Keanu Reeves & Halle Berry on Making ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ | MTV News

Keanu Reeves & Halle Berry on Making ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ | MTV News

– What was the goal of
the first ‘John Wick?’ What was gonna set this apart from the many action
movies we’d seen before? – Make a good one. – Okay, he’s been shot,
stabbed, thrown through glass, thrown through a lot of glass, branded, like (chuckles)
– Hit by a couple of cars. – Hit by a few cars. – So what’s wrong with
you I guess is the first– – No, man, it’s all great, man. You gotta suffer, John
Wick, I mean, this gentleman wants John Wick
– Fear your pain. – to get like so that
he can keep fighting. He’s fighting for his life,
he’s fighting to remember his true love, you know,
he’s like getting beat up, and you need to be like, you know, so that you can fight back. – Halle, you’ve done your fair share of action, action films. What separates–
– Well, but not like this. (laughs)
– That’s what I was gonna say, so what’s the difference in being on a set like this versus
other stuff you’ve done. – Whoa, there’s so many things. First of all, this is all, what our bodies are doing is all real, and I’ve worked on movies
which I’ve loved very much, but I did half the work and the computer did the
other half the work for me. – Right.
– And in this movie, I had to do all the work, and so that right there
made it light years different than anything I’ve ever done, and the training that went into this was like nothing I’ve every
experienced before. I knew what I was in store for because I’d seen Keanu
in both one and two, I’d seen behind the scenes, you know, clips of him and I saw his
training and I heard about it, so I knew what I was signing up for, and that’s largely why I wanted to do it. – I hear there were some
injuries, though, this time. – There were, and I wear
them as a badge of honor. – [Josh] As you should. So what happened, what went down? – We don’t exactly know,
but somewhere along the way, my training, I just
got to a point one day, I was training with Chad, sorry
I’m gonna put this on you, (laughs)
and all of a sudden couldn’t breathe anymore. I fell to the ground and I said, “Chad.” I never wanted to stop with
him, I would always say, “I can go again, I can keep
going, I can keep going.” But this day, I just
couldn’t keep going anymore, and I just hit the ground
and I couldn’t breathe. I went to the doctor and
I had three broken ribs. I thought I was gonna get
recast in that very moment, and I thought, (sighs) – [Chad] No. – God.
(laughing) – Gave her some asprin–
– I did all this work so far and now someone else is going
to be with Keanu and John, what? And of course, Chad said,
“No, we’re gonna wait– – Gave her two aspirin, told her to walk it off
– Yeah. (laughs) – Is there any kind of stunt
of scene in these three films that you were legitimately
worried about going in that felt like, this
is, if this goes south. – I mean, we got to work with
such amazing stunt people, and everyone is so conscientious of not punching someone in the face. I mean, we had a horse sequence that was a little interesting. – Horses are always tricky, yeah. – No, I mean, I love the horse riding. There’s a sequence where
I’m riding on the street, and they wanted me to get off the saddle and then shoot somebody underneath. I guess it’s Horse Fu? – Horse Fu. (laughing)
– Horse Fu. And so,
– Favorite new term, thank you.
– Yeah, so they wanted me, I trained to do it, and I got okay at it, but I fell a couple of times, and so they wanted to
create a safety system, so then if I fell, someone was on a wire. And then there was a couple of times, there was one time when we went, we were at the end of the
run, as we were coming down, just coming up, the
horse got kinda spooked and went that way, so I was still, luckily I wasn’t in my stirrups, but I was hooked, and then the horse went, and then I was going to to the ground, and then they did the pulley system and pulled me up which was, so it worked. – Is there like a safe word, is there like a, is it just help? – Ah!
– Yeah, exactly. (laughing) – But that’s also kind of fun. (laughing) – Again, you’ve got problems, man. I appreciate your confidence.
– No, no! I mean, it’s such a group effort, again the collaboration, right? When you get in that, the timing, and everybody looking out for each other, and you’re getting to do crazy wild stuff. We’ll never get to do that anywhere else in our lives.
– Ever, ever. – This is your first
collaboration, Keanu and Halle, correct me if I’m wrong, first
time you’ve worked together, but according to internet lore, there was another one
that might’ve happened? – Yes.
– ‘Speed.’ – Yes, my stupidity didn’t allow it to happen.
– No, stop. (Josh laughs) – [Josh] Not for everybody. – Well, I didn’t know that
until recently, I guess. I heard you speaking about it, and you were saying that
in the version you read, the bus didn’t leave the parking lot. – It didn’t leave the parking lot. So who would want to do that?
(chuckling) I’m like, that’s not fun. – Is that called ‘Speed’ or
is that called ‘Parking?’ (laughing) Right, we can’t leave this parking lot! If we leave this parking
lot on the bus, it blows up. (laughing) Of course, I don’t blame
you for like going, next. – See, Keanu was not attached, he was not attached and we
didn’t leave the parking lot, so that did not sound like a fun journey to do to me at the time. (laughing) – [Man] I’ve been looking
for ward to meeting you (intense music) (sword swiping) (glass breaking)
for a long time. (gun shots) (dog barking) (shouting) (dog barking) – And so far, you haven’t disappointed. – Without ruining anything of the end, there’s potential there. You’re ready to get back
on the horse metaphorically or literally again, and
is there a specific idea of what you wanna do in the
continuation of ‘John Wick?’ – Every one we get a
little bit more comfortable with the universe and the world, and I think Keanu has ideas
for days and I do too. We’ll see how the audience receives it, but having just expanded the
world a little bit greater and obviously expanded our cast, we’ve left a lot of threads unfinished, which we think would be interesting
to see where they end up – What do you need? (control panel beeps)
(heavy door opening) – Guns. Lots of guns. – There’s a ‘Matrix’
reference in the film, the call for more guns. Chad, you said that,
yeah exactly. (chuckles) I’m sensing your, that
there was a little bit of reluctance on Keanu’s part. – You know what he did,
he said, “Just do it once, “I’ll never use it.” – Yeah, that’s what they always do. – He actually did that. (chuckles) – He said, “Just say it
once, and I’ll never use it.” – I just didn’t know it
was gonna be so cool. (laughs) – So, Chad apparently – Stole it! (laughing) – Absolutely.
– Homage. – Steal from the best.
– It was homage. It’s very meta.
– It was an homage. Being the 20th anniversary
of ‘The Matrix,’ it’s where Keanu and I met, it
just felt right to kinda do, and we owe a lot to the Wachowskis. – So you feel okay about
now, my sense is no. Like if you had one edit on this film, maybe that’s the edit you wanted to do? – I get it. (laughing)

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