My Super Organized Christmas || FREE Printables || Christmas 2018

My Super Organized Christmas || FREE Printables || Christmas 2018

– Hi guys! Today I’m going to be talking
about planning for Christmas. ♪ The Family Fudge ♪ ♪ The Family Fudge ♪ ♪ They are mostly sweet but full of nuts ♪ – Hi guys welcome back. (“We Wish You A Merry
Christmas” – Instrumental) If you’re new here my name is Jennifer and I am the mom of The Family Fudge. I have four little kids ages
five months to almost seven and I’ve been on a quest
to get more organized. And so one of the things I
wanted to do this Christmas is create some planning worksheets that I could fill out to
help me stay organized. And that I could also use next Christmas and that I could put on the
blog to share with you guys. So if you guys want to
print out any of these go on over to and they’ll be there hopefully for you guys to print
out and use yourself. Now if you’re a super
organized planning lady you probably have this down already but if you’re like me just
starting out with planning and you’re kind of a
procrastinator (chuckles) this is for you. It’ll be perfect so go
ahead and give it a try. If you’re new here I
invite you to go ahead and watch this video and maybe a few more. And if you like what you see
hit that Subscribe button to come back for more videos. So I’ll go ahead and show
you the different printables and how I use them and give you some ideas of how
you might use them yourself. So you can make your own Christmas planner with just a few things. I picked up this one
inch binder from Walmart and it was about two or $3 and I also picked up a package of eight Write & Erase dividers. And I like these because
you can just go ahead and write on the tab you
don’t have to deal with the little paper inserts. Then I also picked up
a package of card stock so I could print on thicker paper but that’s totally optional
you don’t need card stock. And then you have some
pens and a hole punch. So like I said, all these
printables can be found for free on and I’ll go ahead and link
our blog site down below in the description box below. If you want to go there
and check that out. But first I have these two
different binder covers for you to choose from. I have this one with the ornaments and this ones more of
just a geometric design and I tried to keep
the colors pretty plain in case you wanted to go ahead and print this in black and white and not use any color ink. So I’m going to choose this one so I’m gonna go ahead and insert that. Okay so who’s ready to see My Super Organized Christmas binder? You open it up and this type of binder
can fold all the way back making it easy for me
to write on my calendar. Which is the first thing that we find when we open up this binder. And then we go into the Menu section. So this is a place
where you can write down what kind of meal you’re having. Whether you’re having Christmas dinner or maybe you’re having
your meal Christmas Eve. You have a space to write that down and then the date and the
time and then the location. And when I have this filled out I plan on emailing it
to my family members. Because in my family
we divvy up the dishes it’s not all just on one
person to make everything. So we have a sign up for them. So here we have the type
of food whether it be an appetizer, an entree side dish, dessert or drinks. And then what the item is that the person is going to be making and then that person
that’s going to make it. And we actually haven’t
decided all the way yet we have some planning yet to do. And in the cooking section I have my, what I’m calling my cooking plan. So when I know what
dishes I’m gonna be making I’m gonna go ahead and write them on here. So I know I’m gonna be
making Rice Krispie treats and funeral potatoes also known as cheesy hash brown potatoes. So I know I’m going to be making those and so I can go ahead and
write all the information that I might need. Like the source, I know how
to make Rice Krispie treats I don’t need to find the recipe for that. I know about how much it
will cost for budgeting about how much time it’ll take and the ingredients that
I still need to buy. I know when I’m going to make it. I have a note section in case I might want to add anything special like maybe I want sprinkles I don’t know. The next section I have here
is the Shopping section. And here I can have a
shopping list with food items and other items that I might need. So after I know what meals I’m, what dishes I’m gonna be making I can write down all the
ingredients that I need here. And any miscellaneous
items that I need to buy I will write there. Next I have the Gift section. So in this section I have spaces for the person I am buying for and then I have some ideas of things I might want to buy them. And then I’ve gone
ahead and checked it off if I actually bought that item. Or let’s say I didn’t
actually buy a basketball but I bought this game
instead I put that there. And then I have the cost here so I can keep on track of my budget. And then once these items are wrapped I can just put a check, check, check. And so I know whether
they’ve been wrapped or not. And then this area I have
information about stockings but I’m not going to say that
in case we have little ears and Jackson and McKenzie you better not be watching this video. Mommy says don’t watch it. You won’t be surprised. So here I have McKenzie’s and you can print out, each
sheet has room for two people so it depends on how many
people you’re buying for but I have this little
quote on the side here that it says, something they want something they need, something they wear and something they read. And that’s kind of something
I try to keep in mind when I’m picking gifts for my kids. So there’s another gift list and another gift list. and then after that section
I have the To Do section. And I’ve kind of broken this down by when I want to do things. So about four to six weeks out
I have things I want to do. One to two weeks before the day before and the day of. So this will be different for each person. I kind of have a unique system but you can go ahead and write in here what would be realistic for you and when you want to do them. I tend to not do things
super far in advance but hopefully this will keep me from doing things last minute. Okay so after the To Do section I have the Tradition section. Now my oldest child is not seven yet so our family traditions are semi new and because they’re new there has been times
where I have forgotten. Oh I wanted that to be a
tradition but we forgot about it. So this is a really neat section that I’ve used to write down what the traditions that
we’re gonna try to do so that I don’t forget
any and that I’m prepared. So some of these things we’ve
actually already done like I wanted to make sure that we
did Operation Christmas Child and we did that. In fact we did that so I’m
going to put a check on that. And then the family trip
to Apple Hill we did that. And then in these sections we have areas to write what that tradition, what that tradition is and what you might need to buy or prepare to make that happen and
when we’re going to do it so you make sure to schedule time to do it and any other notes. So we’re going to be
making gingerbread houses I need to buy candy and paper plates. I know when we’re going to do it and I know that I want to make a video. So hopefully I’ll show
you guys how we make our mini gingerbread houses. And I say gingerbread in
quotes because they’re actually made of Graham Crackers. Anyway, there’s where I put
all of the family traditions that I want to keep. And if you have more then
four family traditions just print out more sheets. So simple. And in the next section I have my information
about my decorations. This is the decor, I’m calling
this the Decor Inventory. So I have it broken up by sections. We have items for the tree items for the table, for the outside and just miscellaneous items. And this helps me make sure
that I have all the decorations that I need and that they’re all out. I’m hoping this helps me when it comes time to pack things away and get them out next year ’cause I can pack like items together and also when I hit those
after Christmas sales I know what items I might
want to buy more of. So there’s a section here
to check off the items or write in specialty items that I have. Then after the decor items I have a section for my Christmas cards. I like to send out Christmas cards. I try to send them out
every year but I find myself having to re look up
people’s addresses every year because I don’t keep
track of those very well. So I went ahead and made
this sheet for myself to write down the name and address of the people I want to send
Christmas cards to this year. And if I hold onto it in this
binder and if they don’t move then I’ll have an easy place
to find them for next year. And so I just have eight
spaces on this sheet. Obviously if you want to
send out more then eight then just print out more sheets. Then in the back right here
I just have a blank sheet. You can do whatever you want to it shopping list, to do
list, things like that. And there you go. There’s my Super Organized
Christmas binder. I still have a lot of
things to fill out in here but I’m actually feeling really organized. All right there we have it. I hope these planning sheets help you. Leave me a comment down below
if you plan on using them. I hope that they help me stay organized this Christmas season and I hope that they can help you to. See ya next time. (“We Wish You A Merry
Christmas” – Instrumental)

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  15. I have an idea for you as a Christmas tradition on December 1 start reading the book of Luke Christmas story, you can start an advent calendar. This year my son is only 3 so we picked out a puzzle at the dollar store and we are working on it through the month of December. I like to knit so next year I’m going to start my holiday projects in January ! Another tradition we have stated this year is to make reindeer food (oatmeal and sugar green sprinkles) we make enough to share with my sons friends at school in brown lunch bags. Also I want to incorporated some of the old Cuban/Spanish traditions that have been lost because of the Cuban Revolution so i try to bring those in so my son will connect with his great grandparents who were exiled in the 1960’s to the USA and loved this country until their last breath and made it their own and taught us to love it BUT at the same time shared with us the rich culture of their motherlands so well that before I was a mom I would travel to Spain each Christmas and was able to assimilate into their culture seamlessly! I want my son to have this so on January 5 we will Take an old pair of shoes and put them under the tree so that in the morning the three wise men come and swap them with a new pair for the new year! Also what I like to do is create survival bags for the homeless just toiletries some food ideas etc keep them in my bag and hand them out as I’m driving to people who need them, I can’t volunteer in a good kitchen but would like to engage directly with people in need so this is a good alternative, I also do operation shoebox great to teach kids about other countries in need and the Lord ! Also going back to Christmas traditions I would love to incorporate different foods so maybe a traditional cake from Germany or Christmas cookies from wales ! I love that and it is a good teaching opportunity for my son. Plus we love to travel and right now we can’t so we can travel through our mind and taste buds.

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