Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin (Chapter 1) German for Beginners

Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin (Chapter 1) German for Beginners

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  1. Ted ist ein Asshole

  2. love the background music

  3. Das is sehr gut.. Ich verschtehe das meiste

  4. Awesome video. The music is great. Who is playing and what's the name of the songs? It seems to be repeating the same song over and and I can play the chords along with the song on my keyboard. It's in the key of E major. Cool! Wow, I can't get this song out of my head. The speaking is occasionally a bit distracting. I'm actually supposed to be learning German, so I need to find a different video without so much music.

  5. I'm on my third day and I haven't a clue what is being said still. Oh my days!

  6. I love this series!It's so cute and not difficult for me!

  7. I'm sooooooo happy I understood everything.. Thank you <3

  8. Great channel.Lucky I found it.

  9. 1.A) 2.B)3.C)4.C)5.B)

  10. I wish I could find more videos like this, does anyone knows some other good YouTube channels or has a playlist?

  11. Guys, I recommend listening to the news in German as well. The news always entails that the newscaster speak clearly and in an articulate manner!

  12. Your pronunciation is very clear Vielen Dank

  13. Nice but plz remove muisc

  14. What's up with the background music? Grrr 😒😫

  15. Now THIS is perfect !

  16. Vielen Dank! Das ist sehr gut. Ich verstehe den ganzen Video!

  17. i use duolingo to learn german but i find your video very interesting and simple ,you made it easier for me . awsome video👍

  18. I'm a beginner in german, I can understand 70% of what he is saying, is it normal to get brain cramps listening to this 🤣

  19. Toll! 🇺🇸🇩🇪

  20. Man, im only halfway through the skill tree on duolingo and i understood 80% of the video! Duolingo ist toll!

  21. Had to turn it off because the music was too loud and distracting . Music ruined the lesson

  22. i just randomly got inspired to speak german and i couldn’t understand much at all. i guess i should go learn the alphabet to begin haha

  23. At 1:17, when he says "Zuerst muss ich deutsch lernen." Why does he say lernen, instead of lerne? Since the verb for learning, lernen pertains to ich, wouldn't that mean it's in the first person? And thus be lerne? I assume the grammar of the book isn't incorrect, but I am misunderstanding.

  24. This was aweeesooome!!!

  25. Such a shame that awful music is playing in the background, I couldn't clearly listen to the story. Why play music at all when you are teaching a language??

  26. This is really good but please remove the music. It's very loud and distracting. Thank you!

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