Mo Gawdat: “Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy” | Talks at Google

Mo Gawdat: “Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy” | Talks at Google

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  1. Nice talking. sounds like therapy to me

  2. It helps if you're wearing a Pink Floyd shirt

  3. I clicked cuz I saw him wearing the Pink Floyd t shirt. Talk wasn't too bad either

  4. رحم الله ابنك علي وجمعكم به في جنات النعيم

  5. this has to be a joke… I had to turn off the video because he keeps talking about his son dying and all this depressing shit… I'm sure It got better or somewhere down the line in the video but it was too depressing to keep going no joke

  6. I don't know if this alone would qualify as making me "happier", butI like the guy and his talk and clicking on that little counter will make him slightly happier, at which point he really did make someone happier, right?

  7. please for everyone who start watching this video watch it till the end
    then start judging the content
    it sounds good to me and i really get some points which will make me better " if we cant say happier "

  8. i wish i can give more than one like lol maybe it's a good idea to be implemented on youtube maybe for experimental i don't know. but I really liked the talk and ان شاء الله I'll get the book to read more about this. the best part is the part where Mohammed said "I'm existed so I think" or the way he said it I really liked this new perspective on looking at the world. Thanks Google for doing this.

  9. reminds me of eckhart tolle, it really works BTW, I can finally break free from depression for the first time.

  10. He would look cool w. a mohawk

  11. Thank you so very much. I don't see how you can shorten this message. I have your Ebook that I used that while I listened to your audiobook. I have watched your Stanford University Pop Up Class. There is so much material here. I feel that this can/will/has begun to change my life, but It is hard to change after 55 years. I work as a scientist so your message is perfect for me and will remain with me for the rest of my life on earth. I look forward to meeting Aii when the time comes… I know that I will just know him when we meet. Thank you for sharing your pain and love with me.

  12. A wonderful film. Thanks Mo Gawdat #SolveHappy

  13. 56:53 beg to differ: there are endless kinds of possible positive experiences; definitely enough variety even for a very long life… No need to justify life's tragedies. Hopefully, future people, enjoying ("information-sensitive") gradients of bliss, will laugh at all the ways humans excused suffering

  14. at 24:20 he says "time is an illusion" and speaks of 'living in your head' potentially causing unhappiness (as he explains). I thought of Schrodinger's cat at this point and started to wonder if we didn't worry about what is not present then the worry would never exist in the universe. I've probably forgotten the depth of the cat story but just had to wonder what the significance or the value is of… 'worry'. If we all stop worrying wouldn't we be less human? Could we be happy being unhappy? E.g. "oh, Josh, nobody is meant to love their work you just have to get on with it"… what if being unhappy is an essential part of life / the universe. What if nobody reads this?

  15. ?what,s your name ?
    ?why you did, not mention that
    ?are you shame

  16. Haters gonna hate; Potaters gonna potate

  17. I will keep sharing!!! We can change the world!

  18. Interesting that he never mentions Buddhism.

  19. One of the most marvelous realities I've experienced. It's an inside job. Not since Matthew Fox have I experienced such a deep comprehension of what works, what's real, what is important – to me.

  20. Knowledge that should be taught in school. How educated would our society be with this inside the class system

  21. I think this guy is awesome and I loved listening to him BUT there's only one problem for me.
    This guy has millions of dollars. The reality is 99.9% of people's lives aren't like his. A lot of depressed people cannot find happiness because of the quality of their lives unfortunately.
    All this guy needed during his depression (his depression was before his child's death he said) was to be reminded he's a multi-millionaire and his life is great.
    I understand even millionaires can have struggles like anyone else but if I had millions I'm sure I would be fine and life would be a lot easier to find happiness.
    I'm also sorry for his loss. No one should ever have to go through certain things in life, and losing your child is one of them.
    Great man and a great video.

  22. If you knew the system of our Creator you would not have to suffer at all. 1- The ones who die before the age of 41 will go to Heaven. So your son is in Heaven, Paradise, or like Hawaii and having fun and laughing at us. 2- Anything bad happens to you is from your own bad deeds. From the way you are thinking shows that you have no idea who created you from ejected semen. Therefore, the Almighty saved your son growing up by a father who does not know the system of his Creator, because he did not deserve his lost father. 3- And if you really believed in your Creator you would think different and would ask Him to give you patient and soon you would be very happy for your son because your Creator told you that your son is perfectly safe. 4- But now that you are suffering as a disbeliever that should a sign to you that you are doing something wrong, so you should go back to your Land Lord Creator otherwise you are going to suffer while you are here until you be evicted by your Creator. Therefore, educate yourself with the system of the Almighty Creator and stop following your nonsense conjectures. Humans were created weak, we do not know the future and we are not able to control other people, therefore we are Not able to make ourselves happy. Only few people in this world know the system of our Creator. Happiness is "Submission to the Rules of our Almighty Creator".

  23. This gentleman is remarkable. I finally have his book in my hands as of today. Cannot wait to begin reading the book. Thank you Mo for taking something that was very challenging and difficult in your life and transforming it into a positive message to be shared with others. I hope you hit your personal goal of ten million shares of your book.

  24. The anchor lady's voice/accent is face-punchable!

  25. Good for him. But what he says is pretty much what Hinduism and later Buddhism have been teaching for eons.

    Ultimately its upto a person about when they want to start adopting this.

  26. I have lost my son 13 months ago. As a mother i am trying to find the way how ti live without him but with him. As you mentioned, half of me has gone with my beautiful loving son. My heart is broken. While watching your video i have found a piece for a moment. Thank you very much

  27. oh yuck first 2 mins!

  28. at last, some passion and happiness; 1.00.00

  29. thank you for the book!! loved it!!

  30. Thank you Ali and you butterfly "MO"…

  31. this helped me a lot! For the first time I could grasp the idea of living in the present. Thank you very much @solve for happy

  32. According to bhagavadgita our senses are controlled by our mind which in turn controlled by our intelligence . Our actions can be controlled by our intelligence ( ability to think right or wrong,do or not to do etc).guide for our intelligence is dharma (moral principles)

  33. Assalamu Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

  34. My brother Mo Gawdat, Kyf hhlk? I'm Maryam Filipina caregiver, I'm a revert to Islam Alhamdullilah. I have seen, read your theory but now a living proof through logical explanation, through true to life experience! I never lost a son Alhamdullilah! I lost a brother, followed by my sister! My family were devastated about the death of our beloved. The worst case scenario is that I have felt the sorrow of my mom, she grieved soooooo much was badly hurt the most! She can't move on entirely up to now! 1st we lost our brother last 1997, and followed by my sister last 2003. We never expected this will happen again in our family. Nobody does. But this is our Dunya. Only Allah knows when we are going to die or change our fate in a snap! I'm happier now because I have seen n read your craft! I live here in Abu Dhabi UAE, And I am married with an Egyptian too. That's why when I heard your accent I was eager to Google where you are from a d was surprised that you were a masri Ma sha Allah. I may not know about your precious son Ali, but I can feel that he was a very good, smart son every single mom, dad, brother and sister could ever wish to have! RIP Ali. Your father loves, adore you sooooo very much! More power to you Mo, and I will read,watch, listen to all your videos and craft. Allah Kareem

  35. Ramadan Kareem! Google!

  36. Egyptian RULES!!!


  38. I miss how the subconscious plays a role in this. Actually surprised he didnt bring this up especially when discussing free will.

  39. oooh… perhaps i did just the same mistake to expect something at least remotely helpful from this talk…instead of expecting typical empty bullshit of corporate salesmen wrapped in lots of fanfare…well entirely my fault that mohamad's spectacle made me unhappy, next time i will be wiser

    but seriously this recipe for happines quite sucks… i have even better one along these lines which would definitely work for all similar bullshitters from sillicon valley corporations

    "move in a war zone somewhere in syria and in a week you will be happy like you never deramed … that you are just alive "

    any takers?

  40. This book is amazing makes you see life on a whole other level. Got me through some bad times and to look at myself who I am why I am and what makes me me.. highly recommended

  41. wonderful thank you for your insights. You have made me happeier

  42. Great talk. Lot's of stuff I recognise from ACT therapy (Steven C. Hayes).

  43. If happiness goes at a cost of efficiency we should not strife to be happy

  44. I think he has a lot of really wise things to say, but I can't get over the fact that around 26:00 he rehashes very, very old arguments for substance dualism. The brain is the thing that thinks, but, supposedly we are NOT our brains. How does he know this? In his book he pretty much just proclaims this- that you are a nonphysical entity. That's an assumption that cannot be falsified, it just requires blind faith. No evidence exists for the existence of a nonphysical you, but a lot of evidence exists for the existence of a physical you- the brain.

    That whole part is just rehashed substance dualism using the same bad arguments philosophers have used for a LOOOOOONNNNG time. This is not an original idea, nor does he provide any original arguments

  45. We measure events around changes in nature that we associate with time and assume is time.

  46. I found his book disappointing. It devolves into religious nonsense.

  47. The phrenology of thought is just not true. Freewill model is lacking, the concept of "you" is the center of the problem. Too much spirituality for me. Although Napoleon Hill talked about applied faith as the main factor for success.

  48. Thank you, reminds me of Abraham Hicks, so true. wish you the happiness will be always in your path.

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  50. This guy is a genius. This thinking should be made core to any high school education. God bless him.

  51. Going through a tough time right now where I am filled with regrets from the past and am fearful of the future. But this interview has helped me. I am already feeling a little better. Can't wait to read the book.

  52. its great he Mo Gawdat redefine the ways to be happy. It's great to he. ar different ideas on the same topics. Some are very interesting. Like black swam and butterflies….. Some is heard before but when Mo says it it imprints better ….for some reason.

  53. I want to work for him.

  54. 😚😚😉😌😚😉😚😉😚😚😌😚😚😚😚😉😚😚😚😉😚😚😉😚😚😚😉😌😚😚😉😚😚😌😉😚

  55. Thanks for your book @mogawdat.

  56. I can help Mo G accomplish this goal. Contact me Mo!

  57. Really great talk by Mo Gawdat. Thanks a lot Sir, I am from India, gone through so many Spiritual practises. Your talks touches are similar to Hinduism concepts mostly on Time and consciousness. I am also follower of Eckchart Tolle who talks about living in the present moment. You are well explained in simple words about present moment. You are great.

  58. The woman’s introductory speech is almost unbearable for me….she talks like a Barber Doll, but worse. Hurt my ears. Sorry.
    As soon as he talks, however, one is captivated!

  59. I read this book. Very complicated. The main reason is he has engineering background but not all the reader have this background. He used maths, physics, complicated math equation which lost all the enthusiasm as well as the interest of the reader. Book of the title don’t match with his text.

  60. This talk changed my life.
    Saw this several monh ago, revisiting now as a refresher and all i can say is THANK YOU.

    My cup is 95% full yet prior to watching this and another of Mo's talks I only saw the empty portion and was as miserable as they come. I cursed life, got sloppy at work and started neglecting my relationship till it was at risk of going down the drain.

    Then some huge, heart tearing problem happened and for once i started searching deep. Why was i miserable? If things are good, why can't i enjoy them and only focus on what i can't chsnge and can't get?

    My quest for happiness brought me here and BINGO what an eye opener.

    Most people will listen, like or dislike. and go on with life. Those truly in need will take this to heart and their life will only get better.

    My life changed. I passed it on and i know of two other cases where life changed. Thank you!

  61. If you're here just hoping to find something interesting, well, this is indeed interesting. But if you're here searching for real wisdom and a guidance for your life, you've come to the right video . These words from the speaker will help you out as much as you allow it. These words have the power of transforming your current situation. Believe me.

  62. Amazing
    God bless you

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