Kitchen Organization: Organizing Your Cooking Preparation

Kitchen Organization: Organizing Your Cooking Preparation

Hi Girlfriends! Just one day till Thanks’
Giving, you’re probably in major prep mode right now. Here’s one quickie tip that will ensure that
you have a smooth sailing meal whether you’re entertaining or you’re at someone else’s house. What you would do is:
STEP#1: Take out all the dishes that you’re gonna be using for the meal down to the little
things like where the cranberry sauce go or any other little condiments you want to take
everything out. STEP#2: Then, you’re gonna label them with
just a sticky or any sheet of paper and say exactly what goes need the dish. So green,
Turkey, sauce, corn, pie or whatever it is. STEP#3: And lastly, you want to also have
that serving utensils you’re gonna be using for each dish again down to just a tablespoon
or a salad fork or whatever it maybe. And why is this so super helpful? That’s always
helpful for you at the time you just know where everything is, and you have an hour
ahead of time and not looking for that label you can’t find, but it especially helps when
you have guests over and everybody wants to help like it goes all crazy in the meal time,
and they’re asking you a million questions and they know exactly where everything goes. So you can avoid questions like these: Where does the salad go?
What do I do with the potatoes? Do you have another pair of tongs?
How many platters do you have? Where’s the liquor? Oh sorry, that’s just probably what I’ll be
asking. And that’s it. So I promise you that this
will make things a lot easier at meal time whether you’re entertaining or you’re at someone’s
house, you can offer to do this for them and it will help so much, it just really reduce
your stress. So on that note, I hope you guys have an awesome
Thanks’ Giving and hope you get to spend it with the one’s you love. And if you love this,
please share it with your friends and family. I’ll see you next week. BYE!

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