Live PD: Welfare Check’d Out (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Welfare Check’d Out (Season 2) | A&E

[music playing] – It’s coming in
as a welfare check. There’s supposedly a
female at the 7-Eleven here who was asking
people for money and cigarettes and alcohol. And then it said she tried to
jump in front of moving cars. You’re looking for a female
with a floral pattern dress. Ahh, corner! I think we’re going to be 10-12. Hey! – What’s up? What? – Hey, what’s your name? – [inaudible] – No, I can’t see. No, stay right here. What’s going on? Pull the mask down for me. Leave the hat on the ground. Put the head down. You want to speak to who? You want to– OK, who
do you want to speak to? My boss. Who? You need to tell me
what’s going on, ma’am. You need to tell
us what’s going on. No, you’re not being detained. We’re trying to figure
out what’s going on. We got a call that someone’s
trying to get run over by cars just out in front of traffic. So we’re doing a welfare check. So that’s why, number, I
want to know who you are. So do you have any ID on you? – OK, well, you can get
a lawyer all you want, but you’re not under arrest. OK, well, I’m not going to
argue with you about that. But– – I don’t know what you’re
really talking about. But– – OK, shoot with me straight. I’m not out here building
the space shuttle. I’m trying to get the
information from you to figure out if you’re OK. – Well, OK, you don’t need
a lawyer, because you’re not under arrest. We’re trying to figure
out if you’re OK. – What’s missing in the country? – Now, what’s your
name and date of birth? – OK, hey, give me
your name again. It was what? Shannon? – All right, hey,
what was your name? So what’s your name? – Is that who we are now? – What’s your name? – I pledge allegiance– – So give it to me again. – Shannon what? – It’s not Shannon. It’s Jana. – She’s not really
giving us a whole lot. You know, she doesn’t
appear to be intoxicated. She’s not a danger to herself. So there’s really not
a whole lot we can do. Hang on for a second. As long as you come back
with no warrants or anything like– crazy like
that, then we’ll send you on down the road. She’s probably acting strange. Maybe she might suffer
some mental health. That part, I don’t know. But you know, those
aren’t arrestable offenses or any reason to take her
into protective custody. She’s able to walk, and
talk, and communicate. Clean? – All right, well, all right,
you’re free to go, ma’am. – The standard
for taking someone into protective custody against
their will is pretty high.

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  1. She puttin on a show she knew they were filming in town and wanted to make it on tv a lady troll

  2. i want to speak to your boss uwu

  3. Every feminist be like

  4. All I can say is " Wow"

  5. She needs to go to a place that had bars so cookoo

  6. This is what happens when antifa strays from the herd.

  7. She issss uuuuh a special one

  8. She's wearing her clothes all wrong, covering her face and asking for money. I'm guessing she's going though a rough patch, but it was a good idea to check if she was dangerous or suicidal.

  9. i bet her snatch smells like the great depression.

  10. 0:31 This is how every post apocalyptic movie starts.

  11. >doesn't appear to be intoxicated

  12. Where tf you buy clothes like that

  13. Lol the firetruck was irrelevant.

  14. "I'm not here building a space shuttle" lmao..this bimbo is giving this poor cop a hard time. She's too stupid to function..doesn't even know how laws & Police interactions work.

  15. Your free to walk back into traffic mam , have a nice day 👋

  16. Ok, lets run through that again with no Live PD cameras filming….. Baby going to the hospital or jail for the night.

  17. She was either on drugs or had mental health issues

  18. how do you smoke cancer with a mask on?

  19. “shannon what” it’s not shannon it’s JANET 😭

  20. How was this women free to go? Clearly something is not right. As a wife to someone who's experienced episodes of psychosis due to a medical problem, I can not believe these officers saw this woman and told her to continue on her way. It had already been reported she was trying to injure herself. Rather she's having a bad trip from drugs or having a mental problem she should have received medical attention or been kept safe.

  21. She wuh fian go play call of duty warfare😂ughlyah

  22. Psychosis – Those cops aren't equipped to deal with stuff like that. Understandable. In many countries cops would make sure she was put at a mental hospital so she could get help. This could be a bipolar T1 patient with a manic episode running wild. Someone should help her and get her meds asap.

  23. Why is it that the people who are literally not in trouble in any way – just do their best to get in one?

    This woman is just purely insane my goodness…

  24. she needs a 5150 write up

  25. ANTIFA on Meth. Hmmm.

  26. “I don’t know what your really talking about but “😭😭😂

  27. Just another greifer on the streets of los Santos

  28. She was practicing her rights as an American.

  29. Doesn't seem intoxicated? That's meth baby!

  30. She was on her way to a call of duty ghosts LAN party that's all

  31. Liberalism – please for the love of god – find a cure.

  32. Nutty as a fruit cake.

  33. Of course it's a edgy one. She's clearly on the edge.

  34. 1:06 the start of a very demented horror film

  35. Antifa personified.

  36. This woman was so annoying XD. I pity the cops who tried to deal with her.

  37. This episode should be called "Bill Murray dressed like a cop argues with antifa"

  38. love how she's trolling those cops

  39. It's a lost antifa member

  40. In Florida it is not against the law to be crazy………..

  41. Lmfao “put your hand on your heart” she snapped immediately

  42. I’m not out here building a space shuttle 😂

  43. When she started singing and told him to put his hand back on his heart that reminded me of the girl that was like “ if you understand take one step back” and they all did it😂😂😂

  44. I think she has that brain eating disease called liberalism

  45. “She was not posing a danger to herself”? According to witnesses, wasn’t this woman trying to jump in front of moving cars? Given her unusual behavior, that alone should be probable cause to take her in for evaluation.

  46. Florida. Enuf said.

  47. For a total freak she speaks well…

  48. If you believe that is how it would go without cameras watching I got a bridge to sell you.

  49. Book this crazy patriot bisshhh…please!!

  50. i was thinking of a diffrent kind of welfare check for some reason

  51. Lol I thought this was from a video game for a second.

  52. Solcits are gitting dumber and dumber

  53. This is your typical leftist antifa educated but good for nothing or a meth head hard to tell difference.

  54. “I’m placing you under civilian arrest” lmaooo

  55. Lady: you know what is missing is this country?
    Officer: what is missing?
    Lady: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
    Officer: What is your name and date of birth?
    Lady: Excuse me put your hand on your heart and say the pledge of allegiance😂 2:15

  56. that was a DUDE….

  57. Only a women could stand that close to a cop Masked for that long…

  58. We just let the crazies run around the streets.

  59. Just wondering how drugs can change a person's behaviour 🤔

  60. She's schizophrenic and off her meds. It isn't funny.

  61. Nice…I'm not out here building a space shuttle. Love it

  62. She looks intoxicated with meth of you ask me. She is not having a normal conversation. Even if she is special needs, is it safe for her to be out at night alone?

  63. I could’ve sworn it was Jeff Ross asking her questions.

  64. The following day, as promised, the officer was indeed arrested for treason.

  65. If Skeletor had a daughter.

  66. Y’all are dumb it’s meth

  67. Skeletors daughter lol 😂😂😂😂

  68. It sounds like she's off her medication or ……..

  69. What the ** has she been smoking? 😂

  70. Bro she’s on something , homegirl started saying the pledge of allegiance, and wanted the cops to participate

  71. She said you’re under citizens arrest. She’s so extra😭😭😭

  72. "She's not a danger to herself.."

    Except the call you're responding to that said she was throwing herself in front of vehicles 🤦

  73. She gotta be on crack 🤣

  74. Okay….this was one of my favorite clips….lol lady…those poor cops!!!

  75. You cannot retain me! 😂

  76. Sounds like a 5150

  77. The cop was out of breath by just walking up to her 😂

  78. The sad thing is that she is a worthless prostitue that cant even afford a lawyer

  79. Knew it was florida smh

  80. I have that exact same outfit! Down to the camp pants n creepy skull mask. 😂😂😂

  81. She is a couple French fries short of a happy meal

  82. Nut case!! They wanted to see if she was a threat to herself or others?? She was babbling garbage and wasn't making sense. You Just let her go..way to raise the bar🙄🙄.

  83. This is what happens after snorting just one marijuana. NOT EVEN ONCE

  84. someone's been on tumblr a little too long…

  85. What is she a SJW hitman?

  86. JUST ANOTHER drug addicted person, in SHITHOLE PASCO,FL

  87. "She's able to walk and talk and communicate?" Is he f'n serious?? Walk and talk yes, but communicate?? Uh, not.

  88. Be a cop here in Portland, Oregon where the patients are running the asylum. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…the left.

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