phone that is still useful and very fine I don’t buy luxury specially when it’s way to expensive. It already has a camera, screen protector and of course let’s peel this off It is so clear! It has already a screen protector…. Okay so basically the latest feature in iphone 11 pro max is their camera. It has zoom zoom 1 and zoom 2. I’m here in our living room and as you can see our house is not big as you think. And actually it doesn’t have much update compared to iphone 7+ it’s just has a clear screen and has triple cameras, Okay so here they got I’m sorry, I’m not used in unboxing in the box they got an apple sticker and then manuals then an earpods and their charging port here, it’s type C and their lightning cable where it’s already type C. Okay about other phone which is iphone 7+, the wallpaper is “Choose people who choose you” (awwwwwweeee) Because here you must choose those people that also chooses you. Not that kind of love that you will beg for them to choose you. So yeah, know your worth and choose people who choose you. But anyway what do you want me to do with this? Will this be a give away for everyone? (Laughs) sorry but this is to memorable or this phone is very close to my heart because this is the phone when I started my journey in youtube (awweeeee) it got so much memories and of course I cannot let this go. (SANA ALL, hindi ka kayang ilet go) Since we are not an unboxing channel so this will end our short video showing that give aways are legit and if you give more effort to it you will have more chances of winning too. and now let’s go to my android device to show you the new feature of instars which is capture receipt. Very exciting because in their new feature you will earn extra money online by sending receipts. We’re here in my android device and as you can see you can download instar in your playstore and basically you can login you accounts in a web browser, If you’re not using an android device is also available in any devices, just use a web browser to access it and their new feature which is you will send a receipt to earn instar tokens is found here in activities okay so number 1 you can take their survey and you can watch it in our previous video on how work and next is the paid experiences. All your capture receipt will enter here review experience and get instars but anyway let’s proceed in their application which is instars. Here you can view your current balance then your activities, then all you have to do is answer surveys to get free instar tokens. It does not have a right or wrong answers! Let’s just rate this Okay, its successful and here in the dashboard you will see capture receipt. Then select category if what receipt you got now or what kind of receipt that you’ve paid today for example you bought grocery today or you bought something in the convenience store you can select this or the grocery as for me I will try the grocery. It says here that 1) receipt must be from the above category, clear and readable. 2) Original receipts only. 3) All receipts must be submitted within 24 hrs. 4) Receipt, your receipt must contains date, business name, date, address, transaction number and total. 5) Your purchase must be paid through cash or credit card and for the last rule their is a maximum amount in sending a receipt. We only have 3 times per day. Okay so now let go to take a picture and of course try to fit it on your screen. Here we have pictured it all you have to do is to continue and describe your visit in that grocery store. So great service, rate it from 1-5 then feedback if it’s done let’s submit it. It says that it will take up to 48 hours to review the receipt and to credit our reward. Okay so that’s how fast and easy to send a receipt here if you remember snap cart, it’s the same with it. So that’s the newest feature of All you have to do is to answer surveys and submit receipt and of course watch my full video on how to convert or exchange instars token to btc here is my video on how I made 850 us dollars that’s my full video about instar where I earn 43,000 pesos. Okay so yeah! Thank you again for watching thank you to all our viewers, stay cool, stay rich! My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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