Master Bathroom Organization and Updates

Master Bathroom Organization and Updates

Hey it’s Abby and today I’m excited to be
partnering with InterDesign to share our master bathroom organization. Now if
you follow my channel for very long you know InterDesign is my go-to for
all of my organizing products. They have products to organize everything and you
can find them on Amazon, Target , Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and at The Container
Store. I will link to everything I’m using in the bathroom in the description
below. Our master bathroom fits the definition
of builder-grade. We just had stone gray tile and white everything else so it was
pretty boring in here. When we moved in about 18 months ago, we just threw all
our stuff underneath the sink and we haven’t touched it since so it was about
time for this room to get a little TLC. So I rarely do anything halfway so when
I was going to organize this room I figured I might as well spruce up the
decor a little bit as well. So that’s what we did! I happened to have some paint left over from my office makeover that I shared a couple weeks ago so we painted
the walls. We’ve replaced the builder-grade mirror with two mirrors
that had wooden frames. We added these beautiful mats from InterDesign instead
of the grey ones that were just blending in with the tile before and we added
some fun accessories as well. The top of the vanity was all cluttered up before so we removed almost everything and I just put a simple tray which is from
InterDesign and also a little candle and a soap dispenser. When we moved in I thought that this vanity was going to be so easy to organize. I had our bathroom
organized to a tee in our last house which was smaller so I was like “moving
to a bigger house I’ll just take the stuff from our small house put the exact
same system in here and it will be great.” However, it didn’t fit at all so we had
the pieces from our other house, it wasn’t working, it was just getting all
cluttered so I cleared everything out and we started from scratch. When I had
everything out I wiped down the cabinets, I put in a pretty cabinet liner and
drawer liner just to give it a little pop and to protect the cabinets a little
bit, and then I went through all of the items that we had in there previously. I
was able to get rid of a bunch of stuff. You don’t even want to know some of the
stuff that we had in there still! So I threw away a bunch of things, I separated
everything else out by type, and then I was able to see what I had and created
an organization system for it. So this first side of the vanity is Donnie’s side.
In his cabinet he had a whole bunch of razors and shaving gear. Who knew men
needed so much shaving gear but he did. So I got these two little mint
drawer sets from InterDesign. I used little adhesive squares to put
them together and I organized all of his different types of shavers and razors
and all the accessories in the drawers. I labeled them with this clear tape from
my label maker and so he can easily tell what’s in each one. I even ended up with
two empty drawers at the bottom so he has room to grow if he wants even more
shaving equipment he can get it and it will fit in there. When I organize
bathroom cabinets I always like to stack items so I can make the best use of the
vertical space and so it’s easier for us to grab the different items that are in
there. So I used these two stacking bins from InterDesign. The bottom one holds
the things that we use less often or extra toiletries that we don’t have to
access that much and the top one holds Donnie’s main trimmer that he uses almost every day. Whenever I use clear bins I like to add a little pop of color with a
label so I cut these labels with my Silhouette cutting machine and used
adhesive vinyl. Now this was the cabinet that formerly held our toilet paper but
we actually moved that into the water closet area. We got a little cabinet for
that so it’s more easily accessible in there when it’s needed and it gets it
out of the way and freed up some space in the vanity. Let’s move over to Donnie’s
drawers. In the back of this top drawer, I have a little six inch by six inch InterDesign bin that holds all of his supplements. If you have deep vanity
drawers like this, these square bins are perfect. I use them in our guest bathroom,
I use them in a lot of the drawers in here you’ll see. I just love them because
they make sure the items stand up straight and they’re not falling over
all over the place. In front of that, these little divided bins fit perfectly
and they hold the items that Donnie uses all the time when he gets ready. So
q-tips, his deodorant, and his cologne… all that kind of stuff. Donnie’s bottom drawer
has two more of those 6 by 6 bins and they hold all of his aftershave and
other bottles that he needs to keep. Moving over to my side of the vanity,
I used the same stacking system that I used on Donnie’s side so the bottom bin
from InterDesign has all of our travel toiletries. We don’t need to get to this
very much so it’s okay for them to be on the bottom and then the top one has
anything we need that has to deal with our teeth so toothbrushes, our toothpaste,
and some floss and those are both labeled as well. The toothbrushes are in
a cute little holder from InterDesign and I love these little apothecary jars.
They’re glass, they’re really pretty, and they’re also practical. They’re great for
holding little items so I’ve gotten a couple of them and I’m using them all
around the bathroom. In the back of this cabinet I have a little organizer that
holds items that I might need to use when I’m getting ready in the morning. So
I have some lint rollers in there, some static guard, and also a little kit that
I use to shine my rubber boots. And finally I have a bunch of my hair stuff.
This little holder is perfect for my hairbrush and some combs. It’s divided
into three parts so it works perfectly. Behind that, I have my extra shampoo and
conditioner and then I searched far and wide for the perfect way to store my
hair dryer and curling iron and straightener and InterDesign, of course,
had the perfect thing. It has these three slots so everything fits in there neatly
and it’s really easy to grab it when I need it. My top vanity drawer is set up
the same way as Donnie’s. It’s just holding completely different things.
So all of my hair supplies and deodorant are in one of those cubes in the back
and in front of that I have the divided trays and they were perfect for holding
all of my hair stuff like hair ties, my headbands, my bobby pins, and they keep
them nice and separated so whenever I need one I can just grab one easily
without having to shuffle through all sorts of mixed-up stuff. And finally my
bottom drawer has two more of those cubes. The first one holds all of my
skincare items. It keeps them corralled neatly together. So the back one holds
nail care stuff so nail polish remover and then I use two miniature mason jars
one to hold cotton balls and one for clippers
and I just labeled them with vinyl labels right on the top so it’s easy to
see what they are. The last thing in the back I have my extra razors corralled in
what is actually a little drinking tumbler from InterDesign but it worked
perfectly for the razors that keeps them all together and then when I need to
switch it out it can just grab one from there. So that is our master bathroom. We
are so grateful to InterDesign for helping us get it neat and
organized. Again you can find all of their items on Amazon or at Target,
Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and at the Container Store and they can help you organize any area of your house. I would love to hear your tips and tricks for keeping
your master bathroom organized so make sure you tell me about
them in the comments below!

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  1. My fiancé purchased the organization blog workshop for me and it’s been such a fun journey so far. You are such an inspiration! Your personality makes me feel like these things are possible! Also- your bathroom looks great! We are currently in the process of updating ours too!

  2. Is interesting how you thought your previous stuff would fit this different bathroom. THAT is what happens to all of us when we see these videos and pinterest! Hahahahaha The truth is that we have to do the exercise to rethink what we need and weigh in with what we want… awesome job… beautiful decor and organization.

  3. Great job Abby! I love the Inter Design brand too. The hot tools holder is awesome, I had not seen that one yet. One thing I use is a binder ring to hold all of my hair ties together in my drawer. Thanks for sharing, love your video’s 🤗

  4. Love this. We have 1 shared family bathroom so keeping it super organized isn't always easy.

  5. Beautiful bathroom! You did a great job organizing it! I love the wall color.

  6. Did you repurpose the original mirror at all? Looking for ideas. I'm thinking of doing the same and hanging 2 mirrors.

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  8. We are moving into a new house next week, so I will definitely watch this again as I start to organize everything. I love how you switched out the mirrors. Can you tell me how you removed the builder mirrors? Are they glued on or do they come off easily?

  9. I love the finished results of the Inter Design organization. My husband has a lot of shaving equipment as well, and you have given me some ideas to store them. Thanks Abby!

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  12. Wow!!! I thought I was organized but girl u take the cake. Wonderful job!👍

  13. Love your videos! Wonderful ideas that I am going to implement too in my bathroom!!! Thank you

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  15. This is great! I'm in the need to organize my vanity as well and this containers seem perfect!
    On another note, I've been watching your videos since the very beginning and just a few days ago I found your blog (though a completely different site). I saw your ebook and I'm getting it!! I started on blogspot many-many years ago and stopped and now I'm doing only videos on YouTube, but I want to blog and need the tech help (seems like I started the other way around 🙂
    Anyway, so glad I found your ebook! Great work!!
    xo, Marcela

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