Major Levi CounterAttack! Scouts Assemble! | Attack on Titan Chapter 126 Review

Major Levi CounterAttack! Scouts Assemble! | Attack on Titan Chapter 126 Review

Attack on Titan chapter 126. It looks like Levi and the gang are all back
together. Paradise Island and Marley assemble. Really such a meaty new Attack on Titan chapter,
although some chunks better than others, so be sure to smash that LIKE for Levi’s return. Each LIKE is one Colossal Titan Levi will slash
down, and let’s dive into this. So kicking this off flashback time. The exciting
adventures of Hange with mummy Levi. It looks like Gabby isn’t the only one with
some sniper hacks in town. Take a notice of Hange’s face here. So sad. Very clearly Hange is in pain for killing
other Survey Corps members, but more important stuff. Gotta stay alive and protect the Levi
and what a great way to start this chapter and update on the whole Levi situation, which
is really appropriate. I just had a discussion on my latest Attack
on Titan video for Levi and Holy crap that scar is looking worse than anyone imagined. Forget mummy mode. It’s more like a Levi Frankenstein mode. I can’t wait to see how long it gets them
to switch over from the official merchandise over to this updated look for Levi. Come on, give me that scarred Levi figure Right here very notably. Hange brings it up the fact that Levi was an Ackerman. The reason for him surviving this whole ordeal, which I could hear some of the cheering in the background
loudly for this. So despite Levi being out without the actual
blood and if you look past the janked up face as expected Levi overall don’t look
too horrible. Oh, though I will admit you can’t see the
rest of his body here. That was actually glad to get this Hange focus
section of the chapter after being away from her for so long. You really have some deep but honest reflection
from her. Hange constantly keeps on going back to
that one scene from the uprising arc. Now it’s your turn, which in a lot of ways
the Attack on Titan story, post timeskip has had many elements that they chose to fight
against in the uprising arc. You have the very obvious royal blood Reiss
family and the plan that was proposed for Historia that quickly comes to mind. For Hange herself not only keeping the press in the dark but
also going back on their own word. By the way, for Hange and Levi end game fans A little something for you. This chapter. Oh, Hange. You would rather stay out here in the forest together forever taking care of Levi. I bet you like 99% of the my fans would kill
to be in that same position. I mean maybe even I would sign up. And oh yes, Levi in the Titan realm confirmed Mikasa
being there a few chapters ago, strongly hinted at the same for Levi. Too bad that Levi Levi was knocked out for this horrible Eren
nightmare. Although it does feel like Isayama did
it again, another, Annie situation. Poor Levi must’ve been knocked out, but he witnessed
that nightmare. I just picture Levi by being like, “Yo Hange
you won’t believe this crazy crap I drummed up”. Then for this Hange shot here. I couldn’t have been the only one that took
an extra look at Hange with the hammer here. Oh my God. Is that a subtle Thor reference? Or would it
be Warhammer Titan for this series? Very appropriate with the Titan Realm
tree in the background. Anyway, sexy back time for Levi. Come on Isayama how about n a front
shot? He might’ve just picked the back since they can’t censor this for the attack on Titan season four anime. Anyway, more important Levi is already awake. If Hange wasn’t around, Levi would have been
running over to grab his blade just to finish the job. You got to love how Levi’s first thoughts are
about carving up the mr Beast Titan. Although there is a question about Zeke. Where the hell are you? Small important detail here. A time update. Around half a day since they
found Levi. Anyway, looking at the Zeke explosion from a
different angle. This is awesome. This is almost exactly like I talked about,
Levi reacting months ago. Levi with this Ackerman super human reaction
speed would have immediately noticed monkey boy about to go boom. You could clearly see Levi as he’s jumping away. Notice how Levi angle the blade on their knees
for some last minute shielding. Even if Levi only had a second or two,
that would have been enough time to get some distance from the concentrated Thunder
Spear blast. As you saw later, that blade happened to shatter. Bad idea. Which of course sliced up his face, hand and body, and you know if we’ve talked
about how Game of Thrones has inspired you Isayama so much, but look at this panel
for Levi missing two digits. This awfully feels similar to Thorkell
Vinland Saga. Another series that Isayama has
mentioned in the past. How interesting is it to see the top two characters of these two series nerfed in this fashion?
All that Levi is missing is this eyepatch although that could be coming later too. Then this Levi present day shot, I got
freaking chill with seeing this scene. My goal right now is to dice up Zeke, turn him
two sausages, then feed him to my dogs. All of these characters here got nothing
left except to team up. Perhaps more important Levi has already freaking back to standing up. Someone get this man a Blade. Either way prediction confirmed this Paradise Island
and Marley Teamup is happening. What was that good old saying? The enemy of your enemy is our Titan slayering
buddy. I do also have to give Marley massive
credit for not being stupid enough to put a bullet through Levi Ackerman. The guy even mentioned being as strong as one of the night Titans, perhaps stronger, although I
definitely don’t discount the possibility of Marley trying to backs that Hange, Levi
or Paradise Island somewhere in the Attack on Titan finale. By the way, did Hange just quietly have
revealed Pieck’s family name? Pieck Finger. which might be something else for the official
translation? It hasn’t been a huge mystery, but there has
been some question about Pieck’s last name not being revealed yet. I do believe the latest Attack on Titan
guidebook left that out too. I no it’s not Ackerman, She’s not Annie’s cousin, She is definitely not a Tybur, It turns out she’s nothing special. Next up I like how Isayama included this update
for the moon, not a full moon. so no weird Titan magic coming
into play anytime soon. Also notice the colossal Titans not being stopped
during the nighttime. This is really just hammering down to hell
very, very slowly they’re moving. I came up with this generous calculation for
my Attack on Titan finale part three video, but right here it looks like they’re moving
even slower. Anyway, update for the other attack on Titan
guys. First off is Jean. This guy looks lost in life. Going forward
I do still expect this other round between the Stallion and Floch. Coming up next up Mikasa Ackerman. I could really picture her with two people
in mind here. Armin and Eren Yeager. For this last shot is
Mikasa and tears here? Last chapter you had Armin being really blunt
with her, telling her to think for herself. Hopefully you get to see some major progression
with Mikasa soon. For this shot Isayama also kpet Mikasa’s risk covered. We’re all still waiting for Kiyomi’s return and whatever involvement
she’s going to have. Next up Annie and Hitch. Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing this whole
Attack on Titan episode with just them. Surely Annie is thinking about her father
along with the Eren colossal Titan issue. Then for Reiner’s still asleep. You could tell him by the food in the shot
that Gabby left for him. It hasn’t been touched. You can be sure of Reiner would want to sleep
till the end of time at this point. But sorry, you still have some role to play
with the Eren confrontation. For Armin and Gabby I like how Gabby’s horse looks pissed off. It took them quite awhile to locate Connie
and talking about the Devil So you had Connie debating about this whole
sticky situation but really bringing up Sasha at this moment? Sasha would not approve of any of this stuff
you’re doing Connie. She would probably slap your ass. Anyway next day for Falco and Connie. The dude not only overheard Connie talking to
himself, but also realize this exact location, this mysterious man is no good. Then for Connie, Hey, let’s go ahead and stop
to brush some Titan teeth. Come on. Really, dude. Oh, I’m not obviously just going to make her
swallow you. Not to mention that face that you’re making. I feel like this is Isayama making some reference here that I have
no clue about? By the way, is a big Titan Mama even capable
of eating Falco correctly? I highly doubt that. Anyway, getting to Armin and Gabby showing
up, honestly, this whole scene made me dislike Connie. now a bit. We get it Connie, you lost your village,
your family, and recently Sasha, however, is this excuse to kill off the little kid
to revive your Titan mama? Perhaps the biggest problem here is that this is Falco. It might be a difference target if Gabby was the one that got the Titan powers.
At least that way would’ve been a one for one trade. Then for Armin, unfortunately Armin still has commander Erwin on the brain. The poor dude is still trying to live up and
fill the big shoes over left behind, but really Armin, you’re trying to sacrifice yourself
instead of Falco? That is definitely not something that Erwin
would have done if he was in your place, although perhaps that is for the best. It does show this difference in mindset between
Erwin and Armin. Either way, this whole outcome for this Connie
subplot was pretty predictable. At the end of it, it’s Connie and Armin are
buddy buddy now. Both of them even got a chance to talk
about their current demons. It feels like this thing got resolved awfully
quickly. If anything them going off where they just gave them this excuse to meet up with Annie. By the way for Falco here, do notice after this whole event,
the guy finally realized that the previous Jaws Titan is no more. At least the Jaws
Titan is now in the hands of a more fleshed out character. Anyway, sometime later on, Ooh, this Mikasa
moment. The grand mystery of the Mikasa missing scarf revealed. Louis was the obvious pick for the one who took it. So not really surprising. Unfortunately. Mikasa got a fricking single line here. Come
on. Isayama you’re tearing me apart. This is supposed to be a Mikasa moment, but it feels like you get
more from Eren and Louise, specifically Eren directing her to separate Mikasa and that
dirty scarf, which does mean for the longest time Eren has been trying to free Mikasa from this attachment to him. For this entire mini Mikasa situation, especially with the
seeming like the final moment for her her entire role has been to serve as as parallel
to Mikasa’s own situation. Mikasa junior claims she became a soldier being inspired by her. Then she continued to follow Mikasa. Just
how different is this from Mikasa’s own situation? She was saved by Eren, then followed him into
hell. The only reason Mikasa became a soldier
in the first place was due to following Eren. If Eren had decided against the scout route,
Mikasa would have also blindly followed him there. Next up, the next day, supposedly the Colossal Titans finally moved away. This triples down on how slowly they’re marching along. Them for Floch here what a sight One of the remaining scouts Now this great leader in charge of the Island. It almost hurts seeing Jean, right behind
him in approval. I mean who could have imagined this four years
back and that closeup face shot of Jean. The guy just looked dead inside. As for this other spot around the town, you
got the Yeager supporters celebrating. It feels like Floch’s propo at work. Screw
the rest of the world! Let’s get drunk and feast. By the way, super important Gabby stuff you may have missed. Gabby mentioned the passing of a couple of
days out, which means it would have been like two or three days by the time they’d gone
back to Reiner potentially more. And oh my Titan God, I just laughed at how much a coincidence this fricking was. Hey are you’re talking about Annie! What do
you know? She’s right there next to you! I found this part extremely dumb, but I loved
how the whole thing played out. Wonder where Annie is. Then Annie just choking
on her buffet. Loved her face too full of food. And my guy Connie made this even better any
devouring four years worth of food. Somehow Isayama won Connie back over it
to me, but come on. They ditched Hitch. Oh, why you gotta do her like that? Annie. I really did enjoy their brief dynamics. Really ashamed that Hitch is out of the picture. Now at the very least, a nice touch here with
a blush from that thank you. Annie letter. I could already imagine some
of you sending this ship on sail now, but seriously, at least one silver lining to this
Hitch might’ve just gotten a safe ticket out of this story. Switching over to a different duo Floch and
the commitment horse buddy. Oh, this scene doesn’t look racist at all. Onyakopon and the Yelena execution time. I do have to give them credit in this final
moment scenario. Yelena at this point, it really doesn’t
give a crap about anything. On the flip side, I do feel bad for Onyakopon. He got tricked by Yelena, continued to support the new Eldia and now his Homeland is about to get destroyed and on top of those being shot by the Eldians he helped out but didn’t matter the rescue via Uber Titan. It looks like all according
to plan. Really this distraction while the other Scouts feel up. Now this type of getaways reminded me of the
uprising arc. Isayama even placed this mysterious
watcher over here. Could that be Keith or perhaps long shot? Could that be Zeke? That guy could’ve survived then crawled into that
building. Switching it over to Pieck Titan time,
definitely gonna love Hange geeking out over her Titan over here, that cart Titan. How do you brush your teeth? How many times do you shower? Who does your hair? Then some actual progression. The stallion is back. Onyakopon here surely had no idea what the
guy was going on about, but Jean was clearly referring to the fallen scouts, especially Marco. And let’s not forget about Yelena. She still has some key role to play. Most likely it’s going to be gathering some
Intel on Zeke that could potentially benefit them in this dire time. Anyway time to wake up
Reiner kick, Oh my God, is that a Levi reference? Poor Reiner just getting kicked left and right. The suffering is not over. I’m not going to lie this end panel of the scouts really got me choked up. Everyone ready? Scout’s assemble. Time to save the world. You got Mikasa and this hurt Levi, which
evens out to about two Mikasa level Ackerman, the Colossal Titan Armin, the female Titan
Annie, Gabby with a sniper or 2, the Jaws Titan Falco and armless Titan Reiner. I really can’t be the only one. I really just want to see more interactions
between Annie and whoever else. I’m really predicting there’s going to be
a lot more of Annie kicking a Reiner into shape for the attack on in finale. Hopefully in
Titan form. For Attack on Titan chapter one 26, Isayama
a covered a good chunk of stuff. I’m expecting the actual paradise plus Marley
plan to get kicked off next chapter. That said it has been quite a while since and you last saw Eren and more importantly got anything
out of him. So some of prediction time. I could see this Eren cliffhanger for a Attack on chapter 127. The question now becomes can Isayama actually wrap up Attack on
Titan by chapter 130 and definitely post your thoughts! Is that possible or do you think it’ll take
longer? Honestly, after the last couple of chapters,
I highly doubt it. Attack on Titan ending in four
chapters feels like it would be rushing. Clearly Isayama is assembling the gang together for an actual end game like battle finale. Just using
the Attack on Marley as an example that would be four to five
chapters for this huge battled type of scenario and that’s not even counting. All the loose ends left over to resolve. So Isayama has confirmed wanting to an Attack
on Titan this year 2020 which means that most 10 chapters left. Attack on Titan chapter
135 or 136 is looking a lot more realistic. In case you are thirsty for more Levi, my
end of Attack on Titan part four Video is now up. This time and in depth focus
on Levi and his own role for the Attack on Titan finale. Levi fans, you’re going to love this one. By the way A huge thank you to my Patreon supporters. All of the hardcore fans are freaking awesome
to birthday guys this month to happy birthday to Wertze and Brocky. I’m sure I butchered one of those. If you do want to join up the Fox squad,
definitely check out my Patreon page link below. Whether you want to become
a part of this awesome community. Find out some of the behind the scenes shenanigans
or just catch my monthly live streams. Anyway, more important post your thoughts, this
Attack on Titan chapter. Keep in mind, I do read when you post, it
doesn’t matter how big the channel gets. If you did make it to the end Sneaky little tease I do have some juicy attack on Titan content
lined up for February. Stay tuned and I’ll see you guys later.

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