Korean ‘animal welfare farm’ provides pigs with creature comforts

Korean ‘animal welfare farm’ provides pigs with creature comforts

Pork products grown on so-called animal welfare
farms in Korea have become the latest to receive “animal welfare” certification. These farms provide cool, stress-free environments
for pigs, as part of broader efforts to ensure farmyard animals are treated well. Lee Min-young reports. This is a pig farm in Gyeongsangnam-do province. The ground is cushioned with rice husks and
is unseasonably cool. There is even classical music playing. “The pigs stay active and eat less feed, improving
meat quality and promoting more efficient growth.” A farm this size can normally raise over four-thousand
pigs, but this one chose to limit its animal population to 25-hundred and give its pigs
more space instead. The farm was certified as an “animal welfare
farm” in June, and produces what the Bugyeong Pig Farming Association is calling Animal
Welfare Certified pork. “We see this as an opportunity to provide
consumers with safer food, while allowing farmers to reap higher profits.” Certifications have been given for other kinds
of meat, but this is the first in the country for pork. In order for the final product to be sold
with an animal welfare-certification mark, slaughterhouses must also minimize injuries
and pain during transport and slaughter. The president of the farming association believes
this will give the local livestock industry a more competitive edge, especially in a market
of increasing meat imports. Lee Min-young, Arirang News.

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  1. I can't believe how this is praised and complimented, but there's nothing more than just giving these animals crowded open space. This just shows how we as humanity totally fail to act humanely, empathetic and compassionate towards these animals that this is considered fair treatment and an improvement. Animals are not slaves, they are not commodities that we can just treat it as if they are mere products. They belong in nature, they are living, breathing beings, who are able to feel pain and pleasure. It's only when we are put in their situation that we'll be able to know how it feels to be living that way, and that we would not accept it if it were done to us.

  2. That's how it should be! ♡

  3. Pig farm????? I didn't know that the pig are also planted too

  4. I would like it If only they had more space.

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