Kitchen Under the Sink Organization – Cleaning and Maintenance Guide – Kitchen Series -1

Kitchen Under the Sink Organization – Cleaning and Maintenance Guide – Kitchen Series -1

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and hit the bell so you wont miss any new videos from this channel. Hello Friends, Welcome to Queen bee paradise. Today’s video is all about how to maintain
the kitchen sink space clean and organized. I will be sharing some tips and tricks to
protect the under the sink cabinet from dampness , fungus , bad smell and insects.I will also
show you how i have utilized the space below the sink to organize all my
cleaning supplies, toiletary products, plastic covers etc in an efficient way. My kitchen is 3 years old and by following
these tips and tricks i could maintain the under the sink cabinet very clean and neat
so far. Hope you will find these tips useful as well.. Let us get started. Tip No 1:
The main reason for all the under the sink issues is mainly because of the water seeping
through the gaps around the sink. It is extremely important to seal all the
gaps around the sink…We have used Araldite to seal these gaps , but silicon gel and mseal
will also work fine. You can find these products in hardware stores.
But They are also available online . I have provided the links in the description
box for your convenience, please check it out. Tip No :2
Inorder to protect the sides of the sink from water seepage, We have fixed a long granite
piece like this like a hump. Tip No:3
To avoid the sink from clogging frequently, we need to avoid food waste from entering
the drain. I use this stainless sink strainer, which
is a mesh , its very useful and Even minute food particles gets collected in this. Tip No:4
Inorder to keep the sink outlet pipes clean and free from bad odour I use this sink drain
cleaner frequently.Alternatively we can also use baking soda and vineger. Tip No 5:
Having Cabinet door ventilation grills like this on the sink cabinets, helps in air circulation
and keeps the cabinet dry. This can be fixed on an already existing cabinet
door as well, through a carpenter. Tip No:6
In our home, we have replaced the plastic spiral tube outlet, with bigger PVC pipes
like this, so the waste water gets flushed quickly.
We have an opening at the side as well to use the declogging from here in case of heavy
clogging. This setup in my home is my dad’s idea and it is very very useful.
Isn’t this an amazing idea instead of spending huge money on the sink draining system? I
feel my dad is a genius.. what do you think? Tip No7:
BEfore organizing the stuffs in the cabinet use some plastic sheets underneath . This
protects the wood below from dampness if any. i have used a piece cut from old table cover. Tip No 8:
Never use an inbuilt trash can in the kitchen. This invites cockroaches , you can see i have
removed the trash can fitting from here, so i get lot of storage space in the cabinet. Tip No:9
Apply cocroach repellent paste on all the corners of the cabinet before placing things.
I use this paste called No-entry, and it is non toxic. it will be green in color when
applied fresh and it becomes brown after drying. This works really well to keep cockroaches away and this can be used on all
the cabinets in the kitchen. Tip No 10:
Use organizers to maximize the storage space in the cabinets. Now let us see how i have organized my cleaning
supplies , toileteries , plastic covers etc… I have used this wire shelf to utilize the
vertical space efficiently. I got this online for a very reasonable price. I also use this
3 layer plastic stand to arrange the toileteries products.
please find the link for all the organizers in the description box. I have used Transparent basket to organize
things under the wired shelf. This helps to access the things stored without
disturbing the other arrangements. I am storing some stock of cleaning brushes
and variety of scrubs in this container. Above the wire shelf, all the additional stock
of cleaning supplies are placed. In these shelves additional stock of soaps
, shampoos and handwashes are placed at the top. Washing soaps , fabric conditioners are in
the second shelf. In the last row, all the pesticides like no
entry, chalks are placed in a tray. Glass cleaner and drain cleaners are placed
in a container. In this multipurpose drawer organizer , i
have kept all additional stock of tooth brushes and tooth pastes at the top.
NExt draw holds the cleaning gloves and shower caps. In this tray i have placed some room freshners
, naphthalene balls and odonils. I am placing it on top of this organizer to use the vertical
space. All the cleaning supplies which are opened
already and in use are placed in this tray. Since the basket kept behind is transparent,
we can access the brushes and scrubs easily without moving the other trays. All the additional kitchen towels and mopping
towels are placed in this basket. To utilize the door space efficiently, I am
using this over the door multihook hanger on both the doors. One side the plastic cover dispenser is placed.
This is a DIY plastic cover dispenser that i made. The plastic bags with handles are placed in
this readymade dispenser. The small covers without handles are placed
in this DIY dispenser. On the other side, The bottle cleaning brushes,
oven mittens , pot holders are placed. The non-woven cleaning towel roll is hung like
this. This is very helpful in cleaning the kitchen
counter top and cabinet doors. Lastly i am using a kitchen tower hanger to
hang the daily use kitchen towel here. you can see there is still some free space
left at the corner, in this space i have stored some empty plastic containers to be used in
some DIYs later. Hope you found the tips useful. Please don’t
forget to like , share and comment. Please subscribe “The Queen bee paradise” for more
such organizing videos and DIY videos. Thanks for watching bye bye.

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