Modern layer cake quilt | Scattered Windows | Quilt Along

Modern layer cake quilt | Scattered Windows | Quilt Along

Hello everyone this is Yoan and a very welcome to you! in this episode I’m gonna take you along and we’re gonna make this beautiful
quilt behind me… so this is a scrappy modern style windowpane quilt and for
this quilt you’re gonna need one full set of layer cake or the ten inch
squares pre-cut fabric they usually come 42 pieces in one package and you’re
gonna need also a little bit of fabric for the sashing the finished measurement
of this quilt is approximately 60.5″ x 70.5″ and
obviously you can enlarge the size of the quilt by adding borders or by adding
more blocks this is a relatively easy quilt yet it is so much fun to make and
I was pleasantly surprised with how the quilt turnout, so hope you enjoy this
video and without further ado let’s get started! Let’s prepare the fabric for
this project I’m going to use this layer cake from Moda fabrics the line is
called Sugarcreek by Corey Yoder love this fabric line I love all the colors
as well it’s beautiful.. for the sashing you’ll need a little less than a yard of
fabric I’m using this solid gray from Kona fabric now we’re gonna start
cutting our fabrics so take one layer cake lay that straight on your cutting
mat just like that now I’m gonna take my ruler and rotary cutter and then measure
6 inches since my ruler is 6 inches wide I simply use the edges of my ruler as
the guide once you’ve measured 6 inches go ahead and take the rotary cutter and
cut. Now without moving your fabric you wanna rotate your cutting mat clockwise
90 degrees just like that so now the cutting line is sitting horizontally
now take the ruler and the rotary cutter and we’re gonna do the same like before
so we’re gonna measure 6 inches and cut all right
so you’re gonna end up with four pieces of fabrics two squares and two rectangles
so we’re gonna name each of this fabric alphabetically so we’ve got fabric A,
fabric B, fabric C ,and fabric D and you should see their measurements on the
screen right now just to make sure that we are on the same track so you want to work the same for all of
your layer cake squares now if you want to save sometimes you can also cut few
layer cakes at the same time I like to do four at a time you can do more or
less whichever more comfortable for you so I stacked them up and making sure
that the edges are aligned and then cut the exact same way, so here I’ve already
cut quite a few of layer cakes now since fabric B and fabric C are
pretty much the same in measurements, I’m going to stack them together to make
the sashing you will need to cut 1.5″ strips from your accent fabric
you will need around 22 strips for all the sashing and then you want to cut your
sashing according to these measurements and you’ll need 42 pieces for each of
them to make the block you wanna lay out your
fabric just like shown here and then sew them together with quarter inch of
seam allowance so I’m gonna start by sewing fabric A with sashing one and
then I’m gonna grab fabric C and sashing 2 now I’m gonna take the fabric B and sew
that with the sashing one now I’m gonna sew fabric D with sashing 2, go ahead and press the seams towards one side
next we’re gonna sew the first row with the sashing three together and then we’re going to sew the second it is very important to make sure that you align the seams of sashing
1 and sashing 2 and I actually pin them to make sure they are match and not
gonna be shifted so I kind of use my fingers and feel the seam allowance and make
sure they’re sitting right on top of each other and then pop the pin right on
the seams alright now let’s go ahead and sew them
together so you should end up with something like this now the size of your
blog should measure 10.5″ x 10.5″ so you can go
ahead and square them up again just to make sure that your blog is accurate in
size mine is pretty good here just a little bit of fabric is sticking out up
there so I’m gonna go ahead and trim this off now you can go ahead and sew
and piece your blocks and what I like to do here since we’re making scrappy
blocks I like to do a chain piecing and do them in batches so here I’ve got all
of my pieces clustered together on my side of table and then start chain
piecing I like to start by sewing fabric A with sashing 1 and then I sew
fabric B with sashing 2, then I’m gonna go back and sew fabric A with
sashing 1 and then fabric B with sashing 2, and then I keep repeating
until I’ve got like about four or five sets of these and then I’m gonna sew fabric B or C
which are pretty much the same size with the pieces that were already sewn with
the sashing and then sew the sashing 3 to the first row
or the row where fabric A is.. and of course I do this after I press the seams,
obviously you don’t have to exactly follow what I do here you can come up
with your own system your own flow and do it on your own pace, now when you lay
out your block you want to lay them out without matching the sashing or in fact
without matching any seams just like that now let me give you a couple more
examples so I’m gonna take another block and lay this here.. alright this is great
and one more there you go
if you sew all of your layer cakes you should end up with 42 blocks and then
you wanna lay them out in seven rows and six columns just like shown here
now it’s time to piece the quick blocks together
so here I’ve already grouped my quilt blocks according to each row from the
first row up to the seventh row and of course when you stack each row together
you want to make sure that you don’t mess with the position of the block this
way you won’t mess the entire row and mess the entire layout of your quilt now
I’m going to go ahead and sew my quilt block one row at a time and what I love
about this pattern is when you sew the quilt blocks together you don’t have to
worry about lining up the seams press the seams of each row towards
opposite direction for example if you press the seams of the first row towards
the right you wanna press the seams of the second row towards the left and vice
versa this way when you sew the rows together the seams are gonna be nestled
and easily aligned once you’ve done sewing all the blocks
from each row go ahead and sew the rows together right now I’m sewing the first
and the second row together so I like to match and nest all the seams as I go
but if you are a pinner and you like to pin beforehand go ahead and do that and of course you wanna press the doesn’t really matter to which direction at this point alright so
once you’ve sewn all the rows together and your quilt top is ready to go go
ahead and layer it with the batting and backing fabric…baste them together
and then we’re gonna move on to the most exciting part which is the quilting…
I free motion this quilt with simple meandering loop-da-loop design and
sometimes I added flower shape or more on cauliflower actually but this is one of
the design that I really enjoy doing since I am easily distracted, sometimes I
found myself when I’m quilting, I started to daydream or think about something
else and this is one of those design that I thing you can’t go wrong with
it’s great if you are a beginner in free motion quilting as well nonetheless feel
free to do any design that you like if you are more experienced obviously you
can do more intricate design or if you’re a beginner you can simply use
your walking foot and do wavy lines or simple straight lines or diamond shape
you can also hand quilt this if that’s what you prefer so do what works best for you for the binding you will need seven
strips I cut my binding two and a half inch wide and I used the exact same
fabric that I use for the sashing all right now we’re on to the last step
which is binding so go ahead and bind your quilt with your favorite binding
method. And that’s all I have for you today guys.. Thank you so much for watching and I shall see you
next time with another fun sewing and quilting projects goodbye

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