Migrant thanks Australia for taxpayer-funded welfare – Daily News

Migrant thanks Australia for taxpayer-funded welfare – Daily News

A migrant who relocated to Australia with her family in 2015 has written a gushing post on social media highlighting the numerous benefits of calling the ‘lucky country’ home. Deidre Samson’s positive thoughts via her Facebook account quickly went viral, with over 1000 likes and 400 plus comments as of Monday afternoon. She begins by stating she is feeling blessed, before pointing out Australia’s cheap food and cheap petrol prices. Next Samson thanks having access to rent allowance, work penalty rates and free medical. The New Zealand born mother of three, who works in child care, then lists countless other advantages, including Australia’s school systems, quality hospital care and access to securing first home owner grants. ‘I’ve been out here a few years now and it was the best move we ever made as a family,’ Ms Samson told Daily Mail Australia. Share this article Share ‘I’m a single mother of three and the opportunities in this country are nothing short of endless. ‘We made the move in November of 2015 and decided to settle on the Gold Coast, and haven’t looked back. ‘I work fulltime to support my family, I just wanted to display my gratitude for this wonderful country we are all proud to call home.’ Ms Samson has no desire to move back across the Tasman, also stating her parents are also about to call the Glitter Strip home. ‘We have our own slice of paradise,’ she said. ‘I just wish we moved sooner, I hope Aussies realise just how good they have it.’

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  1. Just make sure you become a citizen. Like 99% of other Kiwis who are here. They work, they pay tax. (No burkhas, no sharia law, no mosques) Solid citizens πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸ˜Ž

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