Linen Closet Organization – Wire Shelving Installation

Linen Closet Organization – Wire Shelving Installation

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  1. What methods or different anchor ideas did you use for your closet wire shelving project? Let us know below in the comments, and also post your questions you have on your DIY project.

  2. At 9:04, it doesn't look like your wire shelf is sitting in the right rear bracket. It looks like the shelf is propped above it. Did you put the wall bracket right where one of the cross wires impedes it so that the shelf would not drop into the wall bracket? How did it still end up level? It's at that point you are showing us that it is level. I wonder how you did it?

  3. Do you have a link for both of the stud finders that you used. A friend of mine has that same blue one you used but can’t remember where he bought it from. Also the blue tape idea is brilliant! I don’t know why I never thought of that. Always have just used pencil and magic eraser afterwards.

  4. Tools & Recommended Closet Maid Closet Organizer Shelftrack starter kits:

    ✅ ClosetMaid 2091 ShelfTrack 7ft. to 10ft. Kit, White:

    ✅ ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack 5ft. to 8ft. Kit:

    ✅ Precision Sensors Stud Finder Scanning LED Profinder:

    ✅ DEWALT DCK299D1T1 Hammer Drill, Impact Driver Kit:

    ✅ E-Z Ancor Self Drilling Toggle Anchors:

    ✅ ClosetMaid 12-Inch Wire Shelving Support Brackets:

    ✅ Empire True Blue 12-Inch Magnetic Level:

  5. You're hanging the brackets on the nail which is incorrect. The closetmaid anchor and nail combo is meant to go thru the bracket (both). Not, the anchor in the wall, position bracket, then push nail thru bracket.

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