Minimal Bedside Table | Nightstand Organization

it’s the last place you go to at the end
of the day your bed. Having an organized bedside drawer is important
whether you have a small or large one however life happens and it can get
cluttered fast. Welcome to today’s video we’re going to be tackling bedside
tables or commonly referred to as nightstands in the US. Before you get any
organizer or drawer liners you’ll have to figure out how deep and wide your
drawers are and what you really want to keep in your bedside drawers. For me it’s
really just the staples and essentials so my nightstand has three drawers .The
first one has my gratitude journal, reading glasses, every day planner, the
books that I’m currently reading and a snack bottle for midnight hunger
cravings gotta have that. The next drawer has couple organizer bins that I’ve used
one has tissues my hand face all-in-one cream that I make at home and then a
mini bin in there where I keep my essential oil since I like to use
diffuser for a peaceful night’s sleep and a lip balm. Adding liners to your old
organizers or bins is a great way to repurpose them and make them look new
and that’s exactly what I did here using a liner from the dollar store
now the other bin has my Kindle e-reader I don’t use it everyday but some days I
just want to quickly download and read a book so it’s great to have it handy .for
knickknacks extra chargers and stuff I had this jewelry box that I wasn’t using
so I put it to good use thinking it would be good for keeping these type of
items that keep getting all over the drawers. And the third drawer is where I
keep an extra set of bed sheet and pillow covers with this DIY drawer
freshener sachet that I showed you two videos ago and a little basket that has
basic medication for aches and pains. You must be thinking where is my phone
as we are so glued to phone these days but anyway I don’t like seeing charging
wire flutter on my bedside table so I came up with a compact DIY charging
station on the side using a command hook I put this little purse to good use as a
compact phone holder when it’s charging there are several ideas for this if you
research but I needed something compact so this would work great for me so there you have it that’s my bedside
organization it’s rather a minimal but hopefully you got some ideas and
inspiration if you did please make sure to give this video a thumbs up and
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I’ll see you guys next time bye for now

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