[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video we are going to do another clean with me video you guys always ask for these if I go too many weeks without doing one you guys are like where are the cleaning videos so we’re doing one today but today’s video is actually sponsored by thredUP so thank you so much to thredUP for sponsoring today’s video I love working with them because free clothes for me honestly I just love what they’re doing if you guys don’t know what thredUP is it is basically a second-hand store online so you can go on there and search for whatever you’re looking for I love it because I have thrift store shops my entire life but the thing I love about thredUP is that you can go on there and search for brands that you love so for instance for me I love express pants so I got some express pant also love American Eagle so like you could look up these brands and find them you can also look up colors like if you’re looking for a red shirt say you know a fourth of July is coming up when I’m filming this by the time you’re watching this fourth of July is already going but let’s say fourth of July is coming up you want a red shirt you can go on there and look up a red shirt you can look up the neckline like everything about it your size I’m telling y’all everything so I’m going to show you guys a few things that I’ve already got and then throughout the video I’ll show you guys some other things that I got because I got a ton of stuff this time but I wanted to keep the intro a little bit short and we can get on into the cleaning video but I’m gonna show you all five things that I got five of my favorite things so the first thing is this dress how gorgeous is this I just love the sequins on the shoulders and then it is just this like simple black dress this is from the brand Toby the estimated original price on this dress was $95 but on thread up it was $25.99 like I was telling you guys I love jeans from Express so I got these they’re super stretchy as you can see which I love these are super comfortable and the estimated original price on these were $80 and the thread up price was only 1499 so the next thing I wanted to show you guys is this cute top right here it’s like velvet material and it’s from the brand my am got it in a size medium estimated original price on this was $24 and the thread up price was only 1099 so I actually had my kids shopping with me on this one and when Julie saw this shirt she was like mom that is totally your style it is super lightweight so this is gonna feel so good in the summer time brand on this is Inc International Concepts and the estimated original price on this one was $36 but the thread up price it was only 1199 the last thing I’m going to show you guys before we get into the cleaning video is this top here now this one is a little bit thicker material but I thought it was really cool and something that like I don’t have the brand on this is paper crane and the estimated original price on this one was $18 and I got it for $8.99 definitely check out thread UPS link I will have it down below for you guys and thread up is offering my viewers a special discount of 25% off your first order just click the link down below or go to thread up comm forward slash Meg and use the code love Meg so before we get started I wanted to show y’all the before footage of the mess that is my house we are actually rearranging the house a little too so we decided to move the kids bunk bed into the playroom and move all their toys into what used to be their bedroom so this is going to cut down on a lot of the mess with all of the toy and I’ll explain our new toy method later on in this video [Music] the first thing I started cleaning was our bathroom and I had it on my to-do list just to like tidy up in there but once I was in there I ended up doing a little bit more my husband had actually just shaved his beard not actually like shaved it completely off but like trimmed it up so there were little bits of hair all over the counter so I went ahead and cleaned that up I know a lot of people might say that he should have cleaned up his own mess but we’re a team and sometimes I take care of things for him and he does the same for me so it all works out [Music] [Music] [Music] so then I went to the shower and started cleaning up in there [Applause] [Music] [Music] I’m using the method foaming bathroom cleaner to clean up some soap scum that was in the shower [Music] and to clean the glass I’m using my favorite glass cleaner from method and some paper towels from seventh generation [Music] then I went to the bedroom to clean up they’re making the bed and clearing up the side tables and the floors and all the mess around there [Music] I try to do at least one load of laundry a day although with as much travelling as we’ve been doing lately I feel like I just can’t catch up with the laundry but I’m still loving the mrs. Meyers detergent and softener in the honeysuckle scent and the basil scent is also amazing too if you want to try that one out [Music] so I was about to hang up the rest of the items that I got from thredUP but I wanted to show y’all a few more things really quickly because I just love them I’m really excited about them and I wanted to show you all before I put them away [Music] before I started doing the rest of the laundry I started some sweet orange essential oils in my diffuser I just love having my diffuser going when I’m cleaning there is something so like peaceful and relaxing about it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now that all of the laundry is finally done we are going to work on transferring the kids bedroom into the playroom so I decided to do this because the kids would always have like a disaster in the playroom with all of their toys and honestly I didn’t mind the mess too much but what I did mind was when I asked them to clean it up they would always tell me it was too much to clean and they would just like complain a lot so I had heard about mom cycling out toys before so I decided to try it and kind of put my own spin on it the only thing was I didn’t have somewhere to store all of the toys so to solve this problem I decided to move their bed into the playroom and use the small room as the toy storage room so they can only take out a few toys at a time and if they want to trade out for new toys then they can they just have to bring back the toys that they were already playing with kind of like checking out books at the library [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we just finished up here in the new playroom although they’re not going to be playing in here they’re basically just going to be taking their toys out of here just one at a time and taking it into their bedroom I know I’m a terrible mom I don’t care oh but I wanted to show you guys how I organized it in here so we have their blocks right here like all of their like Legos they have Legos in here and then also in this thing on both sides so they can take this out at one time and then we have all of their like bigger toys like football trucks airplanes you know things like that and then this is all of their like dress-up things in this little like laundry basket appear on the cubbies I have these two containers and I put books in there so these are like the seasonal books so things that I might want to read to them like at 4th of July or in the summer and then I have like you know Valentine’s Day Christmas all the Halloween things so I kind of like separated them that way I know because sometimes seasons will pass by and I’m like oh man like I never read them this book like I completely forgot we even had this book so I was really glad to like go through and separate them these are books that can be read at any time and then these are there like look and find books that I was telling you guys about in my nighttime routine where I just give it to them and it’s kind of like Where’s Waldo so they have to like search for specific things on the page and then in here I have a few that are empty these are some wooden blocks that they love to play with this one’s empty we did some decluttering the other day so these are puzzles there’s like three different puzzles in this one these are Ross’s smaller toys so he’s got like his little cars in there dinosaurs basically anything that was gonna fit in there and then over here is Julie’s little bin so she’s got like some Barbies and Minnie Mouse all of her little Hatchin bowls that she is like obsessed with right and hell and then down here on the bottom we have more puzzles this one’s empty and we have some more puzzles and then lastly I just kind of lined this wall with like random things like they’re balls and onna and just some trucks over here is the bench and I keep some home decor in here so it’s not a toy box but it’s just like my home decor that I’m storing and then I was finally able to move my lighting equipment out of my closet and now we are going into their new bedroom that used to be the playroom and I had just washed their sheets so I was fixing their beds I was also gonna go ahead and spray down their sheets with the mrs. meyer’s room freshener in the honeysuckle scent because I’m obsessed clearly [Music] when you’ve had it when the crowd gets an upside gonna rise like a champion when you’re close [Music] cuz we don’t have the same beat and from time to time gotta get it hot enough [Music] [Music] [Music] when your clown [Music] when the crowd [Music] [Music] once I finally got their bits made and all of their stuffed animals up on their beds we just started cleaning up the rest of the room and we brought in their dressers so they could keep their clothes in here and I did go ahead and put the TV on top just to make things simple we had a TV in the play room but I decided to just leave it in there and kind of monitor when they get to watch the TV it was just like the best solution and we did end up securing the dresser to the wall I know a lot of people were probably gonna be worried like seeing this like making sure I did that but I did just didn’t show it in the footage because I felt like it would be kind of boring [Music] then the last thing Ross and I did was start some lavender in their diffuser and that is it for this video so I hope you guys enjoyed it leave it a thumbs up if you did and be sure to check out thredUP I will have the link down below and don’t forget the coupon code if you are gonna go shopping there you can get 25% off using the code love Meg subscribe to my channel if you are new and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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