Making Bacon Soup from Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3

Making Bacon Soup from Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3

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  1. Te quedo hermoso ENSEÑAMEEEE PLIS
    ASE a sans

  2. U know I'm a best fan of bendy and u did the stuff soo well spook SUBSCRIBE TO U!!!!!

  3. I want bacon soup 🍜

  4. hmm… if bacon soup in a video game then i might know bacon soup should be in real life like it costs 5 cents each. #we wish bacon soup be in real life.

  5. I like how he added the small and unnecessary details it builds character

  6. Omg this is so amazing .. i want to make it too.
    But 100 of it

  7. Did you cook it? Or it doesn't even need to be cooked?

  8. I like how he just throw everything into that table.

  9. Like si te gusta bendy and the ink machine

  10. 8:27 oh no bendy hit puberty

  11. Make the exotic butters from fnaf please

  12. Can you make fredi crouger

  13. No is is not expired

  14. who know music of this vedio?(sorry i didn't rearning English ^^;;)

  15. does anyone know which song it is that's playing in like the start

  16. hello lore chirik I love your you tube channel its better then my channel and I realy liked how you used a real can for the bendy baking soup

  17. I smashed the bell realy hard and I subscribed and liked this video

  18. Give a prize to this man

  19. But the bootiful music!!??

  20. YOU WASTED SO MUCH PAINT not to be rude!!!

  21. if you eat soup with a fork, you deserve to be thrown in the car crusher

  22. Bacon bendy is cool

  23. this vid brings me back

  24. If you read the text on the soup: “just the way the little devil likes it “, he accidentally put “litte” instead of “little”.

  25. Was the Bacon soup tasty?

  26. ELO W następnym filmie mów po polsku proszę

  27. I love this song wht is it called

  28. 7:10 bendy… u have something in ur teeth lol

  29. comments: expired soup

    me: 5:56 wth he messed up on the word “little”

  30. Now I know how to heal myself when injured.

  31. 0:29 This paint looks like ink)

  32. Olá senhor fez superman é legal
    Eu sou gabreil da silva
    Por que só eu
    E legal Você fez terror jogos
    Meu irmão Rafael
    E legal por que filme terror
    Ele milho wonka História chocolate
    YouTube batman

  33. 53,754 likes new sub 😉

  34. The song is so sad I love this video though 👍🏻

  35. I realy want to know the song list used in this video

  36. XD la parte que lanzó las cosas me en canto xdddddddddddddddd

  37. Me encantan tus vídeos gracias aora puedo impresionar a mi fanilia

  38. Can you make you out of clay

  39. Thats wicked awesome

  40. 0:11 this proves lore Chirik is how to basic

  41. What is the third song!!!!!

  42. Bendy: * cri cri cuz bacon soup is broken *

  43. I don't want to eat it

  44. 9:27 when i can't eat with fork

  45. Make a scarecrow with a pitchfork

  46. Today, the dinner is bacon soup, make with the best demon

  47. Not just chapter 3 but all chapters

  48. because you painted the can again I was doing it now by hand. I like your video anyway

  49. It says for fork because you have to stab the bacon with the fork and use your mouth to drink.

  50. Can you please draw a picture of you

  51. How about the bushe gang

  52. Whats the title of the music?

  53. 0:11
    Me and Chloe destroying my room:

  54. I saw this vid when I first was subscribet

  55. Me:hey joey
    Bendy and Henry and other characters :your soup is expired
    Joey :you’ve got to be kidding me

  56. You are really good at what you do

  57. That is the most beautiful painting ever

  58. 👍👍👍👍👍

  59. whats the first song i love it

  60. How does Henry eat that soup so fast in one gulp???

  61. hahahaha lol drop fork and can 🤣🤣🤣

  62. I un subed to you becuose i dont like the music

  63. If they ever make Bacon Soup canned products in real life they should hire you to paint the cans

  64. so much effort for nothing but good job LoreChirik!!

  65. Para ser una lata le quedo muy bien hecha

  66. Anch'io ho fatto il barattolo di bendy

  67. And how does Henry quickly swallow the soup and the can as well

  68. Te bacom hummm 😛

  69. He mixed the paint so well, at 2:35 it literally looks like liquid cardboard.

  70. This guy has talent.
    Even though he throws the paintbrushes XD

  71. Whatever was inside the can almost made me sick

  72. The name of the first music please?

  73. 0:12 me when I'm just to lazy to do stuff 😐

  74. you forgot the black foodcolouring for the inky bacon soup

  75. 🙃🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️🤐

  76. I love your work it’s so good

  77. Oye el título esta en español

  78. 0:50 Bendy and The Bacon Soup

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