my best organization system yet.

my best organization system yet.

I hate the idea that you have to stick with
one organization system throughout the year. Organization systems are tools that adapt
to our lifestyle and our workload and should be chosen and used according to those principles. Currently, I’ve been loving an all-digital
system again Because I can see the exact same information in different devices even if I’m
in a situation where I don’t have my laptop or even my iPad with me. Being able to log quick notes And tasks without
having to set up a notebook or a ring-bound planner feels awesome, especially when you
can add more detail and information to those notes in the future. My current organization system is divided
between three major apps: a main calendar app, a to-do app and a project planning app. I’ve been using Timepage, Actions and Notion,
respectively, for this, but you can use other similar apps of your choice. The basics of my organization system require
three main steps: 1) scheduling events, 2) logging tasks and 3) project plan. I go through these three steps when I need
to plan for something or during my weekly reset organization sessions. – The first part of this process is opening
my Timepage app, which is basically a very pretty and functional calendar app, go to
my monthly view and add events. In my own personal dictionary, calendar events
are basically locked time blocks . As soon as they are added to my calendar, that timeblock
can’t be used to schedule tasks. Whether it’s a place I must be, someone
I have to hang out with or that gym class I have to go to, any future tasks that I try
to allocate to my calendar can’t interfere with those time blocks. – When scheduling an event, I like to add
in as much detail as possible, including exact timeframes, location, contact numbers in case
there’s someone I have to call, as well as notes related to that event. I then select the calendar I want to add that
event to and that’s it. I simplified my calendar organization and
currently have two calendars: a family calendar, where I share events that are relevant to
share with my fiancé, and a personal calendar, which has information that is only relevant
to me. After all of my events have been scheduled,
it’s time to switch apps and open Actions. – Actions is an app that simply lets you log
tasks. It’s supposed to be simple and fast and
it mimics the experience of a to-do list by relying on swipe gestures and individual lists
of to-do’s, like you would find in the pages of a notepad. I have four main lists on Actions – a list
for work, other for general chores, a list for wedding planning and a list for YouTube
projects. These tasks can either be logged indefinitely
or scheduled for a specific day. For logging tasks, I go through the same system
every time. – Step number 1: When I open the app, I open
my first list and insert anything I remember that I have to do, from very small things
like “e-mailing final version of document” to big things like imagining an entire project
from scratch. I make sure I open each one of my lists, skim
through the tasks that have been logged and not yet completed and then add things I remember
I still have to start, improve or complete. – Step number 2: After all of my to-dos have
been added to their corresponding list, I return to the split view and start dragging
each task to a certain day of the week. Assigning a time slot for these tasks creates
a sense of accountability but most of all, it immediately affects the rest of my day. This is fundamental because the great thing
about Actions in my opinion is that it synths perfectly with Timepage. – There’s a weekly view in the left column
that imports all events added to Timepage, even if they come from multiple calendars. Having this overview of your week makes it
easy to drag and drop tasks, as you already have a sense of your available time because
of your locked time blocks. Managing your way around your scheduled events
makes it easier to allocate time dedicated to finish a certain task because there’s
an improved perception of how you’ll be spending your time and that will eliminate
any need to re-allocate. All of my events have been scheduled and all
of my tasks have been allocated. This means it’s time to look at the bigger
picture and this means project planning via Notion. A quick note regarding my understanding of
Project Planning, however – although it can include obvious things like creating a new
YouTube video series, writing an article or changing my bedroom decor, I also call project
planning to major lists that are used for a longer time-span than tasks in to-do lists;
for instance, my bucket list and my 30 before 30 list have been included in Notion. The same idea applies to things like my reading
list, major meal prepping routines, links for budgeting spreadsheets, etc. Furthermore, Notion also acts as a data repository
and it’s a place I use to keep all the random information I don’t want to forget like
brainstorming templates, ideas for Christmas gifts, contacts, restaurant recommendations,
video exporting settings, submission rules, the list goes on and on. In other words, after everything is scheduled
and allocated, Notion acts as a major (but organized) brain dump. I type down everything I think about: stuff
I want to do, stuff I need to remember or stuff that I may do one day in the future
and would like to have a place to record in case I forget. Part of this brain dump actually sees the
light of day and ends up being scheduled or allocated into tasks; for instance, my self-learning
video series was once a page of Notion that I didn’t initially plan to start anytime
soon. A final note just to say that this system
only works in its entirety. Missing any of the three steps renders the
system useless so I make sure that I visit all three of these apps as part of my daily
routine. After a week or two, it gets pretty fast and
seamless and definitely helps me feel less overwhelmed. And if you want to learn more about different
organization systems, you can use today’s sponsor Skillshare to watch Thomas Frank’s
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for free. I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see
you next week. Bye guys!

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