Keep Your Photos/Videos Backed Up w/ Synology DS file & NAS!

Keep Your Photos/Videos Backed Up w/ Synology DS file & NAS!

So you probably take a lot of pictures and
videos on your phone. Or, if you’re like me, you take a loooooot
of pictures and 4K videos on your phone. It’s 2017, who doesn’t? But without a solid backup solution, it can
be scarily easy to lose all of those photos in a flash. If your phone breaks, you get a new one, or
you fill up your phone’s storage and need to make room… Since, you know, including MicroSD slots just
“isn’t cool” anymore. To keep your photos and videos safe, you need
a good backup solution, such as the one offered by Synology NAS devices. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier and
more fun and I’ve previously talked about how Synology NAS’s can do just about…
well, anything. This includes backing up your mobile device,
too. In this tutorial, sponsored by Synology, we’ll
be exploring a super easy photo backup solution that doesn’t require you to pay third-party
cloud providers for storage! To use this, you’ll need a Synology NAS
on your network, and the “DS file” app on your smartphone. Open the app, sign in with your quickconnect
ID and password, and find the “Photo Backup” option in the left-side menu bar. This may have you log in again, then choose
a destination folder on your Synology NAS. The cool thing here, is you can manage connections
to multiple NAS – so if you use a Synology server at work, you can still access those
files and backup your photos to your home device. You can choose to just backup your DCIM camera
save location folder, or all photos and videos from your device. You can also set up a backup rule to either
just back up new photos and videos moving forward, or back up all current photos and
videos, as well as stay up to date. I want to back my entire phone up and keep
it backed up, so I chose the second rule. Backing up photos involves transferring a
ton of data – and even more for video backups – so make sure you have “Upload on WiFi
only” enabled so you don’t waste your mobile data. You can also choose to upload only photos,
skipping videos, and to maintain the original file names instead of having the backup rename
them. Once you’ve finished customizing your settings,
hit done. If you chose to backup all existing photos
and you’re on WiFi, you will see a progress bar at the top of the app. This indicates how many photos are still left
to be uploaded and a preview of the file currently being backed up. Once complete, this will change to a completion
indicator. Every picture you take after enabling Photo
Backup will be automatically uploaded to your Synology NAS. Once it’s uploaded some, browse to your
sync folder on a computer and take a look at the photos. It’s that simple & easy! Once your photos and videos are finished backing
up, you are free to delete them from your device. You can do this manually from the camera or
photos app, or through the “Free Up Space” button in the DS file app. This also reminds you how many photos or videos
can be deleted, based on which have been backed up to the NAS. After clearing your device, you will now have
a lot more space on your phone, but still be completely free to access and manage your
photos and videos straight from your Synology NAS. With the easy photo backups via Synology’s
DS file app on either iPhone or Android, you don’t need advanced computer knowledge to
keep your files safe and backed up. Simply keep taking pictures and videos as
normal, and your precious memories will be saved to your NAS automatically. No matter what happens to your phone, you
don’t need to worry at all because you’d adopted a great photo backup solution via

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  1. nice video bro

  2. … or you just could use an app like Syncme wireless which doesnt need extra hardware… and is free…

  3. What about ds cloud? All in one solution??

  4. I use AirDroid 2 app. Works the same way.


  6. Defiently cool. I must admit, that for the ease of use. I sold my soul to google photos, and they now store all my photos, (I even have an unlimited dataplan). Only "problem" is that google compress the images if I want to have unlimited storage.. no problem for me, I don't think their compression is that aggressive (if they haven't told me they compressed them, I wouldn't know). Anyway the photo from my phone don't need to be 100% original quality anywho.
    I do like the Synology service though, but in case everything I own burn down, google got my photos (and my soul)… (yeah I know, the disadvantages too)

  7. Thanks for this

  8. I'll definitely have to give this a try. I've got a DS416j myself, and it's been fantastic for keeping my PC data backed up. Also great for sharing files between devices.

    …In hindsight, I'm not sure why I haven't also backed up photos/videos from my phone yet.

  9. Nice tutorial Mr. EposVox! I've had my synology nas for a few months now and I truly recommend every household to get one because of the various capabilities and low cost compared to an actual server.

  10. How to do you back up videos with Synology DS File and NAS? I have it and I can only back up photos.

  11. /cough cough/ Google Photos /cough cough/

  12. nice, but i wanted to select a sub folder into DCIM, and i couldn't, i had to backup my thousand photos i did'nt want to… :/ sad

  13. nice app, but can it also organize photos into subfolders, based on date stamps? i keep them separately by month/year on my Synology NAS.

  14. It is a bit confusing that the same functionality seems to exists in DS Photo, isn't it more obvious to use that one?

  15. why wouldn't you setup instant upload for photos / videos using DS photo?

  16. If I'm already using instant upload for photos & videos with DS photo – is there any reason to switch to this method?

  17. You mention almost exclusive about backing up photos, photos, photos, in this short explanation. However, there is no mention about backing up videos, especially 4K videos. Videos are more space intensive then just photos. The DS File also indicates no support for videos (or other files for that matter… PDF, spreadsheets, etc.) only photos. Synology should start to support video data as well as other data. DS file should have checkable options as to what sort of data to back up from the device.
    …photos, video, data files, etc. I also carry around many PDF references as well as spreadsheets, RTF, DOC files.

  18. I set this up, and have the same problem I had when I tried backup with DS Photo. This only works when the phone is unlocked and the app is running, which basically means my backup will never finish. I have 10,000 photos to back up and if it's not running while at idle basically makes this a not very useful solution.

  19. Hi thanks for your great video. a bit too short but great anyway. i think that the key word here would be SYNC. That means of course upload the photos to the NAS but at the same time delete them when it's done. Google photos does this perfectly and send the photos to the iphone photo thrash once it has been uploaded. does ds file does the same or do you have to do the deletion manually.

  20. Thanks, clear and useful presentation. I like my NAS more every time.

  21. How often does it back-up to the NAS from the phone?

  22. Backing up photo feature is nice, but you get double files. We need the option "backup to NAS and delete áfter backed up".
    Backup should save time. That is not when you backup and after a couple of weeks/days you want to backup again, because you did add new photo's in your map or moved to another map.
    This is really frustrating. Just need a backup option that synchronizes with the NAS backup folders/files and PHONE backup folders/files.

  23. Ankündigung in deutsch – Video in amerikanisch = sehr ungünstig, da kaum zu verstehen und keine Untertitel

  24. Great instructions and super simple to setup! Saves us a bunch of time when we want to update our photo collections with pictures from our phones!

  25. I also have researching solution for this kind backup, do u have any solution for below requirement ?
    a) Can just backup new photo after full photo backup from iphone to synology ?
    b) I maybe delete some photos in iphone but such photos has been backup to synology in previous backup tasks,
    can be delete such photos in synology automatically on next backup ?

  26. Does WD My Cloud Home also delete photos/videos from the source after backup?

  27. How does WD My Cloud app compare?

  28. Can this sort of stuff be done with freenas?

  29. Not Working anymore on Pixel android 8.1. Always have a backup error and connexion error while i'm already connect and see all files on my NAS. Very bad application.

  30. Very informative and well presented video! Question: Once my pictures and videos are uploaded via WiFi to the Synology NAS and “most” deleted from my iPhone or iPad, how can I access those pics or videos “temporarily” to show one of them (now only on my NAS) to someone else for just a quick view?
    Thank you for your videos and sharing your knowledge and expertise!!!

  31. Great Tip , What Win 10 file explorer or plug on are you using ?

  32. Hi, I used to save my photos via Onedrive in the past. I bought Synology a few months ago and now I´m trying to using DS Photo app. I have problem with photo file size. I have iPhone 8, when I take a photo and upload via Onedrive the files has 5-7MB. When I use DSphoto app the file has 2-2,5MB. I checked all settings in app but still the same restult. Do you have any idea what I´m doing wrong? Thanks!

  33. Most aggravating background music ever! So annoying.

  34. CAN'T WAIT for my DS218+ !!!!!

  35. Great tutorial, just what I was looking for. Fav'd and subscribed.

  36. Hello, thanks for this information but I have a question. Can I sync my phone photos or it just backsup to synology?

  37. Unnecessary music ruined the video.

  38. A novice question I'm sure but should I check the 'HTTPS' box when logging into DS file?

  39. Any idea how could I back up my videos too? It's only save my photos

  40. why not just backup the entire phone data. maybe I have pdf files, document files that need backup, so having only photo backup option sucks

  41. thank you, that was helpful

  42. I can only pick DCIM folder on the SD location. Mmy default photo/video storage is SD, but videos in 60fps are auto saved on Phone storage & won't be backed up in this case…

  43. I was waiting for the 220+ but it is taking forever to be released

  44. Something like that available on freeNAS ?

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