Makeup Organization & How to Organize Hair Accessories

Makeup Organization & How to Organize Hair Accessories

Hi guys, it’s Alejandra. And I’m going to
show you guys how I organized my makeup. I know a lot of you guys have already seen the
way I organized my makeup from my home tour and some other videos that I’ve done in the
bathroom and stuff. But I’m going to give you more of an explanation, detail explanation
on why I organized them the way I do and how to get the same look inside of your house. OK. So this is where I keep all of my makeup.
This is the back of my bathroom door. And a lot of people think that you shouldn’t keep
your makeup in the bathroom. I have never had a problem with the humidity in the makeup,
messing it up, ruining it, or melting it, or whatever happens. But if you are worried
about the humidity and damaging your makeup then don’t keep it in the bathroom. Like I
said, I’ve never had a problem so that’s why I keep mine in the bathroom. But basically, I used these over-the-door
door pockets. They are made by Simply Stashed. You can see it up in the upper right-hand
corner. They just hang over the door. Nothing is drilled into the door. There are, let’s
see, there are 20 pockets. They’re all the same size. I love Simply Stashed because this
is made from fabric. They have lots of cool colors and patterns and stuff. And then they
have plastic pockets that are really easy to wipe down so if there’s anything spills
or it gets dirty, you can just take a rug and clean inside. This wasn’t really – I’ve had my makeup inside
of these door pockets for a while now and it doesn’t really get dirty. I mean if you
look up close, you can see some powder. I don’t know if you can see that. Yeah, you
can see that dust and stuff. But from away, you can’t really see it. It doesn’t bother
me. Dust bothers me but I can’t really see this dust so if you’re concerned about the
door pockets getting dirty and seeing the dust and stuff, you’re probably not going
to notice because I have a good eye for dust and I don’t really notice. OK. So I like how they have lots of colors
and patterns. And actually, I have two other ones right here. This is the pink polka dot
one and then this is the green polka dot one. I just love all the colors. This is my favorite
color. I posted this on Facebook recently. These are actually going to be given away
in my member’s giveaway. I think I’m going to do this in the summer. But if you’re one
of my members then you can win these this summer. But yeah, this is my favorite and
then this is fun for maybe like a boy’s room or a toy’s room or something. OK. So coming back here, so I also like how
they have these little pockets for labels. I made these labels myself. They come with
perforated labels that you just pull apart and they’re plain white and you just stick
them inside and you can hand-write them or you could type in your label maker. I just
made these myself from scrapbook paper and then I labeled the outside. But I like how
it has a designated pocket. It’s very contained and organized. OK. So what else? So I keep all of my makeup
here and I keep all of my hair accessories at the very bottom. I sort everything by category.
And everything is kind of strategically placed based on how often something is used. For
example, the stuff up here, I don’t really use it very often like lip gloss. I’m not
really a big lip gloss fan. I prefer ChapStick and I just keep my ChapStick in my purse or
on my desk or like next to my bed and stuff. So these aren’t used that often. And I can
probably go through and purge some of these. In fact, I will do that. I haven’t done that
in a while. Hair stuff, I don’t use this hair stuff every
single day. Every once in a while like maybe once a week, I’ll use this stuff so that’s
why it’s on the top half of the door pockets. And then stuff that’s in the middle like within
reach or at eye level is like the brushes, the concealer, the bronzers, the blushes,
and then like mascaras and eye shadows and eyeliners and stuff because I use that stuff
not every day but whenever I put my makeup on. I don’t put makeup on every day. So yes,
that’s nice and at eye level. And then at the very bottom here is where
I keep all of my hair accessories like my ponytail holders, my claws, my headbands,
there are hairpins, more hairpins, headbands and then other headbands. OK. So hair accessories and then makeup up
here, everything sorted by category. Something I do whenever I use door pockets because I
use door pockets a lot is I Velcro – you can kind of see here, I put a piece of Velcro
on the door and then I put a piece of Velcro on the back of the door pockets and I just
attached it just like that so there’s no swinging. Like one thing that’s really annoying whenever
you use door pockets is when you shut the door and the door pocket swings back and forth.
So if you put Velcro, it kind of just prevents the door pocket from swinging back and forth,
which can be annoying. OK. So my favorite pocket in this door pocket
is the pocket for ponytail holders and then the pocket down here for my hairpins like
my bobby pins and hairclips and stuff. I like those two pockets because before I was using
these door pockets for hair stuff and for makeup, ponytail holders were always like
floating around the top of the bathroom vanity and the same thing with bobby pins. There
was never a good place to put them and they would just get lost or get to the bottom of
a big basket. And now that they have a designated home, they never get lost and it’s so easy
to just grab a ponytail holder and then just like toss it back in when you’re done. And
then the same thing with the bobby pins. So those are my two favorite pockets. The reason why this pocket is empty is because
well, the door handle is kind of in the way here. The bathroom door in my bathroom is
kind of narrow so I don’t want to put the door pockets all the way to the edge because
then this was still interfering with the door handle and it was hard to close. So I figured
I’ll just block this one off and put the door handle in the front in case you’re wondering
why that one is empty. So again, the door pockets are made by Simply
Stashed. They have lots of different colors. They have lots of – I think there are three
different sizes. This is the Original Stashed. I think there is the Mini Stashed and then
there is the Variety Stashed. The Mini Stashed has just like mini pockets and I think it’s
shorter also. And then the Variety Stashed, it has a mix of small pockets, these size
pockets and then the larger pockets. So you kind of just mix it up. So anyways, I think that’s everything I want
to show you guys. Let me just make sure I didn’t miss anything. Oh, there is one more
thing I want to show you guys. OK. So in case you have a concern that something might spill
like in your makeup inside of these pockets because everything is just like tossed inside,
here is what I do. I have two eye shadows that the tops don’t
really screw close very tight like this one that I have this in red also, it’s kind of
a loose glitter but shimmer, but I put this inside this little Ziploc bag so in case it
does open, the glitter is not going to go all over the pocket. It’s instead going to
go inside the bag. And it hasn’t spilled yet but this is just like a safety precaution
or it’s not even a safety precaution. It’s just like just in case. So, that one is in
there. I had the same thing in red and that’s in a baggy also. I think my favorite thing with these door
pockets is how you can just grab what you’re looking for. Well first off, you can see everything.
You’re not like digging to the bottom of a really big basket looking for whatever is
at the very bottom. Instead, you can easily see everything and then just grab exactly
what you’re looking for. OK. So that is everything I want to show you
guys. This is the way I organized all my hair accessories and makeup. I’ve had this system
in place for maybe like three years ever since we moved to this house and I haven’t changed
it because it works for me. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and it just gets all the
clutter off the bathroom vanity and into door pockets, which again, maximizes your vertical
space because everything is on the door. OK. So that’s how I organized my makeup. If
you organize your makeup in a different way or the same way, I would love to know or love
to see. You can leave a comment below or create a video response and show me and show everybody
else the way you organize your makeup and your hair accessories. I will see you guys
soon. Bye! 3

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