Making the Business Case: Improving Health in African American Communities

Making the Business Case: Improving Health in African American Communities

[MUSIC PLAYING] 45 million African Americans;
76 percent Obese & Overweight Adults; 40 percent High Blood Pressure;
48 percent Smoke Cigarettes Local Leaders & Businesses can help make healthy living easier in
African American communities. People of color
in this community continue to be
the ones with [the] highest
degrees of diabetes, highest degrees of
cardiovascular disease. So, we’re trying to get in
early with a prevention piece, healthy eating habits,
exercise, and trying to really get in and educate
small business owners. Neighborhoods where we
do a lot of our work have been considered
food deserts. There are no other
alternative food sources here. We needed to bring
quality produce to this community
at a reasonable cost, and the community
loves it, supports it, and it’s profitable. This store has brought
a lot of job opportunity to the community, and it’s just
uplifted this area. We’ve worked to bring
physical activity into those environments
in which people are working. They dance or exercise together. What we really tried to do is to make sure that health is
infused in the master plan. When you get ready to build,
you have adequate parks, neighborhoods where you have
sidewalks to walk on. We are always, as developers,
looking for a marketing edge, but healthier residents—
that’s the real, real benefit here. An environment in which a person
lives, and works, and plays, makes all the difference
in their health outcomes. You can make
a difference.

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  1. As you know, minorities smoke more than most.

  2. Great video! Thank you!!

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