Mr Beast | The Rich Life | FORBES 2019 ( Money Spent, Money Earned, Money Given Away )

Mr Beast | The Rich Life | FORBES 2019 ( Money Spent, Money Earned, Money Given Away )

Mr. Beast has become one of YouTube’s biggest
stars by not only creating one of a kind content, but also by giving away a lot of money. In
fact, over the course of the past year alone, Beast has given away over one million dollars
in some of the most creative ways possible. He gave a random homeless person an entire
house! He gave 10,000 dollars in tips to a waitress
after only ordering water 10,000 dollars in tips to pizza delivery guys Payed an Uber driver to basically take him
across America. But he probably could have just gotten one
of his friends to drive him because he’s bought a lot of them new cars! Gave 100,000 dollars to random twitch streamers
And most importantly of all, gave 100k to his mom for all of the hard work she did raising
him. And that’s just the beginning of it. In
this video we’re gonna take a look at everything that Mr. Beast has bought over the past year
and also take a look at how much money he makes. According to, Mr. Beast has a
net worth of around 6 million dollars. With over 16 million subscribers and 2.5 billion
views, he could be making an average of 30k per day. estimates that he could be
making anywhere between $43.5k and 696.1k per month and anywhere between $522.1K – $8.4M
dollars annually. This guy truly is a beast on YouTube. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day, my name is Jeremy Hecht and today
I’ll be taking you through the Rich Life of YouTube’s finest, Mr. Beast. If you’re
new here, I’m the LA host for this channel bringing you weekly content. I’m still not
Michael’s younger brother or son no matter how many times you tell us that we look alike.
But I will take it as a compliment because Michael is a very handsome man. Anyways, I’ve
covered Ariana Grande, Jordyn Woods and Mia Khalifa in other Rich Life videos so be sure
to check those out after you finish watching this one! The motto is better every video.
So leave me a comment down below, let me know how I did and who to cover next and I’ll
try to respond to as many people as possible within the first few hours. And like every
Rich Life video, we’ll pose a question now that you’ll have to wait until the
end of the video to find out the answer to. Today’s Question is: “How many 1 dollar bills did Mr. Beast use
to buy his brother a Camaro” Alright. Let’s get into the video ya filthy
animals! Mr. Beast was born Jimmy Donaldson on May
7, 1998 in Greenville, North Carolina. When he was around the age of 12, after having
a funny moment with a hacker in a Facebook game called Battle Pirates, he created his
first YouTube channel. Eventually, he created a second channel called MrBeast6000 so that
he could post Minecraft videos, and from there he kept uploading consistently on this channel
over the course of the next few years. Despite what many people think, it actually took Jimmy
years to ever see substantial growth on his channel. It fact, it took him 2 years to grow
his channel to 1000 subscribers. And he never gave up. He kept changing
formats in his videos and adjusting the content to what the audience wanted to see. Eventually, he found success with a series called “Worst Intros” where he
would basically roast the worst YouTube intros On his channel. He started to grow pretty quickly, and then he started doing things to catch viral moments like counting to 100,000 on camera, which took almost 24 hours
straight. Reading the whole dictionary, which took about 8 hours, saying Logan Paul’s
name 100,000 times, which took about 17 hours. and from there Mr. Beast’s popularity started to grow. and, you know, after that he was able to do some of the most amazing things in individual videos and create the most unique pieces of content, that we’ve seen on this site in a long time, and he was also able to give away a lot of money. So, the question a lot of you guys are still
asking is, how is this dude able to give out so much cash like it’s nothing? Well, in
short, for him, it sort-of, is nothing. What I mean is, if you never had something, then
it’s hard to lose it. Okay, so what I actually mean is, that a lot of the money Mr. Beast
gives away, wasn’t his money to begin with. When Mr. Beast started doing giveaways, he would
partner with brands, most popularly a sticker app called Quid, who would give him $10,000
or more to promote their app on his channel, and he would just give the money away. And
that became the Mr. Beast partnership. Companies would give him money to give away to people,
knowing that millions of people would see the video, that in turn, put millions of eyes
on their brand. Now of course, those millions of views would also generate a lot of ad revenue for Mr. Beast, so, he recouped much of his costs. But, he told Logan Paul in a recent interview
that up until 6 months ago, he wasn’t making any money off of YouTube because he
was spending so much money on each month’s videos He does have a lot of merch that he sells
and regularly updates with new stuff, so that has become one of his biggest sources of
income. In fact, he planned to raise 2 million dollars through his merch store so that he
could buy Pewdiepie a Super Bowl ad before later worrying that they would deny his commercial
request and he’d be left with 2 million dollars and not know what to do with it. The guy is dedicated to the cause, I’ll give him that. Alright, so let’s get into what Mr. Beast
spends his money on. First and foremost, the guy spends a lot on making the best videos
possible. He’s said for years now that his only goal in life, at least at this point,
is to become the best and second biggest YouTuber in the world. He still wants to leave the
top spot for PewDiePie. But in order to be the best YouTuber and cut through the thousands
of videos uploaded every second to this site, you’ve got to not only have creative ideas,
but you have to be able to execute those ideas with high quality production value. So how
much does that level of video quality cost? Well let’s take a look at some of his most
popular videos. One of his most popular videos is called “I
Put 100 million Orbeez in my friend’s backyard,” where he does just that. And, the video has
over 50 million views! On Amazon, a package of 50,000 orbeez costs
6.99, and assuming he has prime, it was free shipping. So I did some quick maths… * calculates Yup. 100,000,000 divided by 50,000 per bottle equals
2000 bottles of Orbeez. Which at $6.99 per bottle would equal $13,980. So yeah, that’s
a decent amount of money to spend on one video. In the video called “Last to remove hand,
Gets Lamborghini Challenge” where, the last person to remove their hand from the car actually
gets a Lambo. The winner was gonna get a 20,000 1999 Lambo on Ebay… the winner ended up
splitting the 20k with the other guys who participated, but either way, Beast spent
20 grand on the video. With 33 million views on it though, he probably made that back. Speaking of cars, he also has a video called
“Destroying my friend’s car and surprising him with a new one” where he does just that.
Gotta hand it to Mr.Beast for really living out his video titles. In the video they had a can of spray paint
which costs around 15 bucks. Three buckets of slime which will probably
cost around 30 bucks, actual explosives to blow up the car, which I don’t wanna search
up the cost of, just in case anyone is looking through my search history. FBI, open up! And oh yeah, 10k
on a new car for his friend. With more than 27 million views, I’m sure he recouped that
money pretty easily also. In one of his videos, they build a Lego house
using 1 million pieces of Lego. Now, on Amazon the cost of 1,040 pieces of
miscellaneous Lego is $25.99 So… Some more quick maths. *calculates Gotta carry the 2 To get to a million that will equal 961.5
boxes, but since you can’t buy half a box, it would take
962 boxes to get to a million pieces of Lego, which equals out to $25,002.38 cents.
Plus he got some snacks, and a rug which we’ll say was probably about 40 bucks combined And He ordered a large pep and large cheese
pizza According to the website,
which does exactly what you think it would do, a large pepperoni pizza from Pizza hut
costs about 14.99 and a large cheese pizza costs the same. Which is a good deal for the
pepperoni pizza because an additional topping seems to cost nothing!
So, that’s a total of $25,072 dollars and 36 cents for the Lego house video. Which is
probably less than it cost Ed Sheeran to make the music video for his song called Lego House.
I mean, he got Ron Weasley to play his stalker in the video! That’s gotta cost at least
150 points from Griffindor In his video “Breaking Glass using only
megaphones” He bought more than a hundred megaphones. On Amazon, the ones he used cost 12 dollars.
So quickly, 12 x 150=$1800 bucks. That was a light video for them. Plus some glass and
headphones, he was probably only looking at around 2 grand for that video. But besides the actual cost of his videos,
Mr. Beast spends a lot of money on just giving back to people. Which also doubles as great
content. He first gave a homeless man 10,000 dollars.
Then he gave ten homeless people 1,000 dollars each, and then, if that wasn’t enough, he
actually bought a homeless man a home, like a real house!! The video was sponsored by
the browser extension Honey. He donated $10,000 to attractive twitch streamers,
30,000 to Ninja for charity He bought a car using only pennies. Well and
some quarters, nickels and dimes, and it equaled out to 12,000 dollars. And he bought a yellow Camero for his brother,
using only $1 bills, techinically 17 thousand one dollar bills coming straight from his own pocket. And there is the answer to your question! But the list goes on and we could go on for days here. As you can see, Mr. Beast doesn’t really spend much on himself, in fact, he gives away almost everything he
earns to other people. I know there has been some controversy over
Mr. Beast in the past, you can think he uses people for clout and subscribers, you can
think he exploits charity for views, but love or hate the guy, my opinion is, he truly is
using his platform to make an impact on the lives of a lot of people in the world. You can be upset
at who he spends his money on, but regardless, he is changing a lot of lives using his passion
and has given an incredible life to all of those who are around him and the people who
came up with him. As for the rest of the video, that’s all
I got for you. My name is Jeremy Hecht, be sure to follow me on the gram, link is below.
Dream Good, Live Better, let me know who to cover next. give me a comment down below, I’ll see you there. Hope you have one Hecht of a day and I’ll see you in the next video.

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