K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Binding

K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Binding

Matt Guff for the House Snowboard Shop. This
is the K2 Hurrithane. It is a hurricane of urethane. That’s right, these highbacks are
urethane highbacks. They flex a lot. This binding is for the park rat and that jibber
that are out there. The Pro-Fusion GF chassis is a one-piece chassis made out of fiberglass
and reinforced with nylon. The footbeds are a canted footbed system that align your ankles,
your knees, and your hips for a smoother ride and more comfortable ride all day long. And
the EVA seamless full bed will absorb and dampen a lot of impacts and chatter that you
get when you ride over stuff. The highbacks, like I said, are made out of urethane. It’s
called the Tweakback Asymmetrical Highback. It goes with your natural stance and is shaped
for your natural stance. And when you really want to tweak out those tricks this highback
is going to make you tweak them even farther. It does still have a centered spine, so when
you need to lean over the top of your highback you will get a lot of support. There is a
toolless adjustable forward lean adjustment, couple clicks and all of a sudden your bindings
have forward lean. That’s a good thing even if you are a park rider. The custom Caddy
ankle strap of course are going to be super, super, cush. They have more padding than the
regular caddy mounting and they also have internal spines to give you a little bit more
lateral or medial support. The toolless universal cored toe strap has a lot less material than
your normal toe strap. It’s going to be lightweight and both the ankle and the toe
strap have the cam lock system. When you want to adjust your binding straps onto the center
of your boots, you can do that with no tools whatsoever. The aluminum light-speed ratchets
are quick to tighten and quick to loosen as well. And the multi-discs that come in here
work well with both four-hole and three-hole pattern snowboards. This is the hurricane
of urethane, the K2 Hurrithane snowboard binding.

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  1. @22B0NES k2 bindings have the same 4×4 pattern as the mini

  2. Would this match the 2012 slayblade?

  3. @lightning4424 K2 Company Snowboard Bindings

  4. How do these hold up on jumps?

  5. @WiebeBrosFilms They should hold up great!

  6. @JustThatGuy716 You will need some K2 Slot Compatible Disc Kit. They cost about $20.

  7. @JustThatGuy716 For Park riding i would go with the Auto's (K2 National's)

  8. I have a Burton Custom 2010. Am i going to have to buy a slot compatible disk??????


  9. @TheBoysAreBackk yes you will have to get th K2 Slot Compatible Disc Kit

  10. @bertobotto248 It really deepens on the board, the K2 World Wide Weapon Wide 148 would work. What size board are you looking for?

  11. @thehouseboardshop i bought Disks but they wouldnt work with my board? i got the wrong disks. are there specific disks i need???? plz help. im having a lot of trouble….

  12. @TheBoysAreBackk Which disc did you get and where did you get them from?

  13. @thehouseboardshop

  14. @TheBoysAreBackk Did tactics send you the hardware as well.

  15. Does you custom have the channel system? what was the main problem? was it the disc to binding compatibility?

  16. @thehouseboardshop yes they sent me hardware. i do have the M5 channel system. the hardware wont fit with the disk and go into my channel. basically my only problem is getting the harware to fit with the disk AND my channel……

    Thanks by the way, for helping me..

  17. @TheBoysAreBackk is there any way that you can make a short video so i can see the issue?

  18. @thehouseboardshop I THINK I FIGURED IT OUT! i just had burton send me the M5 mounting hardware and he said this hardware should fit in my plates that Tactics sold me…. i will let you know if they dot work…

    Thanks for all your help!!!

  19. @TheBoysAreBackk Sweet, I hope you got to go out riding.

  20. @thehouseboardshop i did. i rode with them yesterday. THEY ARE AMAZING! so stoked

  21. I've been ridding these this past year and they are amazing I have ha no problems with them and a great buy

  22. @paclax7696 I would go with the EX.

  23. what's the difference between with these and the indy's ?

  24. The Hurrithane ha a Super Flexi hiighback for tweaking and jibbing.

  25. Got these on my 2012 forum scallywag.the orange and greenish ones. So so nice, perfect set up. But my toe straps are falling apart.

  26. Hey House!!
    Just bought a K2 Lifelike snowboard and looking for some new bindings. So far i've been looking at these K2 Hurrithane's, the Rome 390's and GNU Street's. Going for a freestyle oriented all mountain style. Which of these would you recommend?? or if none, any other?? going for the price of max 200ish and preferably around 150!!

  27. What size boots do you have?

  28. Out of those bindings I would suggest the Rome 390 or the Rome Mob Boss. Also Check out the Union Forces or the Burton Missions.

  29. Aight, i'll take a look at the ones you reccomended!! and to answer your question, i'm using a size 10 boot.

  30. Hey Again… I see that the Burton Infidel and the Burton p1.1's are on sale on your page. Would they beat the Rome 390's and/or burton missions?? Thank you.

  31. Looking across the wide span of bindings you've asked about and your circumstances…the final answer would be the Burton P1's. You're get the most bang for your buck and they'll be great all mountain freestyle binders.

  32. Hi, i just bought Parkstar 2013 wide 157! Booz size 29,5
    which binding should i buy? k2 formula or k2 hurrithane?
    i like powder a bit and i love jumps! i think i ll go with the hurrithane cause its softer and smoother and i can still hold the edge with the hurrithane right?

  33. The Hurrithane's are soft flexing bindings with skate like feel built for the park, which is not the best for big jumps. If you just looking for a good binding to tweak out tricks and laps in the park they will work. If you want something a little more responsive the Formula's would be the ticket.

  34. ok thx 4 ur answear 😉 i already bought them! but i asked K2 to sent me the highback of the Indy. They are more responsive and stiffer! Maybe like the formula? And i have the same baseplate like the formula. With that canted Base plate. So i can change… is that ok?

  35. You might really like the softer high back. I would give them a try before you make any changes.

  36. ok ill try them next saison. cause noone wants to go snowboarding now 🙁
    I said i love jumps but i don't do big jumps. just little ones everywhere on the mounten. I also Want to learn to butter ! ill take both with me next year and then i can write hear my review… thx for your fast answears!

  37. Best of luck and have a great summer.

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