Lord of the Flies | Chapter 10: The Shell and the Glasses | William Golding

Lord of the Flies  | Chapter 10: The Shell and the Glasses | William Golding

In Chapter 10, a schism has happened
between the boys. Piggy and Ralph realized that they, Sam and Eric, and some
of the little ‘uns are the only ones left. All the others have joined Jack’s
tribe on the other side of the island. Ralph brings up Simon, but Piggy doesn’t
want to talk about what happened. He chalks it up to fear. He says it was a
mistake. He tries to do everything he can to convince Ralph that life has to go on.
Sam and Eric come back with firewood and say they got lost.
Piggy tells them that he and Ralph came back early because they were tired—
everyone sort of skirting around the traumatic death they’ve just witnessed.
Meanwhile, Jack and his tribe make up a camp on Castle Rock. A boy has been tied up,
and Jack is gonna beat him up for pretty much no reason. Jack says that the tribe needs to
go hunt, but some of them have to stay behind to guard the cave. They think that
the beast isn’t dead and can come back. The boys realize that they need fire, and
Jack says they’ll go steal some. Roger and Maurice go with him.
Meanwhile, while collecting firewood, Sam and Eric start wondering whether doing
so has a point. Ralph encourages them to continue, but
even his faith is wavering. Before they fall asleep,
Ralph wishes for ways to get off the island. Piggy warns Ralph that if they do
not leave soon, they’re all going to go crazy … or worse. In the night, Ralph and Piggy
hear something and fear it’s the beast, but it’s actually the other tribe, and
they fight. After the others leave, Ralph checks on everyone. It turns out in the
dark and in the melee, Ralph and Sam and Eric were beating each other up. Even though
they’re proud that they fought them off, they were at each other the whole time.
Piggy says he thought that they wanted to conch, but then questions what they may
have actually come for. Turns out it was his glasses. In this chapter, Ralph
acknowledges that he has a dark side and that it played a role in Simon’s death.
He says, “I’m frightened of us.” We see that the darkness and evil that lurks
underneath the surface of civilization is manifesting itself in the boys. Piggy,
unlike Ralph, does not want to talk about the act. He knows that focusing on the
trauma will keep them from moving forward and being rescued. He insists that
they were ruled by fear, not by a dark side of human nature, so he doesn’t have
to feel guilty thinking about what happened. At this point the power struggle for
leadership is over. Jack’s in control, and Ralph has no more leadership. you

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